Maple Leafs land Franson, Lombardi from Predators.

KUKLA’S KORNER: reports the Toronto Star’s Damien Cox reports the Toronto Maple Leafs have dealt defenseman Brett Lebda and forward Robert Slaney to the Nashville Predators for defenseman Cody Franson and center Matthew Lombardi. Conditional picks could also be heading to Toronto, depending on Lombardi’s health.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wow, guess the Maple Leafs are capable of swinging a big deal with GM Brian Burke overseas in Afghanistan supporting the troops after all! OK, so it’s not a major blockbuster, but this one could have the potential to be a major win for the Leafs. Franson was considered one of the Predators promising young blueliners, while Lombardi was a good second line center prior to getting waylaid last season by concussion. If Franson develops as anticipated and Lombardi can make a full recovery from his injury, they’ll have added significant depth to their defense and scoring lines for this coming season. As for the Preds, this moves screams “salary dump”, shedding Franson’s and Lombardi’s combined $4.3 million for next season in exchange for Lebda’s $1.45 million (Slaney and $575K are likely earmarked for the minors), clearing space for what will likely be their re-signing of team captain Shea Weber.


  1. WOW! There is no downside to this trade what so ever for the Leafs. None.

  2. i love the conditional picks going towards toronto if lombardi doesnt recover… just to makes sure the leafs really rub it in nashvilles face haha

  3. Very interesting!! Could this be just a salary dump by Nashville or is there more to come from this transaction? Franson is a big talented defenceman who has top 4 potential and could mean the end to Komisarek in Toronto. Look for big Mike to be dealt to Islanders for a mid round pick in the coming weeks. Word on Lombardi is not promising as he has shown little progress in recovering from a very serious head injury and may never play another game.. I don`t think Toronto is finished yet and don`t be surprised if they now set their sights on a trade foe Zach Parise.

  4. As a diehard Habs fan, I am pre-disposed to crap all over most of what the Leafs do, but this is a 100% incredible deal by BB. Nice work, Leafs!

  5. This makes Komisarek expendable, either for demotion to the minors if he has an awful start to the year or potentially still as a trade candidate to a team desperate to reach the cap floor… either way, as a Leafs fan, the prospect of starting the year with Komi as a black ace quite excites me!

  6. The hope in Nashville is that this move was made with the intent to clear additional salary so that a legit scorer or two can be traded for. The Leafs can put Lombardi on LTIR (his concussion symptoms haven’t improved much) and not have it count against their cap space, something a team below the cap ceiling like the Preds can’t do. To have the Leafs take on Lombardi, the Preds had to take back a schlub like Lebda and give up a decent Dman in Franson (Preds have lots of Dmen prospects waiting to replace him like Ellis, Josi and Eckholm). If the Preds use this freed up money on legit scoring help, it will be a good move. If not, it will be a disaster.

  7. Excellent move even if Lombardi never plays another game. Super deal if he recovers!!!

  8. I think this is a bit of a steal for Toronto as we all know Lebda was not going to get any kind of ice time in Toronto and looked awful at times. Lombardi is a big ? mark but getting Franson in the deal makes this thing work. We take on salary with a potential centreman out of the deal who can score BUT concussions are a funny thing and it doesn’t good right now but perhaps the Leafs know something about his condition that we don’t

  9. I’m not sure the jury is in on Komisarek just yet but to date, he has not been what I thought the Leafs would be getting when they signed him. To date, he seems to be one of those” contract year” players who does what he does best in the final year of a contract but does little in the early signing years. Don’t be surprised if him and/or Finger get sent packing to teams that require hitting the salary cap floor

  10. What a steal for the Leafs !! To get a big young “D” who has already had experience in the NHL and NHL Playoffs for players that we would have gladly given up for nothing is truly amazing. By the way Joey, re Mike Komisarek – look for him to finally bounce back this year only to be finally traded away by early December to a team desperate for help on the back line. I know it sounds ridiculous but hey, Christmas has already come here once already !!! Go Leafs !!

  11. i love it great move franson and Liles on the pp burke good move getting rid of libda evertime he had the puck he fuck-up now we need to dump Komisarek i don’t care what we get trade him for a 24 pack and a pizza lol

  12. i figure we trade for redden too have all 3 play for the marlies have one of the most expensive and better dcorps in the AHL

  13. Great deal by BB
    We could have the best d in NHL
    Phaneuf Aulie
    Schenn Lyles
    Franzen Gunnarson
    Lashoff Blacker Holzer waiting in the wings

  14. MB, just for the record, your team?

    I see you on here all the time but dude, the more you talk, the more you sound like a fool. Did you actually write / see your last post?

  15. This deal is all about getting Franzen. Everything is is just purely bonus. This July 1 Burke said he was afetr a top 6 forward and a top 4 D man. Liles, Connolly and Franzen. Mission more than accomplished. Me like.

  16. Any hope of trading Komi now? It would allow them to keep all these young guns going into next season, and with Komi’s NMC its the only option for making space.

  17. Your condition is wrong. Nashville gets a 4th if Lombardi plays 60 games.