Maple Leafs Re-sign Franson.

Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston reports Cody Franson has ended his standoff with the Maple Leafs, agreeing to a one-year, $2 million contract.

Cody Franson agrees to one-year deal with Maple Leafs.

Cody Franson agrees to one-year deal with Maple Leafs.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a disappointing result for Franson, who hoped for a more lucrative deal this year. Unfortunately for him, the decline in the salary cap and the club’s signings of David Clarkson and Tyler Bozak worked against him.

Franson will still be a restricted free agent next summer, but he’ll have arbitration rights, and after foregoing the process this summer, you can bet he won’t hesitate to exercise that right next summer to avoid another lengthy standoff.

The deal pushes the Leafs nearly $1.1 million over the salary cap, so they’ll have to shed some salary to become cap compliant via trade, waivers or demotions. Franson’s signing also makes it less likely for prospect Morgan Rielly to crack the lineup this season.


  1. Makes sense for both sides under the circumstances. If Franson plays well, Nonis will lock him up long term next season.

  2. Just another reason that Clarkson signing will bite them in the butt…Not enough to pay Franson properly will lead to the ‘bridge contract’ offer which will lead to arbitration which will lead to bad blood (always seems to be the case) which will lead to Franson gone shortly thereafter…

    • Unless he is offered a real contract that is and not one of these new little choice for the player ‘bridge’ contracts.