Maple Leafs re-sign Grabovski.

Grabovski's inks long-term extension with Leafs.

Various sources report the Toronto Maple Leafs have re-signed center Mikhail Grabovski to a five-year, $27.5 million contract, with an average annual cap hit of $5.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Grabovski’s agent last week hinted he’d have some news for us. Can’t say this is a surprising development, as both sides were keen to get a deal done. As expected, the term was no more than five years, and the dollars come in at the high end of the $4.5-$5.5 million anticipated price range. It’s a trifle high, but then again, if there’s a salary rollback in the next CBA, that could come down into a more affordable area. Still, a worthwhile move by the Leafs to retain arguably their best all-round forward. No word if there’s any movement clause, though given Burke’s aversion to those, I’d be surprised if there’s one in this deal.


  1. Not a terrible deal. Runs out when he is 32. Grabo plays both ends and plays with some physicality. Might be a shade high but considering the Hemsky deal and some of the others last season its about going rate.

  2. I don’t hate the deal but I am not jumping for joy either. I tthink my biggest worry or concern is that with this signing it makes it that much harder to bring in the big bodied forward (preferably centre) that the lleafs need. Less cap space, harder to move this contract if need be and if grabovski gets 5.5 what does your #1 get.

  3. Bit more money and term length then I’ve seen some Leaf fans on here want, but really who were you going to put in his place? He would have gotten that on the open market easy. You paid it cause you had to.

  4. LoL, I said 5 Million when he was rumoured to be resigning/trade bait in TO, and every single one of the Leafsnation fans on this site, told me how dumb I was, how He’d sign a 4 year 16 mil deal, how much he loves the city and would take a massive discount; how much I don’t know what I’m talking.

    Guess what. He signs for over 5, at 5.5. Meaning, I was right, not tooting my own horn here; but seriously, every time you flame or disagree with someone, bring some knowledge to the table and don’t bear your chest.

    I think fans always need to take a step back look at all aspects, *then* give your opinion. But yeah, poor deal, too much for a guy of his caliber.

  5. More than i thought he would get.
    I was thinking 4yrs @$5M or 5yrs @$4.5M

    But the problem is not Grabovsky… the problem is connolly are more than $0.45.

  6. Grabovski is a solid two-way centre and I’d put his value at slightly below Tomas Plekanec simply based on the fact that Plekanec has had two seasons in which he got around 70 points, whereas Grabovski’s career high is 58. However, two recent signings (Hemsky and Ruutu) hurt the Leafs chances of getting Grabovski for 5 or less per year since Hemsky and Ruutu are clearly inferior players. So all in all 5.5 for 5 years is reasonable, shouldn’t restrict the Leafs from doing anything and is a tradeable contract going forward.

  7. I am totally bewildered at NHL contracts under salary cap.

    I fully understood the overpay to get a veteran mentality before the cap but afterwards?

    5.5 million dollars a year for a 27 year old with 304 NHL games who average roughly 45 points a years…? Are teams THAT desperate to keep players?

    This makes Finger’s 3.5 million a year with close to 100 NHL games seem just about right in comparison.

    And if that is not enough to raise a eyebrow and some sort of debate, 5.5 a year from a second line 45-point player is 2 million short of a first line franchise player who lands somewhere over 70 points a season in average with 4 years more in the NHL and 600 more games experience.

    And if THAT is not enough to compare and point out how ridicoulus 5.5 is lets look at Stajan. Stajan’s 3.5 million a year cap hit is considered WAY overpay and hes putting up roughly 40 points a season on average being 1 year older and TWICE as many games played.


  8. And that franchise example being Lecavalier.

  9. How were you right Miokid? You said 5 mil, but he signed for 5.5. I’m no math major, but that makes you wrong

  10. not a new thought, but burke painted himself into a corner with that questionable connolly deal. if connolly is worth 4.75 a season grabovski has to be with over 5.

    he had to be resigned but it is too much.

  11. @mats totally agree but like liddy said recent comparables have driven the market up which I cant wait to see what a star player gets ie Parise, Suter. It is getting pretty ridiculous what players are making. I think it is a product of a watered down talent pool. Like you said grabovski is what a 50 point player, same with Ruuttu. Another overpaid player to go along with the mentioned stajan is Lombardi. Everyone thinks he is overpaid for his current production but I bet they used players like these as comparables. I’m not thrilled with the numbers of this signing but I do like the player and am glad he is staying.

  12. I am not too upset. I figured Grabo around $5 million, so an extra 1/2 million to keep him is fine by me. The cap isn’t a big issue, Connolly, Armstrong, Lombardi, MacArthur all only have on year remaining on their current deals. Important players we have to sign this season/next season

    Kulemin $2.9-3.5/year
    Frattin $1.5-$2/year
    Lupul $5-6/year
    Franson $1.5-1.8/year
    Gunnarsson $2-2.5/year

    Overall that is a smallish amount of raises that moving or losing any of the above contracts actually frees up the space to sign. With cap space and the next two years should be seeing Kadri, Colbourne, McKegg, D’Amigo, Carter, Scrivens, Blacker, Percy, Holzer, start to at least get good looks then this deal is affordable to me and worth keeping Grabo, kid is Captain material.

  13. Gunnarson will be getting more than 2.5

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