Maple Leafs Re-sign MacArthur.

SPORTSNET’s Nick Kypreos reports the Toronto Maple Leafs have re-signed winger Clarke MacArthur to a two-year deal believed worth $6.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: MacArthur had a career performance last season, with 21 goals and 65 points. Good move by the Leafs to retain him, and for a decent deal, which breaks down to $3.25 million per season, a substantial raise over the $1.1 million he made last season. 


  1. Great job by Brian Burke to not only make the team better but to keep our second line intact.
    Three solid lines, plus we finally have a good center for the first line and our d is improved, plus we may be able to get rid of komisarek…..
    Put that in yer pipe and smoke it, steve simmonds!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Probably a little more than what I would have liked to see him signed for, but based the fact that its only two years, the cap space available for the leafs and that he played at a major discount last year, think all evened out

  3. 62 points last year in what was a career year. Better than what some of the Free agents signed for this year. Its a decent deal and at only two years it is limited risk

  4. Mb4life you think colborne and frattin for the third line? I see kadri and bozak myself with armstrong. 4th line would be what brown boyce(if they resign him) and rosehill ?(i dont like orr, just a goon that coasts on his skates and takes stupid penalties).

  5. Overpaid for a single year, but okay deal… since if he was a free agent, 62 points would merit 4-5 on a 4-5 term.
    Apart from the Connolly deal, and maybe a million off this deal, BB has done a decent job in Leafs nation this off season.

  6. A little overpaid but by comparison to Buffalo’s signing of Ville Leino at $4.5 for 6 years ,, this looks like a nice fit for both sides and the length is just about right too. Hey, I think in this case its win win and that’s good for the team

  7. True mike hawk
    I did overlook those guys, but it presents an interesting problem.
    Where to play kadri?
    If colborne centers the third line, do you put kadri and frattin on his wings?
    Arm-dog then is on the fourth line with bozak and rosehill……..
    Not a tough bottom six in the sense of hitting and grit, but very skilled.
    Plus playing kadri colborne and frattin together makes sense as they are the future of this team, and should be familiarized with each others style.
    Btw when the leafs got Jake gardiner I said that his style reminds me of Scott neidermeyer, and I got panned….. Big time!!!!
    So I turn on the tv today and leafs coaches say gardiner’s style reminds them of……………wait for it…..
    Scott neidermeyer…….
    Maybe I will try to get a gig with eklund…….sorry spector(lol)

  8. @ Mb4life and Mike Hawk,

    Agreed with certain points. This is how I see it if Lombardi is healthy. If not, substitute Bozak for Lombardi, and Boyce (if resigned) for Bozak.

    Brown- Bozak- Rosehill

    Then Boyce and Sjostrom ( if resigned) as extras. I think that they give Colborne another year in the Marlies for seasoning, and I predict they buy out Colton Orr. Since he was injured we have heard next to nothing, and for a guy who pays his bills ringing bells or getting his bell rung, its best to hang them up now before he can’t spell “Orr” without a headache. In all seriousness he has earned his payday, and I have to believe the Leafs will let him go as gently and honourably as possible given the circumstances.

  9. Mb4life,

    Yes nice little video on Leaf prospect camp featuring Gardiner…Thanks Boston!

    One of the other stars of the propspect camp was someone I brought up in a previous post, he is definitely going to be one to watch.

    Murph | Friday, 24 June 2011 at 6:08 pm

    I also hope they pick up David Broll (Soo Greyhounds) in the 3rd or 4th round ( currently ranked 139th, 5th round). He is a Burke type tough left winger with good hands, and a former line mate of McKegg in Erie.


    They actually picked him up in the 6th round. He just turned 18, is 6’2 ,225 lbs, built like a tank, with good hands. His nickname is the “Brolldozer”.

  10. murph i like your fourth line
    as for colborne if he is ready to play for the big club this year, i say do it
    in the past, the high picks we have had have not worked out because we rushed them againts the best in the nhl, but on the third or fourth line, he would be insulated againts this.
    BTW brolldozer is the best nickname on the leafs since bomber and killer