Maple Leafs Ship Liles to Hurricanes for Gleason.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have reportedly traded defenseman John-Michael Liles and defense prospect Dennis Robertson to the Carolina Hurricanes for blueliner Tim Gleason.

Gleason now with the Leafs.

Gleason now with the Maple Leafs.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Arguably the most anticipated trade of the season finally took place with Liles swapped for Gleason.  What took so long? Most likely ensuring the Leafs had enough cap space to take on Gleason’s contract. It wasn’t that much more expensive ($4 million per season) than Liles’ ($3.875 million per) but the Leafs had limited cap room earlier in the season and had to ensure they could take on Gleason’s deal and still leave themselves room for other additions if necessary.

 Gleason will likely be a better fit under Leafs coach Randy Carlyle’s physical defensive style than the smaller, smooth-skating Liles.It remains to be seen, however, if Gleason can improve Toronto’s struggling defense.

Liles gives the Hurricanes a more experience puck-moving defenseman to replace the sidelined Joni Pitkanen, though he lacks the latter’s size. Liles does play better in his own zone than his critics believe, so he could be an upgrade for the Hurricanes. 



  1. Good trade for both teams and players.
    Great job by Nonis to not give up too much. Gleason is a ufa next year so the leafs don’t have to worry about carrying Liles’ salary while he is buried in the minors. Definitely a low risk trade for the Leafs with an upside.

    • Gleason has 2 more years on his contract after this season, same as Lyles!

      • What an unclasy move to Trade Liles moments before he is to step on the ice for the Classic …hes a good guy has done everything he was asked to do to help the club …the least Nonis could have done is made this deal after the trip …another insight into how MLSE is moving in a direction that is simply so far removed from the heritage of what the leafs used to be and why they will never be a winning team with that culture !

        Good trade bad time, not so classy !

        • Gleason was a scratch Tuesday night so I assume this deal was all but done last night and the Leafs actually let Liles take the warm up as a reward for his service but obviously couldn’t let him play. So it’s possible the Leafs actually did Liles a solid considering they shouldn’t have even let him skate the warm up in case of injury.

          • Leafs24/7 is right Liles new it was coming and got to go anyway. They could have left him back in Toronto as a scratch or at least not dressed him for warm ups until the deal was completed, they started putting it together back a few days ago (when Gleason was scratched) probably knew about it last weekend when they were playing the Canes. JML handled this with alot of class, I think Nonis did him a solid by not just sitting him for the whole thing, which he easily could have.

        • Get lost troll.Never mind looking for garbage to spew.A good trade two guys making lots of $$.Both looking for a trade.Leafs losing their heritage what a joke.

  2. no gleasons not a ufa

  3. And a bigger buyout…I think the jury is out on this one. If he can come in and not be a liability it might work out.

    • Agreed 100%. It’s a crap shoot at this point but low risk since Liles wasn’t used much.

  4. Thanks guys. Not that optimistic about this trade anymore.

  5. Lets hope the trade benefits both clubs. I do wonder though if the arrival of Liles might just bump Komisarek to the press box. Probably not; as they are two very different types but who knows

  6. Best trade we’ve seen in a few months, and looks solid for both teams! Happy New Year’s!

  7. Gleason doesn’t need to do too much. Just be better than ranger and/or fraser. If he can become what the canes hoped he would when they insisted he be part of the jack johnson deal, then this is a real win for the buds.

  8. Hopefully the Leafs play Phaneuf, Gleason, Franson, Rielly, Gardiner, & Gunnerson. Fraser & Ranger can warm the press box or ride the bus in the minors. I foresee the Leafs pairing Gleason with Rielly and Franson with Gardiner.

    • See there is a problem here tho they are currently carrying 8 d and 15 forwards with Bolland on LTIR and are over the cap who goes down when Bolland returns? I think Holland and D’Amigo are the only waiver exempt players which would make them compliant but if you get into injuries again on forward. You have 2 guys in the press box making 2.5 mill that probably wont clear waivers. So Bolland comes back and say Raymond and Kuli go down hurt for a couple games (not long enough for LTIR) what then? You now have 8 d 13 forwards (2 of which are Orr and McLaren Randy going to use one of them on the second line?) and no room. I think there is another move or 2 coming.

      • For sure. I think they may waive Fraser and or Ranger and Kadri could get moved. Franson may be expendable with Gleason coming in (hope not).
        I can see Nonis keeping two puck movers (Gardiner/Rielly) over two guys like Gunnar/Franson. Carlyle seems to have no issues with Gardiner most nights. He gives him lots of TOI.

  9. I’m sure Liles will instantly see as much ice time / opportunity as he can handle in Carolina. Never totally understood legitimate reasons why the Leafs were so sour on him. He has skill. I understand he wasn’t Randy’s brand of defender, but thought he had more to offer than some of the other players they had out there.

    • 100% agree…

    • They soured due to cap room after blowing the load on Boz and Clarkson. Not even a compliance on Grabo could make enough room those two new salaries. Liles was expendable.