Maple Leafs Still Interested in Luongo?

That’s the claim by TVA Sports analyst Enrico Ciccone. Read on for the latest!


Leafs still want Luongo?

TORONTO SUN: cited a report by TVA Sports analyst and former NHLer Enrico Ciccone claiming the Maple Leafs still had interest in Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo. Ciccone claimed Leafs GM Brian Burke contacted the Canucks about the netminder last weekend. Burke had reportedly previously expressed interest in Luongo last spring.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the implementation of the lockout, there can be no trades or free agent signings, and GMs aren’t supposed to discuss trades, so don’t expect to see Luongo moved until a new CBA is implemented. Even then, given his “no-trade” clause,  it could still take time for work out a deal, especially since his preference is to return to the Florida Panthers. Don’t expect any confirmation from Burke on this story.


  1. I really have to question the wisdom of negotiating with a team that filed tampering charges against you with a GM who clearly doesn’t like you and all this is about a goaltender who really doesn’t want to play for you to begin with and has a full no trade clause in his contract to back it up,

    • 1) All i have to say is that the best goalie thats made to fit TO is Luongo. You can bring up other goalie names but none are the caliber of Luongo.
      2) Burke will be fired if he puts up the same numbers as last year.
      3) Stop thinking you are gonna get Luongo for nothing and talk about a trade that would help both teams. Who do the Maple Leafs have that Vancouver needs and which player do the Maple Leafs have that will make a similar impact as Luongo would on TO roster.
      This is not a sallary dump get it out of your heads and be reasonable.

      • Well Mike..Bobby Lou may be Burke’s solution to possibly keeping his job and getting the Buds to the playoffs, but that is irrelevant if Luongo has no real interest to play there and will not waive that NTC of his for the Leafs.

        Gillis has no use for Burke and will likely do whatever it takes to annoy and discourage him if at all possible; and as long as the current CBA is dead and a new one is still not agreed upon, nobody is going to be traded anywhere.

        I didn’t mention anything about a salary dump at all; You did. All I said is that we have a player with a full no trade clause in his contract who currently plays for a team whose GM filed tampering charges against Burke and won and has no real urgency to trade him anywhere and especially to Toronto where he might actually do them some good.

        Seems to me your rant is misplaced and misdirected. Bobby Lou would in all likelihood, help the Leafs; and the fans would toss the usual accolades upon him; but still many fans wonder whether he has the mental makeup for the sh*tshow that is Toronto as many felt he couldn’t handle the pressure in Vancouver where the fans got on him for it which is why he is now suddenly no longer considered #1 in Vancouver

  2. If it ain’t on TSN then it ain’t true stop the rumors.

  3. Shout out to Beer Goggles and the good guys on this site !!!

    This has to be just par for the course of the many idiotic decisions Brian Burke has made in his tenure for the Leafs so far ……..this has to be the stupidest thing he could do so far as the cherry on the top and the total exposure of his mindless managment style ……..this team and mangament is in a compolete downward spiral and has been and has now reached complete rock bottom ….this would be complete desperation !!!!

    #1 )

    First off if the league goes into a full on year strike or even half a year its best ti simply keep the guys you have and dont add any horendous contracts to the bottom line becuase next years UFA market is incrediable !!!!!

    #2 ) That being said ……with contracts expiring for some fantastic UFAs Burke can sign a true legit Goalie to a more minimal contract than the one Luongo would come with …such as Tim Thomas – Backstrum – Nabokov – Jose Theodore and many more …..

    These players may not be as good as Luongo but can be had at half his price for a shorter term until either Reimer Rynass or Scrivens emerges to take on that roll or they make a major trade for someone better……I truly believe that Scrivens is the DIAMOND in the ruff here and is coming of age at 27 and can be the real deal …there is NO WAY that a Luongo deal needs to be made especially when its going to cost you assets where as the wait it out game will cost you nothing next year ……..



    Save the money and go after UFAs next year where you can get quality in both Goalies , Forwards and defense …the leafs will have there own albetrose contracts expireing on some players as well it just fits to waite it out !!!!!

    Sign….. Tim Thomas , you need a stanley cup in the room !

    • Nice.

    • Tim Thomas is 38 years old and has a 5 million cap hit – No savings there, Nabokov has only recently returned from the KHL, and the only ones who wanted him were the Isles. Jose Theodore….Really?
      Backstrom is a 34 year old Goaltender with a 6million cap hit for the 2012-2013 season.

      I’m failing to see how any of these guys are a good fit vs.Luongo.

      You said yourself “These players may not be as good as Luongo but can be had at half his price”

      I doubt they;d take a reduction to play for the Leafs ( not everyone thinks your the center of all things great)

      What you should have said is Have beens and Might work betters’ would cost less, but we’ll still need to pay for talent.

      What you shoulds do is Fire Burke fast, If this is what you have to show for all those years, it’s doubtful it will get better.

      And if you want a cup in the room , you should go after Gregory Campbell, but that;s a whole different argument.

      Luongo won’t be a salary dump. Not gonna happen.

      Scrivens will be destroyed by the Leafs lack of ability and high expectations, along with media pressure to perform. Where is that “Optimus Rime” or whatever he was so lovingly called till he sh*t the bed .

      I’m getting of these types of threads.

      Burke’s interested in whoever can save his ass at any price. No truer words could have been spoken. He wore it out in Vancouver and I’m pretty sure your feeling the same.

      Start from the Top and lose him, If you donlt want to give up assests for Loo, Don’t, your just going to have to wait 5 more years to do anything. You;d have been in the Playoff last year with Loo between the Pipes.

    • Although I’m not as much of a Burke hater, i agree with you.
      Luongo would not be a good move in the long-term.
      If you absolutely MUST for for a goalie this year (IF there’s a season) I’d take a long hard look at either Nittimaki or Turco as a one-season stop-gap

    • Can you imagine taking on Luongo if the new CBA doesn’t allow teams to press delete on a players salary cap if he retires. That contract will be a joke if that happens.

  4. Hey joey, relax. Lets just focus on getting the season started. Then we can discuss who will be willing to take on his contract after this new Cba is introduced. Plus, Luongo would get eaten alive in Toronto with the media. So he wont be going there anyway.

    • Hey Ferg.. I’m quite point was, as Slap & Shot pointed out just two posts above your own..that this would be a completely dumb and desperate move on his part to pursue Luongo and as I pointed out, Bobby Lou has a full no trade clause so he would likely decline the trade anyways.

  5. I want to preface this by saying that I am not Brian Burke’s biggest fan but even if I was I would be hard pressed to see logic in a lot of what he says and what he does. If it wasn’t for he fact that if the Leafs don’t make the playoffs this year Burke probably gets dumped from his seat atop the highest perch in Canadian hockey, if not all of hockey, would we even be hearing anything about Luongo going to Toronto? He has spoken out about him never taking on a Luongo type contract and yet here he is desperately grasping at anything that will get the Leafs into the playoffs, which wouldn’t be so pitiful if it really wasn’t more about saving his job than what’s best for the team.
    While talking about getting Burke getting Luongo, and depending on who you believe, he gets rid of or lets walk away one of Luongo’s best liked goalie coaches. Does his left side brain know what his right side is doing?
    Granted he has made a couple of good moves for the Leafs, which proves that he isn’t a complete bust, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.
    What Lyle said is true, there can not be any trades or signings until the new CBA is in place but once that is signed and done Leafs fans might want to start worrying because desperate men do desperate things and there are none more desperate than men worried that they are about to lose the throne.

  6. I think people are stuck on the idea the Luongo contract is bad. Yeah, it may be a bit long, but the hit is reasonable considering what other goalies have been signing for recently. S&S mentions options “such as Tim Thomas – Backstrum – Nabokov – Jose Theodore” as better options, but many would disagree. TT on a roll is next to unbeatable, but he has his own issues. Who is the bigger headcase, him or Luongo? Many goalies seem okay until they open their mouth and then come across as a head case. Would like to see a poll or something and see how many #1 goalies people think are headcases or have other issues- more appear to be messed up in the noggn than not.
    Lu has been fairly durable throughout his career and should be able to play at a high level into his late thirties. Not unlike Brodeur and many others. It seems that too much is being made of Luongo and the leafs. Whichever team Lu gets dealt to will be a better with him in goal than they were without him.

    • I’m a goalie and played up to Jr. A, I have 2 really good friends that played higher level of hockey as goalies, and what “normal” person would be willing to step in front of a 100 mph rubber bullet. All goalies are head cases if they where “normal” they would’ve have picked to play forward or D

  7. @ Captain Ahab

    I realize there is no movment during the lock out …..that wasnt my point !

    My point was that getting Luongo is a quick fix scenario to save Burkes job and with a lockout there would no longer be a reason to get Luongo for the Leafs long term as there are equal or better options next year to be signed as a mentor for a much shorter duration of time and less money on the books that can leave more money on the table for next year to go and get multiple players that can help the team as a whole to where as you dont need to rest the whole seaosn on a goalie ….as they are doing right now … all of this goes on it makes less & less sense to go after Luongo even after the lock out ends ….its best to get a shorter term veteran goalie for less money and keep options open for next season …my own belief is that Scrivens and Reimer can do the job this year they need help elsewhere and keep money and spen it wisely the follwing year …whay Burke even tried to do this with a lock out !

  8. I have a hard time seeing the Leafs or the Panthers seriously interested in Luongo unless there were some sweeteners in the deal. The Panthers are set in goal, and though I have no definitive reasons, my gut says Luongo in the Toronto market is a disaster waiting to happen.

  9. @ Old Soldier

    Totaly agree !!!

    @ TJ
    I am very concerned at the length of Luongos contract in a TO market …
    I am saying how can Burke be so deseprate to get Luongo when there is shorter term fixes for almost eaqual short term quality and can save almost $3 million a season looking elsewhere ….Burke needs a veteran goalie to help with the quality coming up …..not to be buried to a long term contract when he needs the cash in other places …he has big holes through the line up and needs to conserve cash for next years UFA crop and stick with the Goalies he has or upgrade with a short term fix and veteran who can still play a great game ….Tim Thomas is long from being done he can steal you 50 games no issues at his age and help out along the way …Backstrom can give you 35 to 40 and help split with either Scrivens or Reimer depending where your going …….number 1 goalies are not for sale so you have to look at quality mentorship ….for the youth you have in your system and run with that ….getting a legit veteran quality # 1 gaolie is almost impossible whay would any team give that up… have to mesh quality and youth …thats just the nature of the beast being a goalie …unless your a supertar in the budding !

    • That’s Fair enough

      I doubt Loo would waive the NTC anyways, but that doesn’t mean there isn;t a 3-way deal to be had that could work for all parties.

      If Theodore Floats your boat, Van, T.O and FLA should see what can be worked out.

      I;d trade you Loo for Franson and Steckel , you could flip him to FLA for Theodore and whatever else you could talk Dale Out of.

      I do however encurage you to check out CAPGEEK.COM – You’ll see Loo’s contract is long in duration, but the last few years are more along the lines of what Theodore is making now. While it might not be the youthful guy you want to move forward with for years to come, it does solve a problem for now and later, it just pushes the timeline back a little.

  10. Its funny that an article or source claiming a trade usually gets shot down on this site saying he’s not credibale or never happen but as soon as its about brian burke and the leafs aquiring a player like louongo, who they shouldn’t, it must be true cuz burkes an idiot.

  11. Luongo would be valuable to Florida because he is a marketable star player. Teams in less than favorable non traditional hockey markets NEED star players they can market for fans to latch on to a get them through the gates and sell lots of jersey’s with a popular name on it. For teams like Florida winning games is often not enough to keep them from struggling. They need a combination of winning games AND star players to stay afloat unlike a team like Toronto who has such loyal fans who throw buckets of money at them regardless of the crap product they put out.

    Toronto needs a player like Luongo for the sole purpose of saving Burkie’s butt, not for saving the franchise.

    Florida needs a player like Luongo to make the team better AND star power marketable to save the franchise as a whole.

    Given Luongo’s history with Florida, his repeatedly expressed desire to play there and his dual role of high quality goal tending and marketable personality it is the perfect fit for both him and the team.

  12. funny, most ppl agree TO with Lou last year make the playoffs. Raise of hands how many TO fans would pass on any player that gets them to the playoffs. Do any TO fans remember the Playoffs? Any team that lands Lou gets better simply said. Everyone also forgets that Lou’s contract has 2 thats 2 not 1 but 2 outs written in to it. The contract can be voided by the team holding his contract after 4 years. Not a buy out not penalized just a termination. Lou for 4 years at a cap hit of 5.333m WOW Toronto makes the playoffs fans rejoice, oh well keep rooting for the jays i guess.

  13. After hearing the comments made about Allaire yesterday on 1050 TSN radio my understanding has changed.

    The knock on Allaire is that her forces every goalie to change their style (like they did with Reim) to a stand up goalie instead of the style that is best suited to the players personal style. Hearing that it was obvious that this is exactly what happened in Toronto with Reim.

    I think it would be brilliant of BB to now hire a new veteran hockey goalie to act as the new goalie coach. Someone who could offer experience and support as these two young guys mature into the goalies of the future. Someone like Cugo or Tom Barrassso. Instead of shelling out millions to anyone.

    The other rumour/story is that Burke only survived because the team was sold. Part of the deal being that no changes were made to the team until the new ownership could make the choices. Don’t know how true that is, but it makes sense.

  14. Tim Thomas will only be a UFA next summer provided that he plays this year. Otherwise, the Broons can toll his contract and force him to play for the $3 million next year.

    Of course, if this occurs, they will trade him.

    However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back after the lockout is over, provided it lasts half the year or so.

    • I was certain the contract is based on calendar date, and not years of play. So he should be an FA next year regardless of a lockout

      • I donlt think that;s true, otherwise what would be the point of Locking players under contract out, you’d need to pay them anyways.

        They should be payed anyways, If you sign it, you should honour it. It not as though the active contracts we’re negotiated with-out a valid CBA in Place.

        If the Bargaining agreement expires, it should really only affect contracts that were negotiated after the new terms are agreed to.

        The old contract you agreed to and the groundwork of CBA were in place already and IMO should be grandfathered.