Maple Leafs Trade Gunnarsson to Blues.

The Toronto Maple Leafs dealt defenseman Carl Gunnarsson and the 94th overall pick to the St. Louis Blues for blueliner Roman Polak. 

Carl Gunnarsson dealt to the Blues for Roman Polak.

Carl Gunnarsson dealt to the Blues for Roman Polak.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m guessing this move was done by the Leafs to provide more grit to their blueline.

Though a couple of inches shorter than the 6-2 Gunnarsson, Polak is heavier (235 lbs) and plays a more physical style. Polak’s cap hit ($2.75 million) is also cheaper than Gunnarsson’s ($3.15 million).

Though under-appreciated by Leafs fans, Gunnarsson has a long reach and plays a smart game in his own zone. He can also play bigger minutes than Polak. Gunnarsson is coming off a hip injury, but if he’s made a full recovery, I’d give the edge in this deal to the Blues. 


  1. I’m helpless in the compulsion to roll out the complaint that R.C. should never have been retained by the Leafs. Gunnarson will likely thrive under another coach.

  2. Toronto has been a graveyard for goalies, coaches and GMs’ but defensemen generally thrive after they leave TO. I expect Carl’s game to do nothing but improve in STL

  3. Good deal for both teams as clearly Toronto wanted to change the look of their blueline and while Polak might save them some money and offer some much needed physical presence, Gunner will do well in St.Louis under a properly structured and implemented defensive system.

  4. Gunnerson was miss cast in Toronto .. Hip injury or not he could never live up to expectations because quite simply he should be a 5-6 d man.. With the potential emergence of Percy, Granberg and Finn this move is to add stability to the back end

    • I agree with you that he could not live up to expectations in Toronto, but IMO he’s better than Polak. Polak is more physical and that’s it.
      IMO they (Nonis, Shanny) should try to get rid of Gleason! I couldn’t understand why they traded for him. He didn’t look good with the Canes and just to get rid of Liles wasn’t worth aquiring him.

      • Agreed. I dont think this is what the d looks like come October though so let’s see . Still have until Monday at midnight to move phanuef lol

    • What expectations do you have for a seventh rounder? What BS is this failed expectation comment.

      • Well Ron the bs if you were to read it properly is that he had to high of expectations put on him and was mid cast as a top pair d man when he should be what he will in St. Louis a 5-6 …

  5. Spector, you are right in giving the edge to the Blues because the Leafs also retained the difference in salaries. Scary! Who trades their first pairing defenseman, a third round pick and retains salary for a second pairing defenseman who while more physical is injury prone? A year from now the Leafs will be trading another asset and draft picks to get a defensive-defenseman. One step forward, two steps back! The more things change….