Monday Evening Rumor Roundup – June 25, 2012.

Updates on Roberto Luongo, Bobby Ryan, Steve Ott and Jordin Tootoo, plus the Blues search for a defenseman continues.

Luongo a no-go to Toronto?

COLUMBUS DISPATCH columnist Aaron Portzline this morning “tweeted” he’d been “Told by very good source #Canucks G Roberto Luongo has – to this point—declined to waive no-trade clause to go to #Blackhawks or #Leafs.”, adding “Only place Luongo is willing to be traded, as of today, is back to the Florida #Panthers.” and suggesting Luongo was trying to “steer” a trade toward the Panthers.

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie countered by acknowledging Luongo would welcome a trade back to South Florida, but added it’s too early in the process to determine which clubs he’ll waive his “no-trade” clause for. Florida and Toronto have the greatest interest in Luongo, but aren’t willing yet to pay the Canucks asking price. McKenzie adds Luongo was never formally asked to provide a list of preferred destinations, and hasn’t rule out Toronto or any other possible destination.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And the waiting game continues, likely (it seems) into July. Hey, at least we’ll have something to ponder once all the best free agents are off the UFA market by the end of next week.

NEW YORK TIMES hockey writer Chris Botta tonight took to Twitter to report “Source confirms #Isles asked Ducks last week about Bobby Ryan, who’d be perfect rebuild next-step. Nothing close yet”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Now, before anyone claims Ryan won’t accept a trade to Long Island, understand he doesn’t have a trade clause in his contract, meaning the Ducks could trade him to anyone. The Isles are a team stocked with young talent and prospects, so I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of them making a tempting pitch, though you can bet other clubs (hello there, Philadelphia Flyers, or maybe, Columbus Blue Jackets?) will also have considerable interest in him, as well as those (Rangers, Wild) who might lose out in the bidding for Zach Parise.

NBC PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon cited a report by ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun claiming there are teams with interest in Dallas Stars winger/center Steve Ott, though they could retain him if they don’t find a deal to their liking. Mike Halford, meanwhile, reports the Nashville Predators won’t be re-signing Jordin Tootoo, making him eligible for UFA stats on July 1.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reported earlier today sources claiming the Blues have interest in Florida Panthers defenseman Jason Garrison, who could become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. A possible trade option could be Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester. GM Doug Armstrong’s new budget won’t allow him to spend to the projected $70.3 million cap for next season, but he does have more financial flexibility than in recent years.


  1. You know I’ve been a Panthers fan since 96 when hockey really grabbed me by the throat and showed me how much fun it was. We’ve had ups and downs. I will admit that I LOVED having Lu as our backstop but to be perfectly frank and honest, I don’t think I’m the only one from Florida that feels that he burned his bridge before he left. Yes we had awful management at the time, a coach who was trying to work with what he had and a goaltender who was considered a Franchise cornerstone. However, that last summer of indecision, demands, backpedals and finger pointing left a distinctly bad taste in my mouth for this gentleman. We have enough core players that are young, goaltenders in the system and elite players actually WANTING to play for the Panthers (For something other than retirement) that I would be ashamed if we pulled the trigger on a trade to bring back a player who was dying to get out the last time he was with us. We tried to sign him, we gave him the years, we wanted to make him the backbone. He didn’t want that, why should we trust that he won’t do the same now?

  2. I know he won’t land there, but I’d love to see a star like Ryan land in the Isle! They need someone like him with Tavares to help start bringing the hockey craze back and getting competitive. I wonder what it would honestly take to land him?

    NYI 1st 2013, F Michael Grabner, D Calvin de Haan?

    Three decent young pieces, but that could likely be out pitched by another team aka Philly with ease. So I doubt the Isles land him unless they really overpay and that could involve coughing up Strome.

    • No way can the Islanders reel in Ryan without parting with either Niederreiter or Strome.

  3. I’m REALLY nervous that Luongo becomes a Leaf.
    Understand he’d give almost any team a playoff berth, just don’t care – he’s not nor never been a “clutch goalie”, a game stealer when the pressure is on.
    C’mon Canadian Hockey Fans: Can you truly say you weren’t nervous when the Gold Medal game went to OT…
    Very talented goalie, work-horse when needed to, just CAN’T CLOSE (in my opinion).
    Rather go for Thomas and lose only ONE year of a CAP HIT than the potential 10 years.
    Even Huet sounds more appealing, shame Vokoun got snapped up early…
    Is Clemenson still available?

    • I’m kind of in the same boat, the past few years luongo has been a slow starter not faring well in October and early November, now that could be from a long play off run or just a slow stater, if it’s the latter I can just imagine the media in Toronto on him.
      It would be interesting if Boston gives permission to teams to talk to Thomas. If he really doesn’t want to play or just waiting for the right team to come calling.
      Yes clemmonson is a UFa at the moment and I was actually thinking he may be a decent plan b? goalie, not the starter they are probably looking for but does bring experience.

    • I will tell you one thing that will happen if the leafs get luongo. Riemer will play great and everyone will bag BB for giving up anything for Luongo. Or if they don’t get Luongo there will be bigger problems and BB still gets bagged. I say go get a good centre and let the kids play.

    • He had 3 shut outs in the SC cup final, one was in double over time. I really don’t understand how he takes all the blame for the Nucks lost in the SC finals.

  4. To add. If the Blues have interest in Jason Garrison that could be smart if they go right to him early on and pitch for him before Suter comes off the market. I know other teams could contact him, but if Blues come straight to him and say you are choice one, while other teams are like if we don’t get Suter he is our offer … that my endure him to sign.

    Personally I think Philly should focus their efforts on grabbing up Garrison as opposed to Suter. They could be a top destination for Weber in the future if he does come available via trade or UFA and I don’t think Philly will manage to convince Suter over Detroit or Pitts! Garrison provides a solid addition to the blueline, more so as I do believe that Meszaros could be part of a Bobby Ryan pitch.

    • thing is a good agent will tell him, “wait till suter signs. his hefty contract will set the market, and once he’s gone you’ll be everyone’s first choice” (which may or may not be the truth but that’s what he’ll be told).

      now maybe garrison will be flattered by suitors chasing him prior to suter but this is business and the dollar signs usually win out.

  5. I don’t believe Luongo is the answer for Toronto because if he truly believed he is all that great, he would accept the challenge to go to Toronto and get them into the playoffs and become a hero to all Leaf fans. He is scared of failing. Sure he’d love to go back to Florida, a comfort zone for him & no pressure to succeed. Now, Tim Thomas is a different story. He’s full of himself and I have no doubt that he’d love the challenge of dragging the Leafs into the playoffs on his back. He’d be a great short term, meaning 1 or 2 years, goalie for Toronto and way cheaper than Luongo’s 53 million dollar package. The only problem being compensation to Boston who are still upset by the last deal with Toronto for Kaberlay.

    • Upset at the Kaberle deal. Dude I’m a Leaf fan and that makes no sense. B’s won the cup with Kaberle (whether or not he helped) and we got Colborne a soft 6’4″ player who took a big step back in the worng direction this year. If anything the B’s still owe us after the Kessel deal.

      • Agreed we won the trade for Kabs but we lost more with Boston in the Kessel deal.

    • T.O could care less about 53 million

  6. Trade Bobby to the Isles, he deserves them! We’ll take a first round pick next year and Kyle Okposo at least…

  7. if the leafs dont land ryan, he’d look great in a isle uniform. hey lyle, isnt there a rule against having too many draft picks or contracts associated with one club? that might be why the isles couldnt trade away their entire draft year. @helmer63

    • To my knowledge, there’s not a rule about how many picks a team can have in one draft year.

    • There is a maximum number of contracts a team can have, however there is no limit on draft picks because they are not signed and can be returned to Junior etc.

  8. @ Cameron Clark,

    I think Chiarelli would welcome any kind of offer as long as it was unconditional.With Roberto being the prize for 2 teams (Leafs and Panthers) it does not mean the other will take Thomas. A team that needs a cap friendly contract only will not give away their future, and a team that needs him as a # 1 goalie cannot chance giving up a lot for someone who may never lace them up.I suspect Thomas does not get a sniff until Luongo is sorted out. If Luongo goes to Leafs I cannot see Florida making a run at Tim. If Florida signs Luongo, Leafs may give him a look if there is little required to provide in return. But remember, Luongo moving to Florida means Theodore or Clemmenson being excess cargo, which again, could make Thomas extra luggage and unmovable due to the price tag.

    I think Panthers will concentrate on trying to sign Garrison long term. They have to start building towards the future, which makes a Luongo contract hard to work in their budget.

    I only see Ryan in Anaheim, Philly or Boston. Ottawa is apparently not on Nash’s “list”.I see Nash in Rangers or Sharks uniform. I could see Detroit picking up Tootoo, as they seem to do a good job focusing players with issues, finding a role for them and keeping them on the straight and narrow.

  9. Here is what the red wings roster will look like plus cap hit
    Frazen(4) datsuyk(6.7) semin(6)
    Parise(7) zetterberg(6.1) flippula(3)
    Bertuzzi(2.1) helm(2.2) nyquist(0.9)
    Albeadker(0.6) mursk(0.6) miller(0.9)
    Kronwall(4.8) suter(7)
    White(2.8) wideman(5)
    Smith(0.9) quincy(3)
    Back up goalie unknown (1)
    Total cap hit 67.4
    extra skaters
    Emmerton= keep(0.6)
    Cleary= trade(2.8)
    Eaves= trade(1.2)
    Hudler signs elsewhere

    • I don’t think Ken Holland will give anybody more than what Datsyuk is making. He is one of those GMs who believes in the slot system…

  10. Jack there is no way the wings are going pick up praise suter and semin. Probably 1/3 but a very slim chance of 2.

    • I agree with Will. One of those guys would be great to have. Suter & Parise will command a bidding war while Semin might get snapped up sooner if Parise takes long to decide. The Wings have always been frugal, not over-paying just to have a “name”. Although Suter may be exempt from that internal criteria, the sting of losing Lidstrom is pretty strong.

      • Wings have the money, plus a great chance to win the cup

        • So, the Wings are gonna sign… Parise, Suter, Semin, and Wideman? The lines as set by you look pretty decent. But let’s face it, without those 4, that is a pretty average (at best) looking team. I am not buying that they are anywhere near winning the cup at this point.

  11. We all know that Florida isn’t THE center of all going on with Luongo. Why? Because this forces Gillis to down-grade his asking price significantly. And we all know, when a player requests to be traded, his value significantly decreases anyway. If the other two teams are still in the hunt (Chicago & Toronto), this is the best offers Gillis will get:

    To Toronto: Luongo
    To Vancouver: Komisarek + Blacker + Kadri + Reimer


    To Chicago: Luongo
    To Vancouver: Frolik + Hjalmarsson + Olesz + Emery

    But we all know, Luongo isn’t a pressure goalie, so this is why Chicago and Toronto isn’t his main destination choice. Because in Florida, he can play his game, and for those bad games, it wouldn’t be as widely reported, or even locally fan critizied. At the end of the day, as much as Luongo wants to go to Florida, Gillis will get a better offer from Toronto or Chicago, even though it will not meet Gillis’ likings for a return value.

    Smarten up Gillis, a trade request only handcuffs what you can get in value, so take the best offer offered.

    • That works well until Luongo exercises that whole no trade clause aspect of his contract.

      The next CBA seriously needs to fix this! If you request to be traded screw your no trade clause and having the ability of publicly saying “I want out” then going only to these locations so your return is crap!

    • Thats too much for both teams to give up just for Lu with a contract that hampers the team getting it. Salary cap world.No way that much is offered by Burke

      • take out Kadri and Reimer they dont need him Eddie Lack is ready. Komi, Colbourne, and blacker

  12. On McKenzie’s article, one commenter posted the following:

    “Luongo to Boston for Tim Thomas. Everything’s settled. Two malcontents change teams. Luongo is closer to either Quebec or Florida,his original and current homes. Thomas is further away from the White house and Barrack Obama,whom he despises. Thomas is older than Luongo,and has a shorter contract,so Schneider won’t have to wait as long to move into the #1 spot. It would even add a new dimension to their rivalry from their Stanley cup confrontation. This deal makes total sense.”

    While I”m doubtful salary cap issues could be addressed by either club; much less comment on Thomas and his political views, it does propose an interesting scenario that might indeed intrigue both teams IF..Lou would agree to go to Boston

    • Boston won’t want to block Rask for 10 years though, will they?

    • I hope someone was being sarcastic. Why would Boston want a backup on a 10 year contract and a $5 million cap hit? Rask is their starter. Dumb comment

    • For one Boston cant take that contract

  13. @Joey

    Except Tuukka Rask is next year’s starter.

    Take on luongo until he’s 85 or give the reigns back to rask for 3-5 years? Me thinks it’s an easy answer.

    If Thomas does anything but sit out next year, he’s a no good bum. You can’t use your family as hostages to negotiate trades, and I would hope Timmy isn’t that kind of person.

  14. People give your heads a shake. Bobby Ryan would not want to play for the Isles. 100 percent of that

    • Be biggest mistake getting Ryan in Isle land. He be declaring a trade 100 percent. Having a unhappy camper and giving away a ranson for him seems stupid by Garth if it did happen

  15. Ghostrider1174,

    Garth Snow isn’t the GM of the Isles, the owner Charles Wang is. There is no way on earth any competent GM would offer 12 draft picks for 1. Wang is going to be the end of that franchise. I also don’t believe Milbury deserves as much flack for the Luongo/Dipietro and Yashin/Spezza/Chara deals. Pretty sad when such a storied franchise is being run by a nut bar who thinks he is playing EA Sports.