Monday Evening Trade Rumors – February 13, 2012.

The latest on the Blackhawks, Predators and Capitals.



Should the Blackhawks trade Kane for a goaltender?

NBCSPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Matt Halford reports Sportsnet’s Hockey Central panelists Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean speculated over the possibility of the Blackhawks shopping Patrick Kane (who has only 12 goals this season) for goaltending help, perhaps going to the extreme by trying to land Ryan Miller from Buffalo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Halford’s mocking reaction about a “Kane for Miller” swap best sums up the possibility of such a move happening at this year’s deadline. Meanwhile, in the real world, Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman again said he’s not in the market for a goaltender, whilst dousing speculation coach Joel Quenneville’s job could be in jeopardy.

NASHVILLE CITY PAPER: David Boclair on the possibility of Predators prodigal son Alexander Radulov returning to the franchise in the near future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:OK, it’s not a trade rumor, but it’s worth noting here just the same. If Radulov were to return this season, it’ll have to be before the trade deadline or he’s ineligible. That being said, I don’t believe he will be back this season, but it’s possible he could come back in the off-season, though that’s been said since he bolted for the KHL four years ago, yet he’s remained in Russia.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley believes it’s time for Capitals GM George McPhee to make his move to improve his club, pointing out he’s got trade chips in forward Mike Knuble, defensemen Jeff Schultz and Jeff Erskine, and two first round picks from the Colorado Avalanche in last summer’s Semyon Varlamov trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McPhee usually make moves near or on deadline day, and I would expect he’ll do the same this year.


  1. I can’t believe there’s still Kane for Miller rumors. It’s completely insane. Despite Kane’s numbers, he’s having a pretty good year (outside of the last 8 games or so when no ones been good). If such a trade were to happen the Blackhawks would probably want someone like Myers over Miller. I have a feeling there will always be Kane to Buffalo rumors for his whole career since he’s from there, but it’s pure fantasy talk at this point.

  2. Oh is it that time of year again when Radulov returning to the NHL to surprisingly not?

  3. LMAO this is a joke right Kane for Miller YEAAAAAAAAH RIGHT the only way that trade will happen is if they got back in return Jason Pominville,Drew Stafford & Ryan Miller for Patrick Kane & Corey Crawford

  4. I was listening to the Maclean and kypreos talk about Kane and they pretty much through it out there as if they did a shake up like Philly Kane would get you a real good package in return. Not serious talk. It is interesting to see the Blackhawks slide, with all that talent.

  5. No offense to Schultz Erskine and Knuble, but I don’t think the Caps would get what they need by trading them. The draft picks they got for Varlarmov will yield the most coming back. Yes Knuble got 24 goals last year, but his production has dropped, and he is 39 years old. Probably a good fit for the Red Wings though…

  6. The sad thing about that Nashville City Paper article is that instead of Poile shooting down the notion of Radulov coming back this season, he yet again allows the speculation to continue by giving another “maybe” answer to the question. Poile would be better off spending his time trading for the top 6 forward that he failed to obtain yet again during the off-season than wishing upon a star that his departed Russian will be putting on a gold colored jersey anytime soon.

  7. Let’s assume for a moment that the Hawks really do want to add goaltending. I think they can get a much cheaper goalie than Miller. There will be more risk involved but I’d be looking at Dan Ellis out of Anaheim or Steve Mason from Columbus. Dan Ellis appears to be expendable in Anaheim. I still don’t understand why Columbus is giving up on Mason. He’s only a few years removed from being rookie of the year. I think a change of scenery might be good for him.

    As for Kane “struggling”, who cares is he only has 12 goals. He has 45 points in 56 games. Hes”s on pace for 65 points. If 65 points is an off-season I hope every player on the Kings goes through that kind of slump.

    As for Radulov, my advice is if he’s going to stay in Russia, take a bus.

  8. Quenneville / Wilson Trade? Wouldn’t that be nice Eh!

  9. While I don’t think its a possibility, the Kane for Miller rumour has a substantial upside for both teams. Kane is having an off year for someone who is considered a co-cornerstone player in that franchise and a 6.3M cap hit is a lot for 65 points. Miller has played better as well. Maybe a deal like Miller and Derek Roy for Kane and Crawford might get it done. Buffalo saves about a million dollars on the cap and Chicago gets the 2nd line center it needs in Roy. Maybe a pick could also go Chicago’s way. But that deal is more likely a summer move rather than disrupt your team at the deadline. Unless both of the GMs feel their teams need disrupting.

  10. Agree with JDBGiGC,

    Players like Kane do not come along everyday. He is a keeper.

    I have always said Mason in Columbus needs a change of scenery. He has never had a solid defence core in front of him, and probably never will as long as he is there. Sure he could be the reincarnation of Andrew Raycroft, but I think it is a confidence issue coupled with not having any support. i think moving him to almost any team would make him better. I would not give up on him.

  11. You could give Chicago Miller and Sekera for Kane and Crawford. Chicago needs a Dman and Bflo would love to have the hometown kid!