Monday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 9, 2012.

The latest on the Ducks, Lightning, Maple Leafs, Flames, Oilers, and Wild.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts points out 13 Flames will have contracts expiring this summer, including nine UFAs. He expects GM Jay Feaster could be busy near the trade deadline…The Tampa Bay Lightning need a goalie and a defenseman, while the Toronto Maple Leafs seek a top-six forward. Shoalts suspects Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray is probably tired of listening to Leafs GM Brian Burke’s pitches for Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan or all three…Flames GM Jay Feaster insists he won’t move Jarome Iginla, but Shoalts wonders if Feaster might consider trading goalie Miikka Kiprusoff or defenseman Jay Bouwmeester.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the Flames remain in playoff contention, Feaster could become a “buyer” rather than a “seller”. He’s not moving Iginla, Kiprusoff or Bouwmeester…I think Shoalts is being a tad facetious regarding Burke’s “pitches” for those Ducks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Leafs GM has at least made inquiries, though the asking price for any of those Ducks would be very expensive, perhaps too expensive for Burke…I don’t see how the Lightning can address their needs without giving up a good player or at least a promising one, like Brett Connolly.

Hemsky's days as an Oiler appear numbered.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis claims the Edmonton Oilers are actively shopping for a defenseman, and also believes Ales Hemsky’s tenure with the Oilers is coming to an end.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hemsky will be dealt between now and the trade deadline, provided he doesn’t suffer another serious shoulder injury. Maybe the Oilers should move him sooner rather than later?

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher is monitoring his struggling team closely, and admitted he’s been on the phone more frequently now that the NHL trade deadline is on the horizon. Fletcher said he’ll be aggressive if need be in the trade market, but isn’t seeking short-term fixes. Russo suggested the Wild might be interested in New Jersey Devils winger Zach Parise, but more likely as a free agent rather than as a trade acquisition. Russo also noted the Ducks might be willing to move a core player. The Wild have depth in defense and in goal to use as trade bait.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Injuries have taken a toll on the Wild this season. Fletcher showed a willingness last summer to make bold moves, and could do so again in the coming weeks, especially if the Wild appear in danger of falling out of playoff contention. The Devils won’t move Parise at the trade deadline.


  1. It will be interesting to see what the Oilers can get for Hemsky. I know I sure as heck wouldn’t want the Bruins to give up anything for an extremely soft, injury prone, overpaid rental player who is only on pace for 7 goals this year. You simply don’t win with players like Alice Hemsky and if Edmonton can get a 1st rounder for him it will be a steal.

  2. Bruinsmike… you are correct sir, but the more likely scenerio is that Tambellini will continue to be greedy and will expect a “Schenn” type player for Hemskey, no one will bite and then he will get injured and the Oilers will get nothing for him.

  3. I can’t see Burke sitting with the current roster of 8 capable NHL D men going into the trade deadline when he is still in need of an elite centerman, some gritty scoring two way players for the third line and a penality killing specialist.

  4. I would trade Purcell or Downie, but not Connolly. No he doesn’t have there points, however Connolly is young and has tremendious upside.

  5. Canadian King took the words from my mouth…or hands :p
    This is exactly what will happen, Tambo overvalues everything and waits till there’s no chance of a profit to be made. Hemsky needs to go tomorrow before he poisons the morale any longer with his lazy play, and before he trips in the parking lot and injures himself for the season!
    Why he wasn’t traded last year I have no clue…his value is plummeting like the Titanic….

  6. Your right on the money CK, the oilers will get nothing for Hemsky. Tambellini should have seen the writing on the wall a couple of seasons ago and moved him when he could have received something of value, but I guess they were hoping for a healthy Hemsky to help the youngsters. The Oilers need a major management shakeup. To many old cronies from the glory days.
    Burke will make a major move if one is or isnt available. He always seems to get something for almost nothing, but if it is going to happen it should be real soon as he always likes to do so before the frenzy starts. Yes he does have a glut of d-men and could have traded one or two by now but as per usual he is waiting for the demand to increase exponentially in order to receive more than he gives up. Smart guy that Burke.
    I agree boltsnation, trading a promising player like Connolly isnt in the bolts best interest. They may have to use picks along with guys that you mentioned to get a goalie. Problem is not many teams seem willing to trade talented backups never mind a starter. Yzerman may have to be patient and wait for the draft or free agency. The bolts are not going to make the playoffs this year anyways.
    I feel the only way the wild get Parise is through a sign and trade. When great players hit free agency they have a tendancy to sign with teams that are close to winning the cup, which Minnesota is not.

  7. Maybe its time to let Tokarski have a little NHL playing time in Tampa? I wouldn’t hurt them in the standings any.

  8. I still say the wings will get Hemsky for a second rounder and he will prosper in Detroit like so many Euros seem to. Firewilson , which dman should be traded? Would Colbourne and Aulie be enough to get Getslaf?

  9. Hemsky is overrated and always Injured so he doesn’t have any value really if the kings would go after him I would only give up one of these players in a trade
    J. Williams
    S. Parse
    J. Mitchell

  10. Listening to all the interviews and the call in show and the Flames talk since Iggy got his 500th i would say he knows he is about to be moved and this was in the works the only thing holding it up was number 500.

    With that said I think his trade value is high and if the Flames hold out till the deadline they could get a major package for him.

    If Pitts wants him i would have to think Staal would need to come back the other way along with a prospect and a pick.

    And from what I heard from the fan 960 this weekend Kipper was made available all summer with no takers either the asking price was to high or nobody wanted to give up much for him.

  11. I really can’t see Iginla being moved. He wants to stay and the GM said he does not want to trade him.
    I can’t see why the media or bloggers can’t see that.

    I can see them moving ‘Kipper’. They have young Karlsson and the other ‘rookie’ — can’t remember his name.. but he looks good as well.

  12. ROTFLMAO at:

    “motocitysmitty | Monday, 09 January 2012 at 5:05 pm
    I still say the wings will get Hemsky for a second rounder and he will prosper in Detroit like so many Euros seem to. Firewilson , which “motocitysmitty | Monday, 09 January 2012 at 5:05 pm
    I still say the wings will get Hemsky for a second rounder and he will prosper in Detroit like so many Euros seem to. Firewilson , which dman should be traded? Would Colbourne and Aulie be enough to get Getslaf?”

    Maybe if Burke throws in Kardi and Franson, the Ducks will include Perry and Ryan.

  13. Oh the twitter is alive.

    Yeah I could picture Burke asking Anaheim over and over for those players. Murray probably had to get his number changed. If he hears Kadri and a pick one more time, he’ll be committed.

    If Downie’s available, Toronto might look into dealing one of those “8 worthy d-men” Tampa’s way for him. His instructions would be, “Just don’t let the other team score”

    Leland Irving the other rookie, Sandy? The Lightning and CBJs might show interest in Kipper if pressed. The Ducks may now be players for Kipper with Hiller’s injury now, and might even like Bouwmeester if they’re willing to send Getzlaf and Beauchemin for the pair. Doubtful of course, but something to consider.

    Flames are still in the margins. I think of all teams, they should pack it in for the year and tank on purpose to pick up Nail Yakupov… do like the Flyers, go 101 101 56 95 99 88 106 <– find the odd season out. If they did, they'd be at the top of the league two years later; if they don't, they'll still be in the margins for the next two years. Fricken rent out the farm.

    More Parise rumours. If Jersey lost Parise through free agency, it would be the biggest free agent loss in the history of the game. Fans of 29 teams are frothing out the mouth for this disaster to happen.

    Hemsky… I'm running stats on his play this season and determine him to be a: 1.00 player (1.00 is the coefficient I use to compare that player to an average player in the league), he's not scoring as many goals as he should but he's getting slightly more assists. Players who scored a 1.00 coefficient in my last years stats include names like Eric Belanger, Chuck Kobasew, Daniel Paille, Pascal Dupuis, Kyle Wellwood. So even healthy this year, he's playing worse than he normally plays (last year his value was 1.11). That big of a drop means he's likely undervalued at this current time. Let's also include the fact that he's constantly injured and he's a minus player. Sorry Tembellini, when I do my stat checks next year, he's still going to be on

  14. ROFL: @motocitysmitty “Firewilson , which dman should be traded? Would Colbourne and Aulie be enough to get Getslaf?”

    And you guys are saying Tambo is the only one overvaluing his players? LOL.

  15. Tambelino, Tembelini, Tem… Tam… Tambe-whatever the hell six Ls five Is. Tambellini? There you go.

  16. Nah,,,,I’m thinking Colbourne alone can land Getzlaf.
    If your proposal includes a getting a player that you really want, and getting rid of players about whom you are indifferent…….well hey, we all get surprised by trades sometimes.

  17. Forget the deal Iggy to Pittsburgh. Now that Staal is gone for 4-6 weeks with a knee injury, it wont happen. Pittsburgh just lost any chance of bringing in high end talent to replace Crosby with the injuries to Letang, Staal, Neil (i think is his name). Unless Pitts want to offer a first rounder with Prospects but for what i hear Pittsburghs prospects are not any better than what the Flames have in the cupboards. So in-short no deals with Pittsburgh.

  18. Did everyone forget what Tambellini got for Penner last trade deadline. He will get what he wants for Hemsky.

  19. With everyone here bashing Hemsky, it shows how little people understand this guy. First this guy is not soft and plays all the tough areas, anyone see the 2006 playoffs? Before making comments do a little research.

    Yes Hemsky’s game this season is spotty at best but he is already checked out of Edmonton after falling in the depth charts to the surplus of young talent here. His shoulders are repaired and healthy, he is taking numerous hits and continues to play, it is only a matter of time before a deal is made.

    Crosby continues to miss games now so seeing that he is injury prone with concussions does that make him lessor in value to trade?

  20. kingsfan1980

    Who is J. Mitchell?

    Do you even know the Kings roster players?

  21. Ya, I’ll trade with Edmonton again after all the crap they’ve pulled.
    How’s that saying go?
    Screw me once shame on you!
    Screw me twice shame on me!!!!
    I’ll trade with the Oilers:
    Penner and Fraser for Ryan Smyth!!

  22. How about a real trade?
    Doughty, Bernier and Brown for Stamkos and St. Louis.

  23. Sorry and Penner also.

  24. I would settle for Malone instead of St. Louis also, if necessary and take Garon as my back-up to even up the salaries.

  25. Hemsky, a double edge’d sword. Healthy a ppg player with dynamic game breaking moves. Injured and often lazy…Until lately he never had skilled players around him. Never had someone defending him from Regher multiple nights per season. A once bright light is becoming dimmer because of proper management by the Oilers. I’ll still bleed Oil but want Tambi and Lowe fired, wont happen. Always believed Hemmer would have light up the east had he started playing there.

  26. @ Clarke who did you hear that the pens have no good prospects from? They have quite afew good young players in the ahl. They are far from the dire situation that the flames are in with their ahl team.

  27. Could be quite a few teams willing to trade a 2/3 line centerman to the Pens for Thiessen, though his GAA and SV% were alot better last season.

  28. Iggy is not going to be moved because on top of his playing skills, loosing Iggy would kill Flames fans so unless they got a monster offer AND had a monster rest of season, i could see the Flame’s fan base turnung their collective backs on the Flames.

  29. The Maple Leafs are in search of a top six forward? When are they not? That’s been the story out of hog-town since Burke took over!

  30. Well Bob Murray and Burke may have some history but I’m doubtful Murray really wants to trade Getzlaf as guys like him are rare. Asking price? A lot. I’m also not so sure that any deal that would have Getzlaf coming to the Leafs would somehow not involve a 3rd team either as the Ducks are going to want a very healthy return for a player of that ilk

  31. Yeah the Maple Leafs, 4th in offense this season, are searching for a top 6 forward apparently. Reporters seem to be months behind when looking at the standings.

    Iginla trade rumours are interesting; Calgary could rent out their good players and just re-sign them later on when they use all the first and second round draft picks from their deals to jack up their AHL talent. Even if they made the playoffs this year, as Burke might put it, they’d “get the crap kicked out of them”. It’s not really tanking a-la Pittsburgh, but more tanking a-la Washington (sucking on purpose vs. rebuilding).

    Sure, move him for a pick and a prospect. Oh no, Calgary’s GM will take heat. Calgary’s GM didn’t mortgage the team’s future… the guy that did that is coaching the LA Kings right now. If Feaster traded off all his good players for picks and prospects, I’d laud him for putting a decent rebuilding plan in place, AND I would keep Brent Sutter behind the bench because he’s one of the league’s best coaches. Move Kipper for a young goalie and a pick. Maybe that Scrivens guy out of Toronto. Somebody who’s played an NHL game or two and “might” turn into NHL quality.

    Yeah there was a lot of Hemsky bashing, but when I spoke about Hemsky, I spoke exactly what other GMs are thinking. I don’t look at nostalgia; yeah Hemsky was one of those young offensive secret weapons the Oilers had during their cup run that tragically ended against the diving Hurricanes. But that’s not the Hemsky that’s playing right now. And he was really good last year, but he’s not good this year; if he scored 5 goals and 5 assists in the next ten games, he’d be a moveable commodity. So if Tambellini is serious about moving him, he’d give him premium ice time to showcase him to other scouts. Right now, he’s only worth a 2nd round pick tops.

  32. I don’t think Calgary will get as much as they think for Iginla he’s getting old for hockey 34.
    He would be a good addition to a cup contender but I wouldn’t give up more than a second and prospect.

  33. Everyone is bashing Hemsky for having an off year. he’s on pace for 34 points, and scoring 7 goals. career wise he’s a 50 point per season on avg. And the oilers can’t get anything for him? And thats only playing around 60 games a year. “IF” he could stay healthy and someone for him to feed the puck to he would do even better in this league.

    So in that theory Getzlaf is on pace for 14 goals, 55 points, and on avg he gets 70 points per season. So The ducks should get not much for him because he’s having A off year.