Monday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 14, 2011.

Check out the latest from the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Sun on Rick Nash, Dustin Penner, Paul Stastny, Evgeni Nabokov and Rene Bourque.


Are the Avs shopping Stastny?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wondered if Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash, who’s got a “no-trade” clause, wants to stick with the floundering club any longer, and how much Nash could fetch if he were shopped, noting his star isn’t burning very brightly right now, but suggested the Flyers and Kings might be possible trade destinations, envisioning possible trade packages that could entice the Jackets…Matheson also claimed the LA Kings want to move winger Dustin Penner, but he’s slated for UFA status next summer “and the Blue Jackets don’t want him”…He also claimed there were “few whispers” the Colorado Avalanche are shopping Paul Stastny and his $6.6 million per season contract with Matt Duchene ready to step into the first line center role, wondering if the Nashville Predators “go Statsny for UFA-to-be Ryan Suter” but doubted that would happen…Matheson also believed there would be more interest in Niklas Hagman on the waiver wire if his salary were $1.5 million, instead of $3 million…The Islanders are definitely showcasing Evgeni Nabokov, and Matheson suggested the Toronto Maple Leafs could be interested if James Reimer doesn’t soon return from injury. He noted Nabokov’s “no-trade” clause but believes he’ll waive it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So far, there’s no indication Nash wants out of Columbus, or that the Jackets want to shop him. While Nash’s star might not be burning too brightly right now, I believe he’d fetch a strong return of young players, prospects and/or high draft picks if the Jackets put him on the block…The Kings might want to move Penner, but his $4.25 million salary and two points in 14 games thus far means there’s no market for him…Prior to Matheson’s report, I’d heard nothing about the Avs shopping Stastny, and as for Duchene being ready for first line minutes, he’s currently off to a slow start, and was demoted at one point to their fourth line. Stastny won’t be dealt, for Suter or anyone else this season…Hagman’s on re-entry waivers so we’ll find out later today if teams are interested in taking him at $1.5 million…Nabokov won’t waive his clause for just any team. He might do it for the Leafs, if they’re indeed interested.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports, “contrary to endless reports suggesting the Flames are being swamped with offers” for winger Rene Bourque, a team source claims “such talk is manufactured”, likely due to a combination of his inconsistent play and $3.33 million per season cap hit. Flames GM Jay Feaster didn’t address Bourque, but admitted finding trade partners was getting harder and harder.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise there, Bourque hasn’t scored since October 26th, which was around the time rumored interest in him was at its height.


  1. Aside from somebody possibly picking up Hagman on re-entry waivers, Nabokov is the only one I see being dealt here. I’m pretty sure he’ll waive his ntc for any team in a playoff hunt. Nash and Statsny won’t be dealt period. And I don’t think anyone will take Penner.

  2. Does anyone know if Toronto is even the right fit for Nabokov from his point of view? Does he or Wilson have any issues from the old SJ days (Good or Bad)? Would Nabokov have any issues adjusting his style to Allaire’s like other veterans in the past? Does he consider Toronto a serious playoff contender or struggling just to make the playoffs?

  3. Perharps that Penner would be a good fit for a team that have an overpaid underachiever on their rank : the Montreal Canadiens…

    Something like:

    Gomez + Diaz (8,257 mil) vs Penner + Mitchell + Kevin Westgarth (+/- 8,3 mil)

    -Montreal would get a big winger and a veteran blueliner, both UFA at the end of the season.

    -LA would get a veteran who won 2 stanley cups and have a certain amount of leadership plus a young offensive defensemen…

    Both would trade their respective problems and add something they lack…

  4. @ durt…I agree fully with you there. Hagman could be an interesting pick up for a team and I can’t see Nash or Stastny moving any time this year at least. Nash isn’t putting up great numbers, but I think Carter’s return will help that. I could only see Penner being picked up on waivers where a team would only be responsible for half his salary.

    @ DLS I think the leafs just need Reimer back, which is suspected to be not too far away. If he was out long term, I could see the Nabokov rumors having a little more substance. Maybe we’ll hear another update via Reim’s mom again lol

  5. I disagree about Stastny possibly not getting traded. Ryan O Reilly and Matt Duchene are the future first and second liners of this team and they are both willing and able now. There is no room for three centers on this team and Duchene’s is ready to take the next step. Colorado made a major mistake dropping Shattenkirk and Stewart for Eric Johnson, as Paul Stastny pointed out, but I believe by the deadline they’ll make a deal and bring two really good up and coming players back. Stastny wants to play for a winner and the Avalanche are not making the playoffs this year. There will be teams willing to part with some prospects for a young established star like Stastny. I’d say Stastny being traded or being at least shopped is a likely possibility.

  6. Anaheim claimed Hagman.

  7. Hahaha! “the finish line” with Koivu and Selane

  8. sorry Sam but nobody wants Gomez or Penner. Your proposed swap might invigorate their careers but I doubt it. Gomez seems to have lost his offensive skill and Penner just seems to be content to skate around pretending to care(maybe hes off his new diet wagon). I also dont think Montreal is ready to get rid of Diaz as he has been one of their more consistant d-men. They certainly could use Westgarths toughness though. If I was L.A. I wouldnt trade Mitchell for both of those guys. You must be a Habs fan as once again one of their fans over values the worth of their players. L.A. might take a gamble on Gomez if he made about 2 mil per but nobody in the entire league is going to touch Gomez with his incredibly over inflated obsene contract. What was Gainey thinking.

  9. Nabakov would be an excellent pick up for the leafs. A proven NHL #1 goaltender is better than any other option that they currently have. Nabakov can regain his form not unlike the Bhulin wall has with teh oil.

  10. OK – Eric Francis has got to be the WORST contact for anything Flames related. He aslo said no-one would claim Hagman. Well, the Ducks did, and why wouldn’t they. for 1.5 mill, thats a steal.

    I’ve never undertood why anyone quotes this clown. He also fails to see the Flames situation at the end of this season, with 11 or so UFA compiling of $17+ million in cap space, and promising prospects in the farm. Need proof, check the stats in the WHL.

    Again, this guy is a clown. Maybe he doesn’t want to be considered a ‘Homer’ but his pestimistic facts (views) are considerably inaccurate when stating his opinion.

  11. I’m curious how in the world Matheson see’s the Philadelphia Flyers as a possible trade destination for Rick Nash? Nash has a 7.8 million dollar cap hit. The Flyers would have to shed at least 2 salaries if not more just to fit that under the cap, plus still flesh out their roster. I don’t see it, so no reason even tossing out names from Philly. So unless the Flyers have to put somebody on the LTI, cross them off the Rick Nash sweepstakes. (not even mentioning the CBJ’s aren’t even shopping him at this point in time)

  12. I thought it was common knowledge that Toronto does need another goalie. They have Reimer and that’s it. At the very least they need a back-up. Should it be Nabby, I’m not sure. He would come cheap this year but will he waive his NTC to be a back-up? Clearly the Leafs want to play Reimer as their no.1, as he has deserved that. But obviously they do need a second tender. And no, Bernier, Schneider and Rask are not available.

  13. James (or “Jacques”, as I like to think of you),

    Gainey made an idiotic trade, but then, at the time, his Director of Professional Scouting was Gauthier!
    Need I say more?
    The “trade” was roundly panned in Mtl from Day 1.

    But hey, you win some and lose some.
    How about Rivest for Georges and Paccioretty?

    As to Gomez, his real value now is that, even though his cap hit is north of 7 mil. for the next 2 years, he only actually has to be paid 5 mil.
    So, for a team scraping along at the slary floor, that’s 5 million smackers saved in 2 years, a considerable enticement.

    Wouldn’t you like someone to give you 5 million $’s?
    I mean, this is serious change.

    Did you think that trades are strictly done for talent?
    I beg to differ.


  14. Listen, I hate the Habs as much as any respectable Leaf fan. But, if Montreal was able to trade Gomez (even with his 5 mil actual pay) for anything more then a bag of pucks, I would give Gauthier a slow clap…wiserhood style.

  15. If any team could use Stastny, it’s the Sabres.

  16. Or the Flames ^

  17. James

    There’s some inconsistencies in your claims…

    You say that both Gomez and Penner are untradable… But in the salary cap ruled NHL, the only way to trade an untradable player is to get another one in return…

    Second, you say that Diaz was one of the most consistant defensemen on the team (wich is absolutely not true), and afterward, say that you wouldn’t trade Mitchell (who is 35, injury prone and a UFA to be) for neither of those two players….

    Thirdly, you say that Mtl fans are over-estimating their players… eeeeh, I don’t see the point here:

    -An underachieving player with a big contract + a young defensemen with offensive potentiel
    an underachieving player with a big contract + an aging and fragile, future UFA, defensive defensemen + an enforcer (no big value here)

    I don’t see where’s the over-evaluation here???

  18. @Biz.

    I’d agree with the Francis thing. Just in general. When he was the main sports columnist for the Calgary Sun… his articles were borderline annoying. Not just his opinions of hockey, but also his take on the CFL (I remember he wrote an article on how pathetic the Stamps were a fews ago… the year they won it all).

    As for Calgary:
    61.8 Cap right now. 2.5 for Babs, 1.25 for BMo on the injured. There is a lot of cap there =o).
    Picking up Stasny would be amazing, a “weak” season for him, still puts him 2nd on the Flames roster in points rofl. However, CGY – COL is a trade that probably will never happen (NW div. Rivals generally don’t trade their stars).

    Some decent moves in CGY recently. Let the kids play for now, and see what develops. Byron is showing a lot of skill (which is weird to see in a Red Jersey… Like how much scoring off the Rush have you seen this year?)

    Bourque on the team is near worthless, 3.33 was probably a bad number… so is Stajan’s 3.5… and recently Moss’s 1.3 isn’t worth much either…To be perfectly honest, the only contracts I’m liking in Calgary in the past few years, is the 3.5 Tangs is making and the 4.02 Gio’s making.

    43 Million dedicated to next season, hoping that Backlund and Byron resign, that’s ~46 million; 15 mil+ (depending on the increase in cap). for next season. That’s not bad… Not bad at all.

    Additionally, if you’re tanking this season, it’ll be interesting to see what you can get from your UFA’s next year at the deadline, I’m sure Jokinen’s ~50 points and David Moss’ play can get you some decent return.

    As for Toronto:

    I would go out and get Nabokov. There’s no doubt about it, and there’s no reason not to do it. His cap hit is low, you’ve already stock piled draft picks and young talent; so I’m just saying, pick 35-50 is not going to make or break your team for a proven goalie (Yeah, not having a good season, but would you on the Isle?) that could really give really help a young #1 when he comes back; I mean Reimer hasn’t had to deal with a major slump yet, a lot of young goalies really fade into obscurity after a bad month… and you know in TO he’ll have sooo much pressure to slump bust… and every paper will have “What’s wrong with Reimer?” and every one of the 97% delusional Leaf Nation will be calling for his head.

    That’s my opinion.

  19. Wake up Ducks, offer a 4th round pick to Kings for Penner so they can dump the salary.

    Penner / Getzlaf / Perry
    Hagman / Koivu / Selanne
    Ryan / Cogliano / McMillan

    At least try and generate some offense

  20. Nice comments by all
    Maybe colorado should trade stats plus a pick for Nash….
    It could work out famously for both teams.

  21. Stasny for Gomez. Colorado saves 2.3 million actual dollars on the deal. That said, bag pucks for Gomez would also work. The real value of the Gomez deal was signing both Cammelari and Gionta. Still not sure they make up for McDonagh, but it is a better trade than if you look at that deal alone.

  22. @ Sam Sagat,

    The Kings have plenty of young offsensive-defensemen (Doughty, Johnson, Martinez, Voynov). They don’t need Diaz. What they really need is a power forward with a scoring touch – a productive Dustin Penner in other words.

  23. Miokid I couldn’t agree more with your post on Nabokov. Worst case is he is a bust and he is done at years end and the Leafs lose a 2nd or 3rd round pick. On the upside he could regain his 2009/2010 form where he posted a 44 win campaign with a .922 save percentage and help the Leafs get playoff bound while teaching Reimer a few things. He is also super cap friendly. Funny part is he never really lost his edge in the NHL, he just went to play in Russia so I wouldn’t take those Russian stats to heart.

  24. I think Nabokov would be a great pickup for the Leafs if he would agree to come to the Leafs and the price is not too steep. Fact is that Gus doesn’t cut the mustard and Scrivens could use some more time in the minors but he’s not far away from the NHL at all and he’s got a similar style to Reimer.

  25. Get a reliable goalie in Columbus, Mason has been inconsistent since his rookie debut 3 years ago. Now that Carter is back, get the lines set and let them gel, stop mixing the lines looking for the “magic” mix. Arneil, like Hitchcock keeps switching the lines every game. Do these and All their numbers will pick up.

  26. Cheesehead- I agree with you big time. I’m so tired of hearing that Philly and LA- or even T.O. are the only places a high profile player in the trade rumors could possibly go- like there are not other teams in the league. Philly just turned their team upside down and added numerous players as did LA- these three teams take up the top 8 in terms of lack of cap space- yeah…makes sense to me-lol. Philly is at 0 cap space and only 2.1 mill because of the LtIR. LA has 349,055 in cap space, and Toronto has 530,913 in cap space with 2.9 mill on the LTI. NONE of these teams are in a position to make any big deals unless they get rid of the big time players they just aquired- cause they cannot absorb a big contract- do the Math people !!! Philly and LA just did major overhauls with many different players- I think it’s safe to say they are done for a bit- and who knows about Burkie and Toronto- but one thing is for sure, Toronto fans seem to think their team is the center of the universe and everything revolves around them- all trade rumours, no matter what. Kinda sad seeings how 99 percent of the talk makes no sense. Don’t mean to hate, it just gets tiresome is all.

  27. @ Sam Sagat,
    To add to Choralone’s comment about the Kings not needing another young, puck moving d-man. They also have absolutely NO NEED for for another center. They already have 5 on the roster (Kopitar, Richards, Stoll, Richardson and Lewis), plus Lotkionov in the minors. I would take ANY of the 6 over Gomez.

    Wouldn’t even take a 4th to get Penner from LA. A couple bag of pucks and a new skate sharpener might get the deal done.

  28. @Cowtown.

    I would say that the majority of the Leafs faithful really think once a player is rumoured to be traded, he’s going to TO. There are far and few between fans that are realistic about what their team can do in regards to player movement.

    Funny how the winds turn in the NHL. Penner was like the big name at the deadline last year, and he’s done absolutely nada. Can anyone think of a Deadline day move of a “top player” in the past 10 years that’s actually turned into a cup with that player playing a major role? I mean Kabs went to Boston, but he literally did nothing. Hossa almost got there in ’08… Seems like the teams throwing future at the deadline and money in the off-season haven’t been doing much the past while =o)

    Just my opinion.

  29. Just an opinion Sam, and Rattus dont ever call me Jacgues.