More “Luongo to Maple Leafs?” Speculation – October 19, 2012.

Following up on a recent report suggesting the Vancouver Canucks & Toronto Maple Leafs may already have a deal in place for Roberto Luongo which could kick in  as soon as a new CBA is implemented. 


More “Luongo to Toronto after the lockout” speculation.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford followed up on a recent Sportsnet report claiming the Canucks have a deal in place which would ship goaltender Roberto Luongo to the Toronto Maple Leafs once a new CBA is implemented.

Botchford claims the Leafs were “closest to a deal for Luongo at the draft”, which saw the Leafs offer up Luke Schenn and the Canucks countering with Jake Gardiner and more. There were rumors Luongo would only waive his “no-trade” clause to go to the Florida Panthers, but apparently was told by Canucks management in September the Panthers were “all but out”.

Around the same time, according to Botchford, Canucks GM Mike Gillis said the Leafs had several assets which could get a deal done.

“Sportsnet’s John Shannon reported Wednesday night the Leafs have agreed to move one of those assets and as a result the two teams have agreed to a deal in principle which will be announced sometime after the CBA is done.”

Multiple Canucks sources, including Gillis, denied the Sportsnet report. Botchford also claimed the Canucks, in the weeks leading up to the CBA expiration, fielded an offer from the Edmonton Oilers and one from a mystery team which wasn’t the Chicago Blackhawks or Columbus Blue Jackets, two clubs which had been rumored as possible destinations for Luongo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even during a lockout, there’s no escaping the Luongo trade rumors. Perhaps the Canucks and Leafs have a deal in place which will occur when the lockout ends. Perhaps not. The only way we’ll know for sure is whenever this current labor dispute ends and a new CBA is in place. At least this’ll give Leafs and Canucks fans a nice little distraction from all the CBA chatter. Enjoy!


  1. How are the Canucks going to fit Kessel and Lupul under the cap?

    • haha! Can only dream! Have fun with Gunnarson-Kadri

  2. There is rumors because people can’t stop making them up and writing about it. Show me were it says it on TSN this rumor or anything mentioning it. If it were wouldn’t Bob Mc Kenzie say it.

    • Haha and I only listen to the wether channel for an accurate weather prediction. Get your head out of the clouds there are other stations and “insiders” then what tsn will push in your head. Of course neither team will comment or hint at a trade being in place because you can’t make one during a lockout. And of course if a competitor is trying to push something you would work at doing something to deny it

  3. I take no stock in GM’s denying rumors, show me a GM who has ever confirmed one?
    Could you imagine? “Yes, we’re currently negotiating a trade for so-and-so” It would never happen.
    The Leafs have a blue chip prospect in Gardiner, I would say he’s one of the untouchables on the team, so hopefully this won’t happen. Although I do expect Kadri to be packaged out with either Reimer, Gunnarson, and/or draft picks.

  4. Spec hopefullyu we will find out for certain soon …. when this dispute is over .

    As a leaf fan a Lou and Reimer combo would creme my corn .