Morning NHL Rumor Update – February 25, 2012.

Latest on the Capitals, Lightning, Senators, Blues and Rangers.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports Capitals Mike Knuble and Roman Hamrlik are expected to be healthy scratches again tonight, when the Capitals face the Toronto Maple Leafs. Both have previously voiced displeasure over coach Dale Hunter scratching them from the lineup, and Gormley wonders if both could be moved by the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: GM George McPhee has previously said Knuble wouldn’t be moved. Hamrlik, however, could be a different story.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray intends to watch how his club performs without sidelined goalie Craig Anderson  before making any decisions about seeking a short-term replacement. Anderson is sidelined after cutting a tendon in one of the fingers on his right hand, but could be back as early as next week. Garrioch claims sources said the San Jose Sharks contacted the Senators and Maple Leafs to see if they might have interest in Antero Niittymaki. One trade option could be Tampa Bay’s Dwayne Roloson, who’s played better of late.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roloson hasn’t played that much better of late. I doubt Murray will make a panic move for a goalie, especially if Anderson could return within a week or two.

TBO.COM: Erik Erlendsson reports Lightning GM Steve Yzerman might not be done dealing. One intriguing possibility could be Antti Miettinen, who was claimed off waivers from the Lightning by the Winnipeg Jets earlier this season, but has been placed on waivers by the Jets.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports a concussion injury to Kris Russell could force Blues management to consider adding a defenseman at the trade deadline, though they have suggested they could be quiet due to budget constraints.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers could put Sean Avery on re-entry waivers by noon ET today to see if a rival club might be willing to claim him.


  1. This is ridiculous….the leafs executive staff consists of ……..

    Burke,Poulin,No nis Fletcher,Dudley Wilson and 3 head coaches ….as well as other high end NHL brass that would be well respected in any organization.

    With all that and help from the UN security counsel ….are you telling me this is IT ….no changes…so far ????
    The deal of a lifetime is sitting before you and exactly what you were brought in to do ….this is a NO BRAINER …pay the fricken price for Nash ..Ott and a Goalie and dump slary anyway you can …..start frome here not from the Kessel deal …FROM HERE…NOW!!!
    MAKE THE DEAL!!!!!!!

  2. @chris cant make changes if there are no changes worth making. Leafs or any team for that matter, aren’t going to over pay which it seems to be what is happening. They have built a fairly good team as of right now, we are much deeper and a lot more skilled then when Burke came here and it would be totally ridiculous to go backwards and start making moves to make moves.
    The one I can see happening now is trading grabovski, as the price will be very high now with he sky signing that ludicrous contract. With the leafs having so much depth and the prices being so high you might see Burke sell like last year and pick up another Colborne or Gardiner.

  3. Chris:

    And people wonder why the Leafs are never able to achieve greatness or develop home grown talent. It’s because a large chunk of the vocal MINORITY of Leaf fans insist on quick solutions that won’t work, rather than developing talent. Damien Cox has a great article on this today. You Sir, are the problem with Leaf nation, and that is said as somebody who is a complete non-Leaf fan.

  4. Having only two games to play does not really give Murray a good idea how the sens will play without Anderson. Unless Auld craps the bed completely he’d run out of time. It may be a good idea to get an insurance policy either way heading into the playoffs.

  5. I am SORRY …but I disagree at this tage of the seaosn and the exsistance of the BURKE ERA ….Leafs just went from 7th to 1oth and are in a $ point game tinight to where as if they loose the season is over….doesnt anyone get it …..are you KIDDING ME ….that the Leafs youth is this so HIGHLY coveted that you cant use this to improve IMMENSELY right now!!!!
    What is wrong with you people …they are loosing the playoff race AGAIN!!!!!!! They dont have assets people!!!! They dont have great youth and talent…they have sound bites and young players that may not do anything in the future …..the futire is NOW!!!!! What is wrong with you people …oh sorry ….Colborne and Kadri and Gardner are going to be the best Leafs of all time ….you have a chance to get a guy whos JERSEY is going to hang from the rafters in nash by the time his career is done …Iam sick of hearing about this BS youth crap…….YOU GET NASH and move Kessel out and build around a TRUE all around hockey player who should be Captain of the Leafs …or any other team out there …wow !!!! you guys are putting all your eggs into players that cant even crack a line up of one of th eowrst teams in the league ….WOW!!!

  6. I would throw another player in for free if they would take Roloson, they don’t have to send anyone back. Roloson and Brett Clark free of charge!

  7. @ Chris:

    Again I state, you and your elk are what is wrong with Leafs nation.

    You ask “what is wrong with you people”

    I ask, what is wrong with your spelling and grammar?

    Signed, a non-Leaf fan.

  8. I’m sorry but I have to agree with Chris. Someone like Nash does not come along very often. Gardner ashide we really do have a bunch of second hand prospects. Personally and as I have said many times before I believe the right move would be to get Nash and sell off everyone for picks and start fresh. With a few being safe like garder,dion,liles,colborne, lupul . As I see it you can grab a 1st for MacArthur grabo kulie. Start over Burke and do it right this time. Build around a true leader like Nash not a pussy like kessel.

  9. I agree with most leaf fans that a panic big trade giving up a ton for one player is not the way to go.
    if the price is right you make the deal but you do not gut the system when that one guy is not going to make you a real contender.

    sorry chris,nash will not make the leafs a contender and giving up multiple assests just to make playoffs has already killed the team in many past years.
    as you put it being sick of this youth crap was the motto of the leafs for the last 10 years and look at what it got them moving young guys and too many picks.

    the majority of leaf fans are prepared to wait and gather assets and develop the young guys so that you improve with them and then go get that missing piece when the time is right.
    and the way the team is now is for sure not the right time.

    as for grabbo if what i am hearing is true and he is demanding 5 years at over 32 million as much as i like his game don’t let the door hit you on the way out on monday.

  10. @mattyG YOU HIT IT RIGHT ON THE NOSE!!!!!!!!!! SIT down chris and relax before you and your kind cause us to wait another 45yrs.That or please go find another team. Its unfair I know to ask leaf fans to be paitient, but burke has only been at for 3 yrs.

  11. Chris, totally agree with you Nash is a player you build around, he is a big strong power forward who can put up 40+ goals. With that said would the leafs be in the playoffs right now with him, maybe, but maybe not. Their problem doesn’t end with scoring more goals, if anything that isnt one of their problems. They need to estop bouncing from goalie to goalie every night and stick with one of them. How is a goalie supposed to get confidence and fix their problems if they are sitting on the bench the next night. They have very young defense and if you can’t rely on your goalies making saves then that adds more pressure to your defense that Is already going to make mistakes. Gardiner, schenn, kardi, colborne and eve frattin may not pan out and if you can upgrade your team at a reasonable price the go for it, but as you can see the prices are very high and to give up on what Burke has done in getting the depth he has would be counter productive and probably would get you in the same situation next year.

    Sorry to everyone for talking leafs in a non leafs thread.

  12. I think the Leafs need to forget Nash as the price is to high. I also think that Nash wants to go to the Leafs only and the price will drop in the off season when Nash lowers the number of teams officially to One. All this talk of the Kings being the front runner for his service over looks the facts that Nash didn’t include them in his short list and wants to move to an eastern team.

    I think the only move the Leafs should be doing is going for Brown at the right price or a true #1 goalie however one might not be available right now so the Leafs have to wait. If you want to jump start the team try to move lombardi or connely and komi for anything at all 7th round picks if we can get it and bring Kadri and Frattin back up. Play the kids so they get experience for our long play off run 2 or 3 years down the road.

  13. Elk have a lot of trouble typing because of their hooves so please be gentle with the elk.

  14. @Chris: What’s wrong with you? There exist leaf fans with another opinion than yours! I don’t want Nash! $7.8mil cap hit and the price is too high to get him!

  15. Chris: I am a Rick Nash fan but the fact of the matter is he has never proven to be more than a 70 point guy. He is not the answer in leaf land. I think he would be a great addition to the leafs or any team for that matter but not worth selling off everything we have! If you can’t see the future in our youth than I’m not sure what you are looking at. I think Burke should try his best for D. Brown/bernier and JVR!

  16. The BLUES budget restraints are what will hold them back this trade deadline. The team could use a stronger left handed D and a bit of O up front to improve the “goals for” but it won’t happen. Until the Blues ownership situation is taken care of, they can only make dollar-for-dollar trades and for what they need, the price is too high.

    If the blues can get back Dagastini and Steen from IR, the Blues should stand pat at the deadline.

  17. NASH NASH NASH put things in perspective here. Nash gets on avg. 30 goals 30 assists a yr. KULEIMIN got 30 goals 27 assists last yr. So ponder that before any team wants to commit 8 million dollars of cap space and empty its drawer of all its assets.And for the leafs just to go out in the 1st round.GOOD GOD stop the insanity talk.

  18. KUDOS To JRD18 & Gripitanddripit………..
    I am a very realistic person….. believe me ….thats why what I see is sooo disturbing …..I actually liked having the Kessel deal when it happened but he is not a leader or franshice player….this game tonight is the most important game in the last 3 years and WILL DETERMINE if the Leafs make the playoffs or are OUT…and the BURKE STAFF had the last 2 months to address MAJOR shortfalls with this team and has waited like a stuburn mule…to make a deal becuase he feels he has better players than everyone in the league is tellingg him……GUESS WHAT he doesnt ….and now hes stuck !!!!
    he need a team in place that could run the table since the all star break and missed the boat by not making the moves necesary… he has one last shot at doing the right thing….starting the right way and make a BIG move and build around a TRUE HOCKEYY PLAYER!!!!!
    If they loose tonight he cant make the playoffs and any deal would be stupid then anyways …see what Iam talking about ….he s too late!!!!

  19. Ziffles ….what ASSETS?????
    Business 101 ..for you …An .ASSET is something you hold on to until you can flip it for a greater to move up in the world ……I truly hope that Schenn Gardner kadri and Colborne score more than 30 goals combines NEXT YEAR ….wow!! Go Marlies ….haaaaaaaaa…you guys listen to to many other people ….the Leafs cant make a trade because the league know the assets arent that good dont you guys get it!!!

    OK take this scenario then ….how about the Leafs make the playoffs this year by the grace of God…and Kessel FLOPS in the heat of the hardnose playoff race and becomes a NON FACTOR and exposes his poor playoff play to the world of Hockey …..then what do you do then whats he worth when the rest of the league knows Kessel isnt going to do shit for you in the playoffs his worth DROPS off the planet then your stuck!!!!

  20. Lyle, is there any chance of creating a column/area just for leaf fan’s? That way they can post back and forth about all the trades that will never happen while the rest of us can discuss hockey.

  21. Fair enough ……

    I think the Stlouis Bluse should go after Jay Boumeester as they could use a d man of his stature and I feel as if Calgary could move him as he is the only core asset that is moveable outside Iginla and Kipper….Calgary could get a very good return from a team that is breaking out and St Louis gets that TOP D man that can skate with the tema they have…it would be in the best ineterest of both teams…Boumeester & Stempniak for Stewart and Ben Bishop……this way the Flames can trade Kipper or markstrom in the off season for better assets and the future!

  22. I second Ranzeir’s motion, just like your Rick Nash updates, please silence the ‘centre of the universe’ folks to their own area and let us keep our sanity and not jade our already sad impression of them any further.

    Chris, you’re a rockstar man … Once Lyle gets you guys your own section, I’ll drop by to read only if you post cause my friend you are exactly why I hate the leaf fans, haha. You still live in your moms basement, no?

  23. @Everyone
    Every post about the Leafs have some merit but isn’t nessessarily an opinion shared by others. Chris is just stating his desire to win now at all costs after sufferring for 4 years and seeing the Leaf’s heading in the wrong direction in the standings. Most of the rest of us are willing to miss another season of playoffs to hopefully create a stronger team that will be in the hunt for years to come. Burke has gotten himself into this mess by extending Wilson’s contract and creating a team of smallish, non-agressive, speedy forwards that don’t play a two way game while hanging two young goalies and a young defence core out to dry with Wilson/Burke’s run and gun style of play. Burke has stocked the prospect cupboard well but now needs to fix his mistakes that lay with his current roster. I believe he knows what those mistakes are and realizes that the trade deadline is probably not the right time to try and fix them when prices are extremely high for the buyer.

  24. Chris, The Blues won’t take on Bouwmeester’s salary, the point is they have a budget. Markstrom does not play for the flames, so no idea how they will trade him to the Blues, and the Flames have Leland Irving so why trade for Bishop? Are the flames then going to trade Kipper so they can play Bishop/Karlsson/Irving next year…not to mention they are trying to make the playoffs.

    Your idea of how to rebuild the leafs is terrible. The leafs finally have some youth who look like they will be good. If trading away all your youth for 1 star player is the best way to rebuild, 15 teams would do it every year. Look at Columbus, they gave away a fair bit of youth to get Carter (Carter and Nash are very alike) The Blue Jackets who had one of the highest salaries in the league sank to deadlast, Carter was a bust and then they had to try and recoup their losses. The same thing would happen if the leafs added Nash giving up all the young talent. Kessel and Nash would not co-exist unless you move one to the second line, and you already lost to much aquiring Kessel.

    Argue all you want but your plan to rebuild has been proven to be a failure by atleast one team every year for the past 100 years. Rebuild with youth, then when your youth matures add a couple pieces before your youth demands too much money to stay, you’ll have 2-4 years of a really good hockey team aka: Anaheim; Tampa bay; Boston etc…built with youth and won a cup.

    Go Dallas!

  25. I must admit I’m often utterly perplexed at some of the posts on this and other sites.

    Trade everyting for Nash, Kessel sucks, the kids are no good and never will be…things like that.

    But then I remember it’s likely a portion of these posters are not even old enough to remember seasons played before the lockout and they simply become opinions which suffer from lack of perspective.

    I understand how some youngsters might be so desperate for Leafs to make the dance they are willing to have the franchise part with every meaningful asset they have (by the way, some may wish to have a look at the proper definition of the word asset) to obtain a will-be 28 year-old who’s almost certainly reached the peak of his skills and physical ability and will offer little more than he’s given Columbus the last few years.

    What he gave the Jackets certainly helped that franchise, but it’s equally certain it didn’t come close to making them contenders.

    Personally, having survived the Ballard years along with a barren stretch in the mid to late 90s, I’m keen to see the team built right with the long run in mind. A 28 year-old Nash is not a long term solution and is certainly nothing to build around.

    Nash is for the here and now, and the Leafs as a franshise are simply not built for the here and now in the way, say, Detroit is and that’s okay.

    By all means, if the price is reasonable acquire Nash. Good player, but a franchise saviour he is not. This should be completely obvious even to a 12 year-old.

    If the price is too high (which it currently seems to be), have the courage to walk away and pursue other avenues which allow the continued improvement of the team.

    Pretty sure that’s what Burke has in mind anyway, regardless of what us amateur experts think.

  26. Nash does not lift Columbus into a playoff spot, it is a team game, and the players surrounding him aren’t good enough. so, if you trade away your good surrounding players to get him, you end up right back where Columbus is now, all Nash and no supporting cast

  27. Nash, like Kessel is the type of player you get when you have everything else and need a playoff run. Leafs can’t afford to give up those assets until the following happens.

    #1 – Goaltending situation is fixed
    #2 – We get a true #1 center
    #3 – Or young defense starts to play to potential

    Are there players the Leafs should be moving to help get some fixes? Yes. See MacArthur, Armstrong, Connolly, Liles, Komisarek, and Kadri. The only way that TO should be trading for Nash is if they can find a deal that doesn’t rape our cupboards, can clear space to get him in, and then clear space to add a #1 center, unless they believe they can move Nash to center.

    I would like to sit myself and see, I am in no hurry to make the playoffs and get bumped out. I want to see how Colborne and Biggs turn out, there could be a #1 center in the wings we don’t know that. The Leafs should make sure they aren’t trading for any quick fixes or rental players unless giving up nothing cause we won’t make it deep in the playoffs even if we did. Then in the offseason try and find some deals to clear some space, get goaltending help, and just see what is out there. I’d be more inclined to take Nash in the off season when we have a better chance to see where our team will be at and build it around that player.

  28. TO :
    can1jim …My apolgies to you…… was Karlson I was thinking of ……not Markstrom( FLA)
    ..I dont understand why everyone on this site shoots down all these ideas but only believe in there own ???mmmmmmm…. a hockey deal is a deal that helps both teams on the Ice in the dressing room …on the books and for the future …and on your TV sets for you to ga ga at and throw things ….so dont everyone hack the ideas when BEHIND THE SCENES you and your buddies are throwing trades scenarios out there after a beer and a pancake!!!

    Why wouldnt the St Lousi Blues want or not need Boumeester …they are one of the hotest teams in the league with great skill speed and having a smooth skater and puck mover in the backfield would be GOLDEN for this club……and Calgary is on the cusp of a mini….. in and out….. rebuild and it makes the most sense right now to trade a fringe core player that has the biggest return value to help in the build as opposed to the Iginla Kipper Giordano type deal….Calgary will get the most back from a trade with this guy…and I feel St Louis is the best landing spot….Clagary would get Stewart and Bishop in the deal and allows them to then trade Kipper who they will go to town with at the draft and maintain Iginla in Galgary until he retires.

    St Louis would be in peak form in all positions going into the playoffs …..with some other minor aquisitions…the Blues could be a dangeraous team if they were to pull that off!….IMO

  29. To all you guys who have shot down and cursed all the scenarios to trade for a HIGH ticket player…BOY are you guys in for a let down …all you guys are going to be holding your hose in your hand like Burke after 3 on Monday with nothing to show for it …then you dumb guys are going to say I wish Burke did something …maybe we should have made that deal…..especially when the leafs loose the next 7 games and are out of the playoffs ….show your true self then BIGGOTS and MR KNOW IT ALLS


    Kessel Colborne Schenn ans a 2nd rounder wont look so bad from there will it

  30. There are a lot more buyers than sellers going into this trade deadline. Therefore there is more competition driving up the prices. My guess is that is why Burke has not yet made a move…
    To get anyone that is available.. you are going to have to overpay….I think a lot of teams want Gardiner… and Burke will not get rid of him…

    Anderson will be on the ice SKATING next week. He will not play or practice until he can hold his goalie stick. The damaged tendon was on his ‘pinky’ finger on his ‘stick hand’. But regardless, I think, it will be at least a couple of weeks before he even tries to hold a stick. He has to wait until the stiches come out and is healed on the surface to avoid any infection.

    If Auld gets lit up tonight… regardless Murray goes shopping. Lehner is a rookie and can’t be expected to play most of the games until Anderson is back.. that could be 2 wks, 3 wks, 4 wks…. nobody really knows…

  31. Hammer back to Montreal for the Preds 2nd, Campoli to the Blues for a 3rd or 4th or Weber for a 2nd.

  32. Sandy, considering all the if’s and probably’s it likely would make sense for G.M. Murray to look for another goalie as insurance. Depending on what the price is Roloson may fit the bill.

  33. Lyle, please consider @Ranzeir’s suggestion. Every comment on this post aside from one or two has to do with the Leafs, yet the post itself has no mention of Toronto in it. Kind of ridiculous.

  34. Youre suggesting a trade of Kessel, colborne, a 2nd rounder and schenn for nash!?! Thankgod youre not a gm!

    And ive given burke the benefit of the doubt for 4yrs but this yr it seems our club took a step backwards when it was realized that we are one of the smallest and softest teams in the nhl. I think we got a fast team by accident – whatever burke was attempting to build, he didnt and got this instead. Right now any team who is competent in their tactics can easilu shut down the leafs who cause of that lack of size, cant turn momentum in games unless its with their speed/rush game. Its at the point now where ottawa and montreal are pushing us around – and that cannot happen!

    Solution is – wilson gets fired as soon as the season is over for not improving us, and quite frankly for being a passionless rude coach. Burke needs to get someone in here who is good with young players (wilson never has been good with young guys) bring in a guy loke gilmour with eakins as an assistant and i guarentee you will see heart and passion again in blue and white.. Then burke gets ONE more year to get us established.. HE MUST get us legitimate veteran nhlers to properly help these kids – enough of these “longshots/prospects” bring in some canadians, or atleast someone from the GTA, enough americans already, how about bringing in people who WANT to play here!

    Im already worried this deadline is gonna be a bust again like last year. Burke will give us the i dont want to overpay for players again – burke you waited so long, now you have no choice! If you stand pat and do nothing to improve our club this year, you will lose the support of the fans.

  35. Effing Leaf fans have to wreck every posting.

  36. surreal and Bickleton, and they wonder why so many fan’s of other teams dislike them so much…

  37. Chris, if you are suggesting to trade Kessel, plus, plus, plus to get Nash, you need to get your heard checked out.

    So you trade away your best player, one of your best defenseman, and your best prospect for a guy who THIS SEASON (since you like to caps lock every god damned thing you write) can’t even produce like Kessel.

    How does that get you in the playoffs?

    Kessel is among the scoring leaders. How is Nash going to walk in and get this team to the playoffs? Becasue he is a bigger body?

    You dont know squat.

  38. By 3:00pm, BLUES Steen is not positive of impending return. This could change the way Armstrong approaches the deadline. Any deals will still need to be cap-neutral to work for St. Louis.

  39. This is what i find funny. There’s nothing about the Leafs here, and yet people still talk about the Leafs

  40. Jay, exactly.

  41. NIkk….

    Because Kessel score goals ….and he is good at that YES I AGREE ……he is not the best player.He is the best goal scorer …and my frienmd thats it!!!!!

    Nor a Franschise player or the face of hockey for the leafs and in Canada…can you imagine how much money Nash makes in endorsements he would be the son of hockey in Canada on the leafs and not to mention a much better all around true hockey player ……leader and franchise player for the next 5 to 8 years ……I like dkessel before i watched him in a Leaf uniform …sure go score 3o plus goals for your self and fade away when it gets hot out there ..even if it does not take kessel to get Nash …i would trade him for a number one goalie !

  42. There is some stuff about elk though…

  43. If you get Nash and everyone is saying Kessel is so dam coveted …than FLIP Kessel for a nash deal …aim sure that there are teams out there willing to give a #1 goalie and psopect and draft pick for Kessel… this what everyone is saying about kessel here …cause if not then why wouldnt you trade him for Nash in a pkg ….get what Iam saying now!!!

  44. Bill Waters is reporting…. The Maple Leafs would get Rick Nash and Kristian Huselius for Mikhail Grabovski, Luke Schenn, Nazem Kadri and Joe Colborne.

    Take Out Kadri and Gardner …….add Kessel Colborne Schenn and Grabovski for Nash and Johanson

  45. If Bobby Ryan ..Rick Nash …Ryan Getzlaf are getting this much attention for a multi player deal …why in the world isnt Burke offering up Kessel to solve all of his problems for his team …is Kessel not worth a top Goalie player prospect and draft pick …..MMMM

    Burke can keep his so called cupborads full as everyonme like to say here on this site …and trade Kessel for the same deal to a team and hes done ????

    Whats Kessels worth than …he was worth two first rounders 2 years ago…now hes a 3 time 30 goal scorer and top 10 in the league …why is he not up for sale to improve the leafs for right now and the future and reap his worth …..

  46. @ Downtown

    I wish you had the second post on this thread. It was excellent, and nothing else would have needed to be said about Toronto.

    Lyle, or anyone else that can answer this, I do not understand Larry brooks at the best of times, but why would the Rangers put Avery on re entry waivers?

    Yes he earns 3.5 million whether he plays in the NHL or AHL, but when he is in the AHL does his salary count against their NHL cap, since he is not technically on their NHL roster?

    If it did I could see them hoping Avery got picked up off re-entry waivers to free up cap space, but if he is not claimed doesn’t he go back on their NHL roster and thus back on their cap ?

    So unless they have an inkling that somebody wants him, but only at half price, this could be a risky move. Maybe the Devils are trying to pick him up (LOL)

    Is there something I not understanding on this?

  47. Hi Murph…its becuase the Rangers would have to pay half his salaray YES…they dont want to do that at his point …if they move Avery they want to shed his contract and free that up instead via trade….even if it is for a propcet or draft pick…..simply just get rid of his salary.

  48. Thanks Chris.