New Year’s Eve NHL Rumors – December 31, 2011.

Possible trade targets for the Bruins…Five key contract negotiations…The Avalanche could be buyers at the deadline…A potential trade target for the Flyers.


Could Streit be available?

ESPN.COM: James Murphy recently responded to a reader’s question over potential trade targets for the Bruins near the trade deadline by suggesting to keep an eye on potential UFAs like Jaroslav Spacek and Kurtis Foster, and also suggested NY Islanders captain Mark Streit could be available if the Isles continue to falter. Murphy doubts the Bruins could afford to pursue Nashville defensemen Ryan Suter or Shea Weber.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Spacek certainly would be available. I doubt the Devils, who recently acquired Foster from the Ducks, will shop him as long as they’re in the playoff chase. I don’t believe the Isles will shop Streit unless he demands to be dealt. Don’t expect to see Suter or Weber on the move by the deadline as long as the Predators remain in the playoff chase. For that matter, I doubt they’ll be shopped at all, regardless of where the Preds are in the standings.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance listed five key contract negotiations – Nashville’s Shea Weber, St. Louis’ Brian Elliott and T.J. Oshie, Dallas’ Sheldon Souray and Edmonton’s Corey Potter – could begin on January 1st.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Elliott, Potter and Souray are eligible for UFA status this summer. Their respective teams have to be careful, as it remains to be seen if they’re capable of carrying forward their surprising performances this season. I don’t see how the Blues can afford to re-sign Elliott when they’ve already committed big bucks to Jaroslav Halak as their starter, and another club will likely overpay for Elliott’s services if he hits the open market. Souray might be willing to accept a one-year extension as a gesture of gratitude toward the Stars for taking a chance on him when no one else would, though he’ll likely seek a raise over the $1.65 million he’s making this season. Potter was off to a great start to this season until he got hurt, and what he gets from the Oilers will depend on his performance over the rest of the season.

Oshie, like Weber, is a restricted free agent this summer, and if he continues his solid performance throughout this season, will net himself a lucrative extension with the Blues. As for Weber, the Preds want to re-sign him, but I don’t know how they’ll do it without a significant increase in payroll, especially considering they’ve also got to re-sign Suter, and need to bolster their offensive production.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater recently replied to a reader’s question about the Avalanche’s potential plans for this season’s NHL trade deadline, believing the Avs will be buyers if they’re still in the playoff race by then, pointing to their available cap space.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli recently suggested Carolina Hurricanes blueliner Tim Gleason could be worth watching should the Flyers go shopping for defensive depth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to “Marc” for the link. I also think the Flyers could have an eye on Gleason if they decide to dive into the trade pool in the coming weeks.


  1. Two negotiations I think are missing from that list are Parise and Suter. I would say those two and Weber are the most important to their respective teams. I’m also curious to see if Washington let’s Semin walk or resign him to a smaller contract.

  2. Will be really interesting to see where Elliott turns up next season… and who will overpay.

    He has been playing great… but is a lot of it as a result of the good young defense in front of him — or is it the true Elliott?

  3. It would not be surprising to see TB overpay for Elliott, with all their goaltending woes. I see Elliot getting maybe 3.5 a year next year?

  4. Here’s another hot tip. The Fans in Buffalo are getting fed up with the poor and inconsistent play of the teams core of players and are calling for heads to roll.

  5. TB, NJ, CBJ, NYI are the four teams I would say could put in Elliot bids during the off season if he keeps up this performance.

  6. As an addition, I do see the off chance of a team trading for Halak and the Blues taking the chance on Elliot.

  7. I wouldn’t touch Elliot. The Devs won’t either. I could see TB and CBJ making bids.

    NJ will look to a journeyman goalie for a year or two, I think, before they have their kids play for spots in the line-up. Guys like Kinkaid are getting thirsty for some NHL time, and they’ll probably sign Hedberg another year if Hedberg is willing. We love Hedberg.

    The Avs are not going to be sellers with that lousy deal they made with Washington. They pretty much assured their fans that they won’t be lying down this season. And they’re not doing that bad; only the Avs and Washington are out of the playoffs with better than 500 records.

    Seem to forget that Parise negotiations begin on the 1st of January as well.

  8. Streit won’t be traded. He’ll play mentor to De Haan next year.