NHL Afternoon Rumor Mill – Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

Check out the latest collection from the Ottawa Sun, CBC, ESPN and CBS Sports, with updates on Lecavalier, Clarkson, Briere, Bozak and more.

Could Dan Boyle be shopped this summer?

Could Dan Boyle be shopped this summer?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports NHL pending UFAs are now allowed to be interviewed by interested teams under the new CBA. NHL has also informed teams they cannot spend millions attempting to woo players (ie flying them in on the team owner’s private jet)…Patrik Elias is close to re-signing with the New Jersey Devils…Flyers, Lightning, Senators, Sabres and Oilers rumored to have interest in Canucks defenseman Alexander Edler, who has a $5 million per season cap hit through 2018…Sabres haven’t been able to move Ryan Miller but it’s through no lack of effort…Oilers efforts to land Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn may not be dead, though Garrioch wonders if Flyers are using this as a bargaining chip to acquire Bobby Ryan from the Anaheim Ducks…Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle (one season remaining at $6 million) is a trade possibility. Senators might be interested if he’s available…Since Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy have taken over management of the Avalanche, Paul Stastny might not be available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Edler’s contract (which also contains a no-trade clause) might not be easy to move with the salary cap for this season dropping to $64.3 million. Could be a market for him but it’ll be limited…Same goes for Miller, with $6.25 million cap hit for next season…If the Ducks do ship Bobby Ryan to Philadelphia, they’d better be getting more than just Coburn in return. At the very least, a top prospect should be included. Yes, Coburn’s a good defenseman and the Ducks could certainly use him, but Ryan’s a consistent 30-goal scorer, which is becoming more valuable as uncalled obstruction slowly creeps back into the game…I doubt the Sharks move Boyle. They resisted that temptation the past couple of years, and they lack someone to suitably replace him…Even if the Avs were shopping Stastny, I don’t see many takers for his $6.6 million salary.

 ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports it’s possible Vincent Lecavalier chooses his next team by the end of Wednesday, though he can’t officially sign with them until July 5. If Lecavalier wants a quiet, non-traditional hockey market similar to Tampa Bay, LeBrun suggests Dallas…As of 12.01 am ET on Wednesday, pending UFA players have a 48-hour window before the UFA market opens on Friday to meet with other teams…David Clarkson recently rejected an offer from the Devils and is believed headed to the UFA market…Daniel Briere is talking with teams and should narrow the field down by Wednesday…Talks between Pascal Dupuis and the Pittsburgh Penguins are ongoing…Damien Brunner’s agent continues talks with the Red Wings but isn’t sure where they’re headed…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Speculation suggests the Stars could be among the front-runners for Lecavalier. We’ll find out soon enough where he wants to go…I expect the Devils will let Clarkson go…Briere will be a short-term, less expensive option for those who lose out in the Lecavalier sweepstakes… The Penguins want to re-sign Dupuis but finding suitable cap space could be an issue…If the Wings pass on Brunner, I expect it’s because they’ve got a better UFA option in mind.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman asked for some “sleeper picks” for the upcoming UFA frenzy. Two notable ones: Andrew Ference to the Red Wings, the Penguins bring back Rob Scuderi…Matt Hendricks and Anton Khudobin could be two “under the radar” free agents who attract more interest than expected. Friedman suggests Khudobin could be a good fit with the Oilers…He also guesses Vincent Lecavalier’s new contract could be five years at $5 million per. The Stars and Panthers could be destinations if Lecavalier maintains his residence in Tampa…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Carolina Hurricanes could be interested in Ference and possibly Scuderi if the Kings fail to re-sign him…Khudobin and Hendricks could certainly attract some interest in the UFA market, and I agree Khudobin could be a good fit with the Oilers.

CBS SPORTS EYE ON HOCKEY: Brian Stubits cited tweets from ESPN.com’s Katie Strang claiming the NY Islanders and Buffalo Sabres are among the clubs interested in Daniel Briere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres, of course, are Briere’s former team prior to joining the Flyers, and where he posted his best regular season numbers. Keep an eye on the Islanders, as they are currently around $12 million under the salary cap floor (including DiPietro’s buyout) and must spend this summer to become cap compliant.

TSN’s Darren Dreger tweets Tyler Bozak’s camp have tabled an eight year contract proposal at less than $5 million per season to the Maple Leafs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Maple Leafs, or any team, agreed to that kind of contract for a player comparable to Bozak, it would be yet another shining example of why the salary cap can’t fix stupid. I don’t blame the Bozak camp for making that pitch, but such lengthy deals can also backfire (hello there, Roberto Luongo), and even if it’s for less than $5 million per, that’s still too much money for too long for a player like Bozak. Yes, I know, the Leafs committed $5.5 million per season for five years to Mikhail Grabovski. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

SPORTSNET’s Mark (no relation) Spector reports via Twitter the agent for Canucks UFA winger Mason Raymond said his camp is proceeding as though his client is headed for the UFA market.


  1. BOZAK don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of town. That injury you suffered in the post season must have been a head injury. 8 years just under $5M HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • if that offer is actually true, Nonis better laugh and wipe his A$$ this that paperwork and send it back to Bozaks camp. a 4 year deal at $4.5 would be ok. But he isnt a “cornerstone” player to get the 8 year contract like a Parise, or Perry and Getzlaf (even though I think the Ducks WAY overpaid them)

      • I agree with everything you said, including over paying for Getz and Perry; atleast 1m over on each.

      • Agreed, a 1 year, $4M contract is even a question mark deal, which I think Bozak should be given. Let him prove his worth during that 1 year extentsion.

        • 2 years at 3 mill a year is what this guy is worth at best.

    • Ha Ha..in short..hope the door leaves a bruise

  2. I would love to see the Ducks grab Mason Raymond. I have always been a fan of his. But, I think the Ducks and “spending” are two words that arent going to be tied together. I agree that if the Flyers think that Bobby will just fetch Coburn, they are dead wrong. It would have to be something like Coburn, Read and a 2nd for Bobby Ryan and Byan Allen. Mnoey wise it doesnt work, but its a price to pay to get a 30+ goal scorer. The D would look good in Anaheim with Beauchemin, Souray, Fowler, Sbisa, Lovejoy and Coburn. Then you Vatenan or Lindholm as your sixth.

    • fair price… I just offered very close package to yours.

    • I can see Anaheim picking up Malholtra. He is determined to prove Gillis wrong for not keeping him. He is already going to a beast-mode workout mode.

      • It wasn’t this shape, it was his eye. That’s way gillis would play him. I hope he does prove gillis wrong however. Manny is a good guy.

        • I didn’t say it was his shape, sure I said “He is already going to a beast-mode workout mode”, but I implied that he’s gonna prove Gillis wrong for not keeping him on the roster.

    • Hummmm, I think signing Lecavier just put Bobby to bed – Philly doesn’t really have the cap room to sign a vet goalie and trade for Ryan. Actually, I think Philly’s signing of Vinny is kind of a slap to the face of Briere – but hey its a business. I would love to see Danny sign with Buffalo, mentor our youngsters and help rebuild the team. On the other hand, while Philly signs Vinnie – Darcy has reupped Matty. I know he examplifies a player with a great work ethic and maybe he is a good example for our youngster – but hopefully he was resigned for Rochester.

  3. Coburn and Read & McGinn for Ryan. Coburn top 4 d-men with decent contract, Read can score 20 and UFA next year (go ahead and sign him make him feel right at home) McGinn has some upside too.. Decent top 9 prospect.

    P.S what is Bozak drinking? 5M for him and 8 years? 5 million roobles?

  4. I do believe the wings would be in on elder as well, they tabled an offer for him at the draft and are in need of a top flight defense man and elder fits with the type the wings like….

  5. If Vancouver does decide to trade Alex Edler his contract would not be difficult to move whatsoever. The guy is a top pairing d man on pretty much any team making 5 million per year. Not sure why you feel that his contract is such a mill stone.

    • I agree. I think they are off on Edler. Sure he hasn’t lived up to the hype in Van (few years ago he was the next big thing) but he is easily a top 2 on most teams who don’t have Chara, weber, ect. The only reason he is mentioned is because on draft day he didn’t have a no trade. But if they do trade him he would get the best return but now his no trade has kicked in and I can’t see him going to a bottom team.

  6. Can someone tell me why Van trying to trade Edler?

    • At the draft he was the only Vancouver player that any team would want without a no trade and making enough $ to help Vancouver get under the cap. Schneider deal helped but Vancouver has to get further under the cap to fill out the roster. The top 4 de (Edler, Hamhuis, Bieksa, Garrison) all have no trade clause now but Elder would bring home the biggest return. Ballard is getting bought out. Booth should be but he is always injured so he can’t be bought out. Vancouver is in a huge mess thanks to Gillis.

    • For needed cap space. With Ballard gone, they only have $7.497M available in cap space. They’ll need to re-sign/sign 9 more players. If Gillis was smart, he would trade the Sedin sisters.

      To Vancouver: Coborn + Simmonds + Meszaros + 1st Rounder (2014)
      To Philadelphia: D.Sedin + H.Sedin


      To Vancouver: Stafford + 2nd Rounder (2014)
      To Buffalo: Edler

      • Yikes!!

      • With those pieces dealt/acquired, in that trade alone Vancouve sheds $725K, and have 4 players under contract, while they lose 3 = +1 player added to get to full 25 man roster. The $725K now brings their available cap space to $8.222M to sign 9 more players (taken into account the Vancouver has 17 players still signed to contracts at this moment, 16 when Ballard is boughtout). With losing 3 players (H.Sedin, D.Sedin & Edler, then gaining Meszaros, Simmonds, Coborn & Stafford, they’ll gain another roster spot) and adding 4, they are brought back to 17 signed roster players.

      • Wow lol would the Philly faithful ever love the Sedins….lol

        • lol, I think they would welcome them by singing ‘With Arms Wide Open’.

        • Why, does Filly need more be-atches in the locker room? lol

      • The phil trade never happens and Buf trade doesn’t help with the cap issue much.

      • Terrible

  7. Raymond is a good player but doesn’t go to the hard areas. He can skate as fast as anyone and is really on the PK. Vancouver tied to make him into a right winger but he was far better on the left side. I see him going to a smaller market, lower level team; like clb, nash.

  8. I remember reading somewhere that Carolina was wanting a top 4 de man and probably a later 1st for its pick at 5th overall. If this was true Gillis should have pulled the trigger on Edler to Carolina. It would help with the cap issue and gets van a better return than it will get now. Lindholm or Monahan as a canuck with cap space to fill out the roster. GILLIS YOU NEED TO BE FIRED. Fixed the goalie issue (kind of – how’s Luo doing?) and started another with Edler.

    • If you watched the draft or followed anything leading up to it, it was out there that Carolina didnt want Edler.

      • Yeah, I’m pretty sure Eric Staal’s knee might also have been saying no to Edler being on the same team. Edler was almost banned from all future International play for that hit.

        • Oh ya forgot about that hit. Now it makes sense. Thanks.

      • Actually I did watch the draft but never heard any teams but det and Ed linked into the rumours. Wonder why they wouldn’t want him, he’s a really good player with a good contract. But that’s okay they have Semin so they can enjoy that for years to come.

  9. I suggest Holland make a pitch for Lecavalier and Scuderi. Fills their 2nd line void, uniting Zetterberg and Datsyuk. Then Franzen can play wing for Vinny. Scuderi is a MAJOR upgrade over Carlo Colaiacovo and Ian white( now UFA I beleive). Then if they do not resign Samuelsson and Filppula they will have addition cap space to make such a movie. Back to instant playoff contender…not 8th seed.

    • oh and Scurderi can partner with Danny DeKeyser…SOLID pairing.

    • Samuelsson is already signed for next season

  10. I’d like to see these minor moves by Toronto all the same:


    *Horton (RW) – 4 years, $18M = $4.5M per
    *Morrow (LW) – 3 years, $7.5M = $2.5M per
    *Brunner (RW) – 4 years, $12M = $3M per

    Bury Komi’s contract for Horton, and bury Grabovski’ contract for both Morrow’s & Brunner’s contract.

    • This team will most likely put you around $67M even if you get all those UFA’s for that price (which I doubt). The cap is $64M plus you need room for injuries so the mental cap is really only about $62M. Scratch Horton’s salary and you might make it.

    • Because Lecavalier just gave GM’ reasons not to give him $6M

      • LeCavalier was bought out, Lecavalier is 33, LeCavalier already had his huge pay day.

        Apples and orangers.

    • Bolland should never go to the first line. That would be disastrous, Also don’t need Horton and his injuries along with Lupul’s history as the wingers on line 1 and line 2. Clarkson might be a better option if the leafs pull the trigger on buying out Grabo. Wish someone would just take this guy off our hands,,, NYI need to be cap compliant, they could use some Belarusian flavor in their lineup.

      • Because Bolland sores decent numbers for being on Chicago’s 3rd/4th line. If given top line minutes, he’ll be a heck of a lot better.

    • You’re the reason Leafs fans get bashed all the time! Find a better way to spend your time then blogging about your fantasy Leafs lineups. Come on man!

  11. Wow Vinny to Philly for 5 years. Philly has turned into the the old Leaf teams from the early 2000’s where Vet’s use to go to die. lol

    • And Letang’s deal is now official!

    • Philly is gonna do some trading now to shed some cap to take on Vinny’s contract and to reach the max cap hit. Hartnell or Voracek will be gone!

      • This Lecav signing is just bizzare. Why would he go to a floundering team with a GM who changes his mind every five minutes. The worst part is he is now in one of the worst fish bowls in the NHL. If he does not perform the fans will burn him at the stake.

        • Maybe Philly can make a trade to acquire some other teams amnesty buyout next summer so they can buy out Vinny when the time comes. lol

          • they don’t need to shed anymore cap do they? like they did get rid of bryz and briere..

            if anything they try and get some space cleared for a goalie. i just don’t think they will be satisfied with mason with there starter.

          • My amnesty comment was sarcasm. WFT LOL

          • If I recall, they (Philly) cannot use their buyout next year, as they aleady used 2 of 2 this year (Briere & Bryz). But with Pronger to be put on LTIR, they’ll shed $4.94M, and will be $4.62M under the max cap limit.

            However, they’ll still have to re-sign 2 players and need cap space in case of injury (bring up AHL players, where the AHL player will make more because he is then an NHL player for that time period). It is sad that they’re resulting in the likilyhood of trading Coborn, who has HUGE potential.

      • just where do you think voracek is going? im pretty sure that is not where they will be looking to shed dollars.

        they still have 4 mill to lose when meszaros goes.

        • Take a look at the roster for next year too… They have some key players who will be getting raises… On top of the need for a goalie this year… They need to fire their accountant he sucks at adding up salaries lol

          • They will have more than enough money to sign all RFA’s next year.
            Maybe fly by capgeek before you post a comment.

          • I did actually 4 key rfa’s to sign next year…. Giroux 7-9 mill, couturier and b schenn 3-5 mill each, mason 2-4 mill. So lets say on the low end 15 your at 60 and let’s say the cap goes up at the most to 70 they have 10 mill to fill out there roster with 10 guys. Especially tough when you throw in the 5 mill for bobby Ryan and 3 mill for Tim Thomas lol…

      • With Pronger going on LTIR, they’ll shed $4.94M, and will be $4.62M under the max cap limit.

  12. I definitely see the Stars making a huge pitch for Vinny and Raymond. Their money issues are a thing of the passed. I also kind of suspect Goligoski to be shopped a bit.

  13. lecavalier in phillys….another briere….divorce and more….sorry….

  14. Ference would be an asset to any club’s room,my favorite Bruin the last 3 years no question.

  15. I cannot believe how Holmgren continues to spend the Snider family fortune for has beens never have beens and Eastern Bloc goalies.

  16. Has anyone looked at the islanders roster… How didn’t Tavares win the MVP,?? They have non one… Still need a goalie, at least 1 top d man. I mean wow they have good young players but when do they actually put together a proper team?

    • He is a MVP, because he bought that “They have non one” to the Playoffs, and they were heating up still. They gave Pittsburgh a run for their money.

  17. Why would phil sign vinny. He’s a good player but they have two promising young centers that will never get enough playing time now. I can’t see either young guy moving to the wing and being more successful than they would at there natural position. Stupid signing unless they trade one or both young centers for deman, wingers, or a goalie. This signing didn’t really help the team as it stands. Money should have been spent elsewhere.

    • Agreed stupid signing on a few levels, 5 year term on a veteran guy who is starting to have some injury issues ( hasnt played a full season in 3 years) a couple days after buying out a veteran guy with injury issues who only had a couple years left on his deal with a cheaper contract in terms of actual dollars…

      • Homer and Gillis must be long lost brothers. Neither do anything that makes sense to anyone else. I don’t know if its their fault or the owners fault for not firing them. Both must give a great reach around to the owners.

  18. Vinny to philly makes no sense for either party. I just don’t see an upside; its not like he’ll go there and magically score 40 goals, there is however potential for this to be disaster. No evident upside to this deal.

  19. Vinny took cash over a chance at a cup. Stupid for this point in his career.
    Boston or Detroit is where I would go if I wanted a chance to win.
    They probably offered much less.

    • Agreed 100%!

  20. LMAO, Glendale passes vote 4-3 to keep Coyotes in Arizona. Another 5 more years of the NHL paying the bar-tab.

  21. Saying the Lecavalier signing makes no sense for the Flyers is a bit ludicrous.

    Although I would have liked our defense & goaltending issues to be addressed there isn’t anyone available (UFA) that’s going to come in and be a difference maker. According to reports over 15 teams were interested in signing Vinny. It’s not like he’s a slouch but not a 7.7 million dollar player.

    Let’s face facts here. He’s better than any center currently on the Leafs roster – The majority of people saying this is a mistake of disastrous proportions on this site seem to be Leafs fans.

    4.5 is a reasonable salary for a player of his caliber. The term albeit a bit long for my liking – He’s under 35 and if he chooses to retire before the end of his contract both sides can live with it.

    All in all, he’s a big center that will slot in behind Giroux, we’ll likely see Schenn turn into a full time left winger and keep Couturier in a checking role. I think it provides fantastic depth up front and we will still have some wiggle room to address other areas.

    • No Im pretty sure its everybody but Philly fans that think its a stupid signing, not so much the player but the 5 year deal after buying out Briere probably has something to do with it. Is Vinny a good pick up yes for a couple years he could be but paying him 4.5 million bucks when he is 38 probably playing a couple of dozen games if his health continues to go down hill at the rate he is going now is dumb.

      • There is always risk involved when signing any player.

        You do make some valid points – And although I’m not thrilled with the term I do believe we still picked up a quality player and one of the top FA’s available.

        I mean, realistically for all we know he could be an absolute duster in Philly, Or… Perhaps playing in a fishbowl type environment really lights a fire under him. The point is, despite his trend in play, this is a clean slate for Lecavalier and he has all the incentive to come back and prove he still has game.

        You look at some of the money players in this free agent class are asking and it’s laughable compared to Lecavalier’s price tag on this deal.

        I look at this deal, and I can easily live with it. That’s what’s great about being a Flyers fan. We always strive for the best, we make mistakes as does everyone but we are always looking to improve.

        Here’s hoping the Leafs continue to compete and ice a solid lineup as well, would LOVE to see a PHI v TOR matchup in the playoffs!

    • Agree, if Toronto signed him for similar terms most of the Above would now be rejoicing. Sounds a bit like sour grapes to me.

    • I thought it was a disastrous signing for Vinny not Philly. lol

      • We had a tough year but we’ll bounce back!
        …You know a thing or two about tough years I would imagine? Haha.

        For us, the 2nd time we miss the playoffs in the last 18-19 years.
        It was a disaster of a short season, 6 points out of a playoff spot.
        Can’t wait for October boys.

  22. Carolina said they didnt want Edler, his contract was too much, and has an NTC.

  23. I can see Fleury been jettisoned out of Pitt’s now that Dupuis is signed long term. Will it be a buyout or a trade?

    I still think if the Pens mover Fleury then they might take a stab at Thomas. I’m sure Thomas has a bit of hatred for the B’s after being asked to step aside. What better team to play for to get a chance at redemption then the Pen’s.

  24. Montreal wants edler badly and who blames them one of the best dman in the game plus markov is getting traded this year and gionta you eard it hear first

  25. I am surprised no one has mentioned anything about Brad Boyes.