NHL Blog Beat (CBA Edition) – August 14, 2012.

Another collection of post from around the NHL blogosphere regarding the CBA negotiations. You’ve read and heard from the pundits, now read what hockey fans have to say!

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne reminds us it’s ok not to give a damn about the NHL CBA negotiations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  The only folks who really should worry are those whose efforts to make a living covering the NHL – or those who for the league or its teams in other than a player/front office/negotiator/agent role –  could face a serious reduction in revenue or work from another lengthy lockout. Otherwise, if you don’t have a stake in the outcome of these CBA talks, then you shouldn’t worry about it.

HOCKEY INDEPENDENT: B.D. Gallof breaks down the NHL’s proposal (which allows the league’s fat cats to get richer) vs the NHLPA’s plan.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: Examining where the Toronto Maple Leafs might draft next year if there’s another season-killing lockout.

IN LOU WE TRUST: Kevin Sellathamby on how another season-killing lockout could affect the New Jersey Devils forfeited draft pick.

SBNATION: Steve Lepore examines what the NBC Sports Network might do to fill the programming gap left by another potential NHL lockout.