NHL Blog Beat – February 16, 2012.

A whole lotta blogs about Rick Nash and the Blue Jackets…and more!

THE CANNON: Matt Wagner looks at what the Blue Jackets really need in any return for Rick Nash.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: Eric Smith on what teams might be in the bidding for Nash and what return the Jackets might get.

LIGHT THE LAMP: The waiting game is on for the Blue Jackets and their fans. And as Tom Petty once sang, “The waiting is the hardest part”.

FIVE MINUTES FOR FIGHTING: The pros and cons of trading Rick Nash.

CANUCKS ARMY: Cam Charron on why the Canucks should stay far, far away from Nash.

SURLY & SCRIBE’S LA KINGS HOCKEY BLOG: Why the Kings should stay far, far away from Nash.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: Why the Winnipeg Jets should sacrifice some of their future for (wait for it!) Jeff Carter. Hah! Thought they were gonna say, “Rick Nash”, didn’t ya! Now pay attention!


PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski on why it wasn’t such a bad thing some Canadiens fans cheered Zdeno Chara getting hurt by a puck to the face in last night’s Bruins-Canadiens game, as well as pointing out no fans of any team are paragons of virtue, including Bruins fans.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: Revisits the Blues-Avalanche four-player blockbuster deal from last February. Spoiler Alert: The Blues still won.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: K. Ross Read presents: “Top Ten Reason to be Optimistic about Scott Gomez”. Because heaven knows, his fans have been searching for some!

BACKHAND SHELF: Ryan Lambert wonders why Steve Tambellini is still the GM of the Edmonton Oilers. More than a few Oilers fans are also asking that question.

OFFSIDE: A SPORTS LAW BLOG: Eric Macramalla on the impact a new CBA could have upon this year’s trade deadline.


  1. Willing to bet you wouldnt have posted the Puck Daddy article if it was defending the Flyers or any other team. The Canadiens fans antics are definitely fueled by passion, but it gets to a point when it crosses the line. Every teams fans do things that,looking back, they are not proud of, but the Habs fans cross that line far more than anyone else. Much of your behavior is far from defendable.

  2. Willing to bet you’re wrong. First of all, I’m on record as not condoning that kind of behaviour. That being said, I found Wyshynski’s blog on the incident interesting, as well as pointing out all fans, not just Canadiens fans, have acted atrociously toward injured players on rival teams, or did you actually read that far to where Bruins fans jeered a seriously injured Mason Raymond in last year’s Cup Final, where fans were accusing him of faking and calling him a pussy and telling him to get up. “Much of your behaviour”? You don’t know me, so how do you presume to speak for me?