NHL Blog Beat – February 20, 2012.

Should Rick Nash be dealt now, or this summer?…Latest NHL players poll reveals they still favor fighting…Stars fans strive for patience amidst frustration…Reviewing last year’s significant Avs trades a year later…Puzzlement over Bryzgalov…A look back at NHL fans behaving badly…Mixed ratings for NHL Hockey Day in America…Absurd Goalie Monday…A Canucks fan vents on what they hate.

THE SPORTS BANK: Ed Cmar ponders if it is best for the Blue Jackets to trade Rick Nash now, or in the off-season. I say the latter.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski’s opinion on the latest NHLPA poll revealing majority of players still support fighting in hockey, and the disconnect with pundits who believe fighting should be banned.

DEFENDING BIG D: Brandon Worley writes Stars fans are trying to find patience during a frustrating season as the NHL trade deadline nears. GM Joe Nieuwendyk claims he’s not a “seller”, that he doesn’t like that word, but what would you call a GM who trades a defenseman for draft picks near the trade deadline?

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: A look back at the notable trades by the Colorado Avalanche a year ago. Sure hope they work out long term, because in the short term, they’ve done nothing to significantly improve the Avs.

BROAD STREET BUZZ: Eugene Markman ponders a question about Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov no fan should have to ask about his favorite team’s starting goalie at this time of year.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham presents a history of NHL fans behaving badly. It’s a lengthy history, folks, and in my opinion, no city’s fans are exempt.

PUCK THE MEDIA: Steven Lepore examines the mixed ratings for NHL Hockey Day in America.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz presents another installment of “Absurd Goalie Monday”. Today: Rich Parent.

CANUCKS ARMY: Tinfoil Toque lets us know what they hate. I think I liked that segment better when it was called this.

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  1. Hey Spec why do you think the later for trading Nash? Sure there will be more teams in for the game, ie more teams = more choices of packages from more teams which, theoretically everyone thinks a GM will use to raise the asking price with rivals (I don’t think they do that any way – not exactly a good way of doing business) but even with Nash having the power to veto any deal they Jackets are at a disadvantage to wait… not only because of his NMC but rather his value is higher now than it will be then as teams that would love to have him, like an LA, would do well to land him now rather than later as getting him latter wont help Lombardi have his job if this “contending” Kings team fails to make the playoffs. So a team who is in a position similar to that of LA, their offers would be a lot more generous than any team would make in the off season. Nash wont be a rental so if its someone who’s team has been pinning for a player like Nash, you add him as soon as you can especially if adding him now means pushing you over the hump – playoff/cup push. NB No Leafs don’t need nor should want him.

    Now I’m not saying that over the offseason they wont get good offers for him and know where that 1st rounder will be and since there is no deadline, you can weigh your offers with time. But I think there’s still the issue of Nash’s NTC and your best offer may be moot because of it. I think there is no problem moving him in the off season since anyone would want a player on their team and off season is the best time to add a player like him; however, if the goal is to maximize value for one of your assists, you move that player when his return will benefit your team the most. I think that the offers he will get for Nash in the off season might be more in number but I would bet they would be less in quality than he what offers (if any) he gets now. As a GM he has to get the most out of Nash when Nash will bring the best offer that will help the Jackets the most both short and long term – I think that’s the idea behind the asking price – player (help now), 2-prospects(hopefully help soon), pick (help future). In the off season he may still get the same return but in lower quality for example instead of two top prospects you may get one or one good one and one longshot. The only reason I would wait for summer is that a team you know would like to acquire him and know he will waive to go to them is for no other reason that I want a particular player from that team and believe I can get the deal to workout in my favor still.