NHL Blog Beat – February 20, 2013.

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It's not just a bite that's serious.

It’s not just a bite that’s serious.

BACKHAND SHELF: Jo Innes on why biting incidents in hockey can be serious (hint: it’s the filthy mouths), while Daniel Wagner suggests using better judgement to prevent injured players from returning to action too soon.

GRANTLAND/DOWN GOES BROWN: It’s a double dose of Sean McIndoe, as he first examines the seven levels of dirty hockey, followed by a satirical list of letters sent by some NHL teams to their fans.

HABS EYES ON THE PRIZE: Arik Parnass studies the impact of hockey injuries upon NHL teams during the 2009-10 season.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Michael Farkas lists the eight best defensive forwards in hockey history.

THE PEERLESS PROGNOSTICATOR: Explores the gamble some teams take (like the Washington Capitals with Alex Ovechkin) in re-signing their best players to extremely long-term contracts.

FEAR THE FIN: Examining the San Jose Sharks schizophrenic season to date.

PUCK DADDY: The amazing adventures of a Brad Richards bobblehead doll.

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  1. everysince they put the “C” on ovechkin sweater his productivity has gone down. He is putting all the pressure of the teams decline on his shoulders that he cannot breathe and be the player he was before he was named captain not everyone can handle the responsibility of being captain of a team eg: patric marleau