NHL Blog Beat – February 21, 2012.

NHL trade deadline hoax tweets…The Oilers may be the worst record under the current CBA…Top five remaining trade targets…Jeff Carter to Buffalo?…Wild trade bait…The Canucks are as good as the CBA allows them to be…The “DGB” anonymous player survey.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski looks back at some notable “hoax tweets” at the trade deadline, and their impact.  Best advice when reading “tweets” regarding NHL trades, gang: check the profile of the account first. If you see “parody” in the account profile, or if, say, the “Gord Miller” account has less than 40 followers (TSN’s Gord Miller has considerably more), then it’s a fake. And no one’s above falling for this. Even I feel for “Dustin Penner to Montreal” at last year’s trade deadline by a fake Nick Kypreos. Lesson learned, no big deal.

MC79HOCKEY.COM: Tyler Dellow examines the Edmonton Oilers record over the course of the current CBA. It ain’t pretty, Oilers fans, and as Dellow notes, disproves the myth this CBA would “help” the Oilers.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: Ryan Porth lists his top five remaining trade targets. Yes, Rick Nash and Jeff Carter are on the list.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Chris White asks, ” Could Jeff Carter Head to the Buffalo Sabres?” Only if the Sabres can shed about $6 million per season.

HOCKEY WILDERNESS: A look at what players the Minnesota Wild might sell off at the trade deadline.

CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin believes the Vancouver Canucks are as good as this CBA allows them to be. Which is a tribute to their management’s ability to operate under a salary cap.

DOWN GOES BROWN: presents “The DGB Anonymous Player Survey”. Among the shocking results:

What changes would you like to see the league make when it comes to goaltender equipment?
Adjust their leg pads so there is more room to shoot five-hole – 49%
Adjust their shoulder pads so there is more room to shoot high – 46%
Adjust their laptop so that they can no longer connect to Facebook – 5%


  1. I get Tyler’s point — that the Oilers “should” have benefited from the salary cap but haven’t — but he’s got some glaring ommissions in the context: 1) they are 1 of 10 teams to have made the SCF in that period, 2) Pronger’s trade demand completely had long-lasting effects, 3) Tambellini’s been handcuffed to an extent by some playoff hangover signings by Lowe, and 4) this team has had a crazy number of freak injuries to key players in recent years.

    Their record stinks these last few years and it’s hard to defend, but it’s ridiculous to claim that a team that was a win away from hoisting the Cup has done worse than trainwrecks like Columbus or the Islanders.

  2. The new CBA actually helped the oilers…its management that didnt