NHL Blog Beat – February 22, 2012.

The Sabres playoff chances…Sharks interested in Rick Nash…Why sellers should think like buyers at the trade deadline…the CBA and Chris Pronger’s contract…A look back at moves by the Canucks at recent trade deadlines…Steve Downie could be a good addition for the Avalanche…Trading in a hard-cap world…Does this CBA favors some cities over others…Thoughts on the NHLPA players poll…Who the Predators could target at the trade deadline…The 32nd anniversary of the “Miracle On Ice”.

DIE BY THE BLADE: Andy Boron asks, are the Sabres playoff chances a realistic hope or a foolish dream? I believe the latter, but then again, I’m no Sabres fan.

FEAR THE FIN: “Mr. Plank” is nervous over news the San Jose Sharks could have interest in Rick Nash.

DEFENDING BIG D: Erin Bolen believes sellers at the trade deadline have to think like buyers.

OFFSIDE: A SPORTS LAW BLOG: Eric Macramalla explains why Chris Pronger’s contract with the Flyers was “one for the ages”.

CANUCKS ARMY: Cam Charron looks back at moves made by the Canucks at every trade deadline since 2003.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Michael Bannigan suggests Steve Downie could be a terrific acquisition for the Avalanche.

BLUE CHIP PROSPECTS: The difficulty of making trades in the NHL’s salary cap world.

CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin suggests the salary cap favors some cities over others.

ARMCHAIR HOCKEY: Jason Chen offers up his take on the results of the recent NHLPA players’ poll.

ON THE FORECHECK: Dirk Hoag looks at some possible trade targets for the Nashville Predators.

And finally, this isn’t NHL-related, but it’s still one of the great moments in hockey history, and occurred 32 years ago today: The Miracle on Ice.


  1. Not sure what the Avalanche’s thinking process is leading up to the deadline, but if they’re willing to move Statnsy, the Preds should jump on that trade. They need to show both Suter and Weber that the organization is serious about being a perennial Cup contender if they hope to retain both of them. The Avs would probably want Ellis as part of the return for Statsny (which I would do), but maybe a 1st round pick, Jon Blum and Austin Watson might be enough to get that trade done.

  2. The Sabres can make the playoffs if they win most of their remaining games. The Sabres lost too many games in December and January, causing them to dig a hole in their playoff aspirations. Failing to make the playoffs, especially under new ownership, may require a change in Darcy Regier or Lindy Ruff.

    Darcy Regier needs to make moves this year. Historically, Regier has acquired one player who does nothing (i.e. Raffi Torres, Dominic Moore, Brad Boyes) and failed to address glaring holes, specifically a goalscoring top center. Regier needs to acquire the top center the Sabres need while shedding salary.

  3. Yeah fear the fin