NHL Blog Beat – February 24, 2012.

How the Jeff Carter trade affects the Kings, Blue Jackets and Rick Nash trade rumors…Three areas the Red Wings must address…Why burying NHL players in the AHL isn’t a loophole in the CBA…A rant against the trade deadline…A notable date in hockey history.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: Eric Smith wonders if the LA Kings are repeating the Blue Jackets mistake by acquiring Jeff Carter.

THE CANNON: Mike MacLean on how the Blue Jackets blueline depth has improved.

HOCKEY ANALYSIS: David Johnson looks at Jack Johnson’s statistics while he was with the Kings. Blue Jackets fans might not like what he found.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz on the risk or reward for the Kings of reuniting Carter with Mike Richards in Tinseltown.

Dustin Brown next King to be dealt?

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski on how Dustin Brown nudged aside Rick Nash to become the pretty girl at the NHL trade deadline dance.

MAKE WAY FOR THE KINGS: Ryan Cowley on the pros and cons of the Kings trading Dustin Brown.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Andrew Johnson examines three issues the Red Wings must address now that their 23-game home unbeaten streak is over.

OFFSIDE: A SPORTS LAW BLOG: Eric Macramalla on why the method of burying players like Wade Redden in the minors isn’t a loophole. He’s right, of course, but dammit, it sure feels like a loophole’s being exploited.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham offers a polemic against the trade deadline. I respect Ellen’s opinion, and agree with some of her points, but the trade deadline helps pay my mortgage. So, hooray, trade deadline!

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS:On this date ten years ago, Canada ended its 50 year Olympic gold medal drought in men’s hockey. American hockey fans, look away!


  1. Ok Burke, lets meet up with LA.

    To Toronto Bernier/Brown/Penner

    To LA Grabovski and kardi

  2. @monkman Great idea and while Burkies at it why not ship off Schenn for Malkin to make up for the loss of Grabovski

  3. Isn’t trading away your captain, and a gritty player who can put up some points in Dustin Brown the exact opposite thing you want to do before you go into the playoffs?

  4. | think the leafs should keep Kadri, he must be the best player in the NHL. All leaf fans think they can trade him for any superstar in the league, so he must be one the best players, even though he cant crack a shitty leafs line up that hasnt made the playoffs in 7 years

  5. The better move would have been to fire LA’s coach and Columbus’s GM and coach along with this trade.

  6. The possibility of Dusty Brown and Ryan Callahan on the same team, or even the same line, is the stuff of wet dreams. Serious mancrush going on over here. I don’t apologize. Holy hockey gods that would be awesome. Please make this happen.

  7. i hear dustin brown may be traded now that la got carter. i would say glen sather please go get this guy. he fits the rangers like a glove . callihan and brown on the same line they would hit anything moving. then if nash can be had for dubinsky- prospect christian thomas-1st rounder and maybe dylan mcelrath. the nash trade would only take 1 guy off the roster and the 2 prospects are aleast 2yrs away from nhl if they make it at all. i think we will know who getting nash before the weekend is over

  8. last year everybody thought Burke would make a deal at the the deadline you did crap,this year will be the same didn’t he say public that he didn’t care if the leaf’s made the play-offs this year,so as a player its hard to get pumped up for a game when your Boss does not give a shit about the playoff’s,if i was a owner i would kicking him as his sidekick Ron wilson back to the good old U.S.A,$3MIL+ FOR WHAT. i think miss JOHN WHATS HIS NAME