NHL Blog Beat – February 5, 2012.

Jeff Carter’s trade value…Defending Oilers management…Wondering if Bruce Boudreau deserves a Jack Adams award nomination…Talking about the trap…A suggestion for the Senators to sign Marty Turco…Remembering Brendan Burke…A chance to win Hockey Day in Canada prize packs…Other unfair home ice advantages.

THE SPORTS BANK: Ed Cmar examines Jeff Carter’s trade value and potential trade partners for the Blue Jackets.

THE COPPER & BLUE: A defense of Oilers GM Steve Tambellini and team president Kevin Lowe.

BACKHAND SHELF: Cam Charron wonders if Anaheim Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau deserves a nomination for coach of the year honors. Not this season, but if the Ducks carry over their improvement under Boudreau this season into next, then he’ll be a worthy nominee next year.

GONE PUCK WILD: Talking about how the trap works, as well as how to beat it. Sadly, there aren’t many teams with the speed and skills to defeat the trap.

Should the Senators sign Turco?

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz believes Senators coach Paul MacLean lacks confidence in backup Alex Auld, and suggests signing Marty Turco, though acknowledging the risk he could be plucked off waivers by a rival team.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: Remembering Brendan Burke, and how you can donate to the Miami University Brendan Burke Memorial Scholarship, or the USA Hockey Brendan Burke Internship

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Find out how you can win a Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada prize pack.

DOWN GOES BROWN: Other ways NHL teams get an unfair home ice advantage.


  1. Suggested rule change for the trap, just do the same as soccer. Offense can move as far up as the furthest defender without going offside. If you do get past them, you just have to get back onside before touching the puck.

  2. NO no no….Frank soccer is THE most boring sport on the planet so lets make the most exciting game look like the most boring….puhleez….that is why they eliminated the red line to encourage the stretch pass and open up offensive oppertunities….soccer is so mind numbingly boreing that to follow ur suggestion is a mjor step backwards for the game

  3. Unless of cours the rule was like up to the blueline or deeper (provided they had a player in their own end).

    nevermind thats still a bad idea