NHL Blog Beat – January 20, 2012.

The NHL week in review…How the trade deadline could be a good thing for the Flames…Free agent goalie options for the Blue Jackets…Jack Adams award nominees…Could Niklas Hagman be a good choice for the Senators?…How are last summer’s top acquisitions doing?…Tim Gleason for Jakub Voracek?..The 7 Ugliest NHL All-Star Game jerseys.

GRANTLAND: Katie Baker looks at the NHL week that was, including a look at the league’s toughest division.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: How the Calgary Flames could further bolster their depth at the trade deadline without sacrificing too much of their future.

THE CANNON: Andy Newman examines the potential free agent goalie options for the Columbus Blue Jackets, which aren’t that great, but most would be better than their current tandem.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: A look at the five top candidates for this year’s Jack Adams award as NHL coach of the year. Paul MacLean of the Ottawa Senators gets my vote.

Hagman an affordable option for Senators?

BLACK ACES: Could Niklas Hagman be a good, affordable trade deadline acquisition for the Senators? Only if there aren’t any better ones available.

BACKHAND SHELF: Daniel Wagner looks at how well last summer’s biggest acquisitions are doing this season. Some are doing well, some, well, less said, the better, right Ville Leino?

CANES COUNTRY: Cory Lavalette suggests a potential Tim Gleason for Jakub Voracek swap has history on its side, as the Flyers and Hurricanes have done similar deals in the past. I think the Flyer could land Gleason for less than that. We’ll find out soon enough…

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski presents: The 7 Ugliest NHL All-Star Game Jerseys, most of which really aren’t that bad, when one considers some of the truly horrific fashion atrocities some NHL teams have foisted upon us over the years. Like this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and of course, this.


  1. In order for Rutherford to pry Voracek from Holmgren, he’d need to also include, at the very least, a top end prospect along with Gleason .. perhaps someone like Justin Faulk .. or .. an offer of both Gleason and McBain gets Voracek no problem.

    Now, I’m speaking from a Flyers fan perspective, having watched Voracek play all year long. I may have missed about 10 games so far, so I have a pretty good idea of what he’s worth to the Flyers. In all honesty, his game reminds me a lot of Giroux’s .. less the offensive production of course.

  2. Wow. Forgot about some of those jerseys. They kind of remind of those ugly t-shirts from the late-90s. It seems like they forget that you can’t take stuff back; the board of govenors should have a say on what constitutes an acceptable jersey or team name.

  3. When your not in a leverage standpoint in a negotiation like Holmgren since his best chip in JVR is damaged goods no GM will give up much to a desperate Philly team seeking a top pair Dman in his prime like Gleason for a cup run ,and will take more than a late 20’s 1st round pick for sure ,and Rutherford is known for getting gold for coal in return ,however i could see Gleason ,and a prospect like Boychuk at the most ,but as history of deadline deals for cup contenders go i would say Voracek for Gleason is pretty reasonable considering Philly’s cap issues ,and I’m not a Philly or Canes fan ,so that’s a decent deal ,if Philly wants a cup ,and as there D corp goes now…Noway they get past the 2nd round if that.

  4. Those 1980’s Canucks “V” jerseys are awesome. Don’t know how you can include them as an example of one of the ugliest jerseys.

  5. Rob, I respect your opinion, especially as you’re not a fan of either team. However, I must point out that Gleason is first and foremost not a top pairing dman .. he’s a shutdown dman. He’s a UFA after this season and a team such as the Canes, who are not a “cap team” (team that spends up to the cap) are probably not too keen on resigning him to a new contract that could be anywhere around 4 million per year .. he’s currently making 2.7 million. Don’t misunderstand me though, I think any team would love to have him, but Rutherford is not dealing from a position of strength. He’ll take the best offer he can get. It may be a really good offer though as some teams will be willing to overpay for someone like Gleason for a playoff run. Problem is, teams willing to overpay for a playoff run, don’t normally offer active roster players for a “rental”.. it’s usually prospects and/or picks.