NHL Blog Beat – January 25, 2012.

Several notable blog posts regarding trade rumors about P.K. Subban, Zach Parise, Ales Hemsky, Mikhail Grabovski and Clarke MacArthur, plus a suggestion for the Blackhawks to trade Patrick Kane.

LIONS IN WINTER: An eloquent take on the P.K. Subban trade rumor madness, and how Subban’s reaction to it could teach the braying masses something about dealing with such nonsense.

DEFENDING BIG D: Should the Dallas Stars make a pitch for Zach Parise?

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: Where will Ales Hemsky land? Your guess is as good as Oilers GM Steve Tambellini’s!

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Weighing the Maple Leafs options for pending UFA center Mikhail Grabovski.

SURLY & SCRIBE’S LA KINGS BLOG: Would Clarke MacArthur be a good fit on the Kings?

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: John Jaeckel considers the potential benefits for the Blackhawks of trading Patrick Kane, which Blackhawks management isn’t about to consider.


  1. Lions in Winter makes an excellent point about the travesty of “so called” journalism that follows Subban’s every move. And, occassionally, fans and journalist’s pull back on a particular incident and admit that Subban is being unfairly dissected in unmerited detail. But I thought Craig Button made an interesting comment last night after the game on TSN. He noted that no one in the Habs organization has come to Subban’s defense. You can read all the inter-player strife you want into that observation, but more glaring is that management has done little to nothing to protect a sophmore D man they need to resign. The kid is a media horse but he should not have to deal with the BS he deals with and Habs’ management is failing to help their asset. That is worrisome.

  2. Interesting that of all the wild trade rumours throughout the season that Dallas hasn’t featured in virtually any of them, even after new ownership was secured. It goes to show you what overactive hockey-mad fan bases can achieve with the power of the internet at their finger tips.

    Parise, as with all 30 team in the NHL, would be a great fit with the Stars. What do they have to give in return that wouldn’t disrupt the balance is the question. Bachman would likely be a starting point to consider.