NHL Blog Beat – March 1, 2012.

Reviewing the recent on-air clash between Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick, debating whether or not the Flames should renew Brent Sutter’s contract, A history of deadline deals which contributed to Stanley Cup titles, ESPN once again snubs the NHL, a final look at how often Rick Nash was mentioned on Twitter, and a Leafs fan’s five stages of grief.

PUCK DADDY/PUCK THE MEDIA: Greg Wyshynski and Steve Lepore reviewed the recent shout-fest that masqueraded as hockey analysis on NBC between Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick.  Greg sees the hilarity, Steve sees the shame. Ultimately, it’s American hockey fans who suffer.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: Scott Lepp on whether or not the Flames should renew the contract of head coach Brent Sutter. Yes, and then give him a better roster to work with.

PREDS ON THE GLASS: A look back at trade deadline deals which contributed to Stanley Cup championships.

PUCK DRUNK LOVE:  ESPN isn’t taking the increasingly warm relationship between the NHL and NBC Sports very well, choosing to completely ignore the recent NHL trade deadline.  Time for ESPN to change their tag line to “Worldwide leader in sports, except for hockey, and especially the NHL, which is a giant poopie-head for not coming back to us when it had the chance, even though we turned our backs on it nearly ten years ago”.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne looks at how often Twitter mentioned Rick Nash’s name during deadline day. Yep, you guessed it, it was a lot.

MAPLE LEAFS HOT STOVE: presents” A Leafs Fan’s Five Stages of Grief”, and not a moment too soon!


  1. The roenick milbury was a travesty. We are doomed to terrible national coverage unless Dave Straeder is calling the game. Oh well, it is better than it was on fox nbc or even versus. I still long for Gary Thorne and Bill Clement and even then it still doesn’t hold a candle to Canadian coverage. Please get rid of Pierre macguire and doc emerick milbury and roenick, at least then my life would better

  2. here in Canada, we were more than happy that Pierre Macguire went to NBC. Now he’s not on TSN and it’s excellent. On the bright side for you Americans, you can always enjoy the Pierre Macguire drinking game.

  3. TSN is not exactly excellent. Thank god Mcguire is gone, but Duthie is a teeny-bopper. “I am obsessed with twitter. Which hashtag best describes Kessel’s response to Ovechkin missing the ASG?” Really? That’s hockey coverage? The TSN panel is all mascara and boredom – they’re so close to the game that they are bored with it. “Which novelty rule change would be best, though not realistic?”
    You know what D-bags, there are 30 teams so there is no end to the actual NEWS that you can cover. 1200+ games to draw illustrative highlights from. Who cares. What’s happening on twitter?
    You know who is excellent? Kypreos and MacLean.

  4. “the Pierre Macguire drinking game”

    Well this is a classic, I also recommend the Mason Raymond drinking game. Drink every time he ends up off his feet – strong drinks not entirely recommended.