NHL Blog Beat – March 24, 2012.

The politics of Duncan Keith’s elbow, top 10 reasons for the Canadiens terrible season, and the top five reasons the Coyotes will make the playoffs, the quality of hustle, a rant against “college numbers” on NHL jerseys, Remembering Ron Stewart, why Leafs fans deserve an apology, and who will win the Masterton?

PUCK DADDY: Prior to Duncan Keith’s five game suspension for elbowing Daniel Sedin in the head, Greg Wyshynski examined the politics of it.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: K. Ross Read with ten reasons why the Montreal Canadiens season was so miserable, while Sebastian Egerton-Read lists five reasons why the Phoenix Coyotes will make the playoffs.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham on the quality of hustle in hockey.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz with a rant against “college numbers” on NHL jerseys.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier remembers former Toronto Maple Leaf Ron Stewart, the “Piano Man”.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: Kim Jorn with a list of people “almost entitled” to apologies from the Maple Leafs.

DOWN GOES BROWN: An irreverent look at who will win the Masterton trophy this season.


  1. one of the outcomes of the Canucks vs Hawks game that has annoyed myself and hockey fans everywhere is the ignorance of some people who suggest that simply because Daniel Sedin hit Keith earlier in the game he somehow “deserved” what he got. a little bit of context for those of you who share that opinion, hockey is a physical game yet when Sedin hit Keith it was shortly after Keith had played the puck making it legal for Keith to be hit. when Sedin hit Keith his elbow remained at his side as it was a full body hit and although his shoulder did make incidental contact with Keith’s head it was during the follow through and NOT the principle point of contact, in short Sedin didn’t target Keith’s head. in a game that was being called to the standards that were in place at the beginning of the season Sedin might’ve gotten a 2 minute penalty at worst, unfortunately the closer teams get to the playoffs the more officiating standards erode as evidenced by Keith only getting 2 minutes for a Major foul that may have ended Sedin’s season when at bare minimum it should’ve been 5 and a game. it was a chippy game before either player got hit and officials did nothing to control it until it was too late. ultimately what the NHL said with this woefully inadequate suspension is go ahead and headhunt the stars on other teams that you might face in the playoffs just make sure you do it with more than 5 games left so you don’t miss the playoffs yourself.

  2. I’m no Canucks fan, but that Keith elbow deserves at least 20 games. That is exactly the type of play that needs to be eliminated and the NHL could have sent a massive message by handing Keith a lengthy suspension.

    Also agree about the crappiness of officiating as the games become more important. If it’s a penalty it should be called, no matter the time of game or what part of the season we are in. Awful.

  3. Daniel didn’t deserve that hit the the head at all, but he did deserve a minor penalty for hitting (Keith) to the head.

  4. Looking at the sedin hit, it came from his blind side. I think he popped Keith as he was admiring his pass out from the corner, Daniel took that oppertuny to pop him. Is it a dirty hit still? Some will agree and others won’t; however the retaliation or payback that Keith took from it was bad, he just should of punched some of sedin’s blood out and that would of been that.