NHL Blog Beat (NHL Initial CBA Proposal Edition) – July 14, 2012.

Reaction to the NHL’s initial proposal to the NHLPA. Enjoy!

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: A review of the NHL’s recent CBA proposal to the NHLPA.

NHL’s initial CBA proposal to PA generating considerable reaction.

ON THE FORECHECK: Dirk Hoag weighs in with his take on the league’s “ambitious” proposal.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: Paul McCann considers the league’s proposal to be quite aggressive.

PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney offers up his take on the proposal, while Greg Wyshynski suggests it would rewrite the rules for young players.

HOCKEY WILDERNESS: The owners are going for the “Hail Mary” in their opening offer to the PA.

LAST WORD ON SPORTS: Ben Kerr considers the league’s proposal an insult.

DEFENDING BIG D: Brandon Worley on the serious concerns raised by the proposal.

SNYRANGERSBLOG: A collection of the initial media reaction.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rest assured, there will likely be more bloggers offering up their views on this in the coming days. Suffice to say, most who’ve reacted so far have been critical, though most are confident this is merely a first offer and not “a declaration of war upon the PA” as some believe it to be. 


  1. I was hoping that the owners would take a stand along these lines. I know that most hockey fans are worried that a hard line like this will end up in another work stoppage, and that might end up being the case. I just want the system fixed to a point where everyone, including the fans, are treated fairly.

    How does this do that?

    I am a firm believer that every single business owner in the world, every single one, is entitled to the majority of the profit the business makes, as long as the employees are treated fairly (that is a federal law). The owner has taken the risks, if the business fails, the employees can move on and the owner suffers the burden. As a career soldier, I have spent my life living, and working all over the world, in some of the harshest climates there are, for up to a year at a time. That’s a whole year of not seeing my wife, or family, no weekends or holidays, and with a bunch of people trying to make my life miserable constantly. Yet I always felt I was compensated fairly (I might have bitched a bit now and then). I find it very difficult to sympathize with players who say they aren’t being treated fairly. And don’t whine to me about travelling business class or charter (ride on a pallet in the back of a freezing C-130 for 12 hours). Don’t whine about separation from families, there are thousands of boys in Afghanistan a lot farther from their families not complaining for $40 grand a year, not $2.4 million. And the last argument, that really ticks me off, that their careers are short and they need to maximize their income…are you kidding me. Who, today has job security? Who has the ability to work 10 years and then be in a position to make sure their grandchildren never have to work. I have spent 23 years in uniform, and when I am done, I will be looking for work…..that’s life. Deal with it and stop looking for sympathy. Every player thought the last CBA would destroy them financially including the rollback, but look at salaries now. Even with the NHL lowering revenue sharing, if you allow for the same NHL growth as the last five years, the players will once again be making more money, so how are they losing????

    I think the 10 years before UFA is a bargaining ploy, I think the NHL will settle for longer than the 7 now, but will have some flexibility in this one, same as the ELC, though I do have a hard time accepting that some 1st year players make more money than a 7 year vet. Yes there is rewarding skill, but as with any job environment, there is also a reward for tenure and experience.

    I am a huge huge huge fan of the idea of term limits and bonus restrictions. I don’t think a lot of fans realize that this will actually create more excitement and movement. With bonus restrictions all teams will be able to bid for players, and with term limits, players will be on the market more often and teams would able to get rid of their mistakes (Horcoff, Dipietro etc) sooner. Also with the level playing field, much more trade action…..and lastly NO MORE of those idiotic 12 year contracts…..thankfully.

    As far as a work stoppage, it might happen, hopefully not, but if it does, just like last time, and the time before, and the time before, despite all the hyperbole, Joe (Oiler, Jet, Leaf, etc) fan will bitch and complain and threaten and be right there when the season opens. They will buy the shirts and watch the games as they always have, so give the empty and idle threats a rest, they are falling on deaf ears.

  2. the owners had seven yrs too clean out their backyards they got what they wanted last contract and blew it. now i am rooting for the players on this contract