NHL Blog Beat – September 9, 2012.

Seeking the upside to an NHL lockout, an uncensored opinion of NHL owners, picking apart the ESPN poll ranking the Maple Leafs the worst franchise, two curious cases involving a current and former Hab, remembering Game Four of the ’72 Summit Series, and 1o things that piss off fans if another team does them.

HOCKEY INDEPENDENT: Cris Cohen looks toward the upside of a possible NHL lockout. In my case, I’ll have a lighter writing schedule, some free time to catch up on my reading/TV series/movies, and get a head start on preparing my home and yard for winter. As much as a lockout will suck, I intend to make the most of it.

BATTLE OF CALIFORNIA: “RudyKelly” with an uncensored opinion (WARNING: Language not suitable for work) regarding the NHL owners, an opinion I daresay is shared by most NHL fans.

BACKHAND SHELF/DIRTY DANGLE: Ripping apart the nonsensical ESPN The Magazine poll which ranked the Toronto Maple Leafs the worst franchise in North American pro teams sports.

Kostitsyn still among unsigned UFAs.

HABS EYES ON THE PRIZE: Andrew Birkshire on the curious cases of why P.K Subban has yet to be re-signed by the Canadiens, and why former Hab Andrei Kostitsyn has yet to be signed by any NHL team.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier looks back on Game Four of the 1972 Summit Series, which represented the low point in that series for Team Canada, prompting Phil Esposito’s memorable post-game chastising of Canadian fans for booing the club.

HOOKED ON HOCKEY: “Top Ten Things That Piss You Off If Anyone But Your Team Does It.”



  1. Its comments like “a decision shared by most fans” that show the lack of objectivity of many pundits. The most recent polls have shown that 16% blame the players, 13% blame the owners, and 71% blame both.

    If you choose to view the mainstream hockey message boards the over-riding sentiment is anti-player.

    There is a big point of view difference between the casual fan, watches the occasional game, has maybe been to 1 or 2 games in person. And the die hard fan who pays for the Center Ice package, goes to every game he can afford, and never misses the rest on the TV.

    The polls have shown that the casual fan is very much on the players side, whereas the hardcore fan is very much on the owners side. There are actually polls showing a strong percentage hoping for a year or more lockout if thats what it takes to change the CBA.

  2. Old Soldier, you sit on a throne of lies.