NHL Blog Beat – Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Puck Daddy chats with “Goon” star Liev Schreiber…A lot at the Rick Nash trade market…The Carolina Hurricanes dubious record…Anaheim Ducks chasing history…A look at the NHL, ten years from now.


Actor Liev Schreiber in "Goon".

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski interviewed actor Liev Schreiber about his new movie, “Goon”. I haven’t seen the film, but judging by the trailer, Schreiber does a convincing job playing a veteran hockey enforcer.

OPENING FACEOFF: Justin Halbersma looks at the Rick Nash trade market, suggesting the San Jose Sharks would be the best destination. It’s rumored Nash doesn’t want to be dealt to another Western Conference team, but that hasn’t silenced media speculation which has the Sharks among the front-runners.

BACKHAND SHELF: Chris Lund on the Carolina Hurricanes dubious record of being the worst shootout team in history right now,  plus the Anaheim Ducks could be on the verge of becoming the first team in NHL history (since the current playoff format was adopted in 1993-94) to rally from 20 points out of a playoff berth by mid-season to making the post-season.

SHARK CIRCLE: Presents a look ahead at the NHL in 2022.



  1. how long has Ron Wilson been in the NHL,18 YRS AND all his to show is a just over 500% winning pct.wow and MR.burke say’s he is the best out there hey Burkie time to take the sun glass’s off, and this guy teaching are gaolie’s Mr.Burke said he is the best in the NHL well please tell us why in the last 3 yrs we have had the worst G.A of all 30 team’s,and RON WILSON TIME NO PLAY-OFFS WORST PP,PK OK THIS PP IS BETTER THEN THE LAST 2,AND WHAT DOES MR.BURKE DO GIVE HIM NEW CONTRACK FOR XMAS WTF IS THAT,AND LAST WAY TO GO OTTAWA PICKING UP BEN BISHOP ALL 6.7 OF HIM .SAD LEAF FAN

  2. If anybody is wondering why the NHL brass are questioning the need for fighting in hockey just take a look at the trailer for Goon. That is the image of professional ice hockey in the US. Not the way to increase viewership if you ask me.