NHL Canadian Corner – 2012 Trade Deadline Day Edition.

Find out which Canadian teams could be making moves today, plus the latest notable Canadian team headlines.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan reports the agent for  Maple Leafs center Mikhail Grabovski denied rumors his client was seeking $5 million per season on a long-term deal…GM Brian Burke doesn’t have the assets, or refuses to part with them, to make a significant move today…Their goalie options are limited if they wish to shop for one. Edmonton’s Nikolai Khabibulin or Colorado’s J.S. Giguere might be available. Koshan doubts Burke pursues UFA goalie Marty Turco.

Could Schenn be on the move today?

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox reports Burke might be coaxed into moving defenseman Luke Schenn, but he’d want a good young NHL player in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The problem for Burke is to land the kind of help his team needs, he’ll have to part with some of the young players he wants to keep.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports the Jets might be getting calls about defenseman Johnny Oduya and center Kyle Wellwood.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Ed Tait shoots down the wild rumor of the Jets bringing back Teemu Selanne from Anaheim to finish the season. Sabres center Derek Roy has been linked to the Jets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Jets are battling now for a playoff spot, I believe they’re buyers, not sellers, so Oduya and Wellwood could stay put.

CALGARY SUN/CALGARY HERALD: Don’t expect significant moves, if any at all, by the Flames today.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The return of players like Curtis Glencross from injury are as good as landing comparable players via trade.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks forward Mason Raymond is shrugging off trade rumors and focusing on improving his game.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks failed to hold a 2-1 lead and fell to the Dallas Stars 3-2 in overtime.

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin is excited about returning to Winnipeg for the first time since he left the city with the original Jets back in 1996 as the Oilers face the Jets today. Khabibulin began his NHL career with the Jets.

CANOE.CA: Montreal Canadiens coach Randy Cunneyworth is hoping his players haven’t given up on the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Having lost four straight and fallen to the bottom of the Eastern Conference, it certainly seems like the Habs have given up.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Call-up goalie Robin Lehner starred as the Senators defeated the Islanders 5-2.


  1. I’ve send it before, but it bears repeating: Burke, time to be a seller not a buyer.

    What wins in the playoffs? Goaltending and grit. This Leaf team does not have what it takes to go anywhere if they even make the playoffs this year. Continue the rebuild: dump expensive underperforming assets wherever possible (the usual suspects: Komi, Lombardi, Connoly, Armstrong) for whatever you can get. Bring up Colborne and Kadri and Aulie. Continue the rebuild in the summer.

    Oh, and can they fire Wilson and hire Carlyle already?

  2. The Habs are not the only team that has given up… *cough*Leafs*cough.

    I think Leafs fans are just holding their breath hoping Burke doesn’t do anything stupid. Then hoping somehow Wilson gets let go.

  3. Iam getting tired of all this smoke and mirrors with the Leafs …….they dont have to do anything stupid….. they need to get real…is what they neeed to do…. …they need to pick up a TRUE FRANCHISE player and will have to give up assets to do that …then surround that new player with (some of) the youth they have ……the only way to do this is to expose Kessel in a trade to get maiximum value back with a legit # 1 goalie in that trade !!!…….ITS SIMPLE trade Kessel for three players ….a Roster player …#1 Goalie and a roster propect player …..Iam sorry its the only way…!!!! and its worth it down the long term…Kessel is only a goal scorer …thats it ! One dimensional …hes your best bet for the greatest amount in return to address the multiple issues the Leafs have …SORRY!

  4. Ive been a leafs fan my whole life, so much so that I’ve got a tatoo. I’ve been close to going and getting it lasered off because of their play over the years. FIRE Wilson, trade kessal, pick up Harding or bernia (can’t spell), get rid of these American dead weight players we re carrying.

  5. Ottawa is going to make a depth move today and make some noise in the playoffs. The Senators need to make their main goal knocking off Jersey for the 6th spot (they aren’t catching Boston) an opening series against Florida, Washington, or Winnipeg bodes decently for them IMO. Gritty depth winger or a long term top 6 guy. Explore Cullen, Seteguchi, and Parenteau see if they can be moved. Then look at a gritty guy for the depth!

  6. Lyle, are you excited to be able to sleep in tomorrow with all this hupla over with?
    Take a nice, well deserved vacation. You’ve earned it. See you on July 1st. I’m gonna miss checking in 2-3 times a day. Cheers!

  7. If you can see that Kessel is only a one dimensional player don’t you think the GM’s see that too? I am a die hard Leafs fan and I personally think Lupul has more value than Kessel…Lupul will take a hit and give a hit…he will play defense and can shoot and pass…..doesn’t disappear in a physical game like Kessel. As for the Leafs getting 3 players in return for Kessel…you are nuts…not gunna happen…Roster Player, #1 Goalie and a prospect….that is crazy…he is not worth that much….not even close….I wouldnt even trade Nash straight up for him…Nash is far superior

  8. Jibbs, I almost never take time off. I still update this site daily, as there’s more than just trade and free agent rumors I cover now. I hope you’ll stick around between now and July 1st, there’s lots of hockey (including the playoffs!) to cover and discuss.

  9. I think Vancouver or Pitt will land Gaustad…but for less than the first rounder Buffalo is asking for. I thought maybe Detroit might make a move for him, but after giving away a first already, I think they’re mostly done. Maybe Detroit goes after Mcloed from Colorado if they feel they need more muscle.
    The Leafs should trade Grabovski. I really like him, but if he’s asking 5 million on a long term deal…forget about it. Take the first and try to grab a prospect in the deal. Then I would flip our own first rounder, and part with another prospect to land Ott. Steve Ott is something more of what we need, comes cheaper, and we would still retain a first rounder from the Grabovski deal. From now on we could roll with Crabb, Ott and Army on our 3rd line. I agree Lombardi and Komi have to go IF there is a taker. But Connolly will have to anchor our second line till next years deadline. His stock is low right now, hopefully he can pick it up till next year when we can trade him as a rental, and Colborne can stick on the second line permanently.
    Ottawa should stand pat. They’ve already made a few good moves. Today is for overpayers, which the Sens should not be doing IMO.

  10. Oh and MTL should pick up Parenteau…just because his name is French lol!

  11. Doing my best Onrait impression in my house coat on the couch. Worked a hard afternoons shift weekend and have today off. Don’t think I can match that PB and J sandwich they made on tsn though! Haha. Let’s see what unfolds boys!!!!

  12. Toronto dangling Lupul to get Nash?

    Sportsnet just reported that Toronto may be offering All-Star forward Joffrey Lupul as trade bait to acquire Rick Nash today.
    Source: Sportsnet

    What is Brian Burke doing ?????
    Lupul has size skill and is an amazing skater….I would give up kessel instead but I have a feeling Burke is trying to avoid giving up Gardner and Lupul ios the Sacrificial lamb…..

    Oh well!!!

  13. Gut feeling if San Jose and Rangers loose out on Nash deal they swing that trade to Montreal for Plekanecs ….would cost them less in the trade and on the books and get a sniper and playmaker to compliment the threats they all ready have !!!

    Just a gut feeling from the non rumour LOL of Plekanecs willing to waive…I think he will be dealt and the habs will have a fire sale to get major picks to day and then flip those picks for a monster deal !!!

  14. Also think that Ottawat swings a great deal with lehner as the center piece to aquire a forward and depth player for the push deep into the playoffs…WOW! Murrays stars must be in line this year…is his sign a Dragon by chance …LMAO

  15. I have a feeling the Lupul rumours are coming out of the Blue Jacket camp and not the Leaf camp. Moving Lupul doesn’t make sence.

  16. If the Blackhawks are so hurting for defence do you think they would ever part with Kane since he’s having an off year?

  17. If the Canucks had a serious offer for OTT then why didnt they consemate the deal last night so they could have him on the plane after lasts night game…….the Canucks are pursuing a bigger fish Id say!!!


    .I still feel that if that the Kane for Miller rumour was bang on ……and it might be deeper than just that …I have yet to check out the cap budgets…but Blachamks are also looking at Roy as well and he could fill in niceley to replace Kane in his departure…with Miller being the center ….I beleiev that kane and Miller are only $ 500,000 apart so the works very well …as astarting point !
    Apparently Miller did waive his NMC 2 weeks ago for a move there

  19. FireWilson – I like most of your posts buddy and you are a quality poster so don’t take this the wrong way… It’s spelled “sense”, not “sence”. I have seen you post it a lot and I just want to give you a friendly nudge brother. I know my posts always have f’d up words, but it’s usually my damn iPhone auto spelling/correcting me.
    Other than that, 2nd rdr for our 3rd line floater UFA? I’ll take it (AK to Preds)


    have 5 sites up right now trying to include things from everywher and psoting so TYPING and spelling not much of a priority ..LOL……

    Leafs have all hands on deck at practice!!!

    Preds looking to make another major deal they feel this is the year with Weber and Suter

  21. WHY IN THE WORLD IS Ottawa starting Lehner tonight instead of Bishop????its not like they can showcase him for a trade after today……isnt that why they got Bishop…to take the ball and run with it…dam as a Goalie I was really looking forward to seeing this kid play ASAP…….If anyone gets a chance You Tube this kid…..his heart is as big as he is ….got into a fight in a line brawl with the other goalie at center ice..not a great fight but he didnt let intimidation get to him ! Kids got the balls to compete!!!
    Now can he stop the puck????

  22. @Chris. thanks for the nudge It makes a lot of sense. lol
    If Lyle would ever get a spell check on this site if might help us look a lot smarter then we are.

    I think your dream of Kessel getting moved makes sense to me but most people disagree. If moving Kessel gets us an upgrade ie bigger stronger without losing much scoring then you do the deal. The problem is you know Burke doesn’t like to move guys he has brought in. Add the fact that Versteeg was one of the few guys he brought in and did move and has come back to haunt him big time, Burke is probably more gun shy then ever. Not only is Versteeg on track for 30 goals and 65 points he is also leading Florida into that last playoff spot the Leafs are gunning for. I know Burke didn’t trade him to Florida but in the end it’s all the same. Versteeg lighting it up for Florida could be one of the main reasons the Leafs don’t make the playoffs this year.

  23. There you have it Leaf fans. Burke has said publically that he doesn’t believe the Leafs will make any moves today. Gardiner is untouchable (thankgod), the price for goalies is to high, he has had offers on almost every player in his dressing room but none make sense and he is not blowing up the team for short term gains.

    Unless the blue jackets lower their asking price significantly that deal will not happen.

  24. I think trading Miller for Kane might work if the scenario is Miller, Stafford, Sekera and Boyes for Kane, Crawford and Bollland. We would need a goalie in return and we still need a center while Chicago needs a consistent goalie, d-man, a sniper and playmaker. Its a dream – but the numbers work and I think the talent is on par.

  25. Valid point ….I dont think Burke liked his smile….LOL….hes a cocky dude!!
    wouldnt mind Stalberg back though!!!…..so much for a for sure thing eh!!!

    Heres a point that someone like your self would take wisely………hereing that Franson is the odd man out in practice today and Komisarek is in for next game…….if either of them get dealt that is……with wacthin so far this year I was not a big Franson fan in the begining but hes has grown on me…and especially in one area …HE HAS A CANNON of a shot…always hits the net when it seem impossibel and gives a chance for rebounds……..in a second effort for the forwards …..in saying that ….why is he not on the first power play unit instaed of Phaneauf who cant hit a school bus passing by the crease……really and seriously …WHY????
    I like Phaneuf as he bring more to the table than just his play ….but when you have an asset like that shot …that needs to be used at every opportunity !!!!
    I mean when Boston is on the powerplay ..Chiara takes every shot….and if he is not taking the shot hes infront of the net with his size…….another reason to FIRE WILSON ….LOL


    Burkes is the best LIAR in pro sports………he said he had a legit solid offer on Riemer but turned it down .

    hAAAAAAAAAAAA….yeah right …OK Burkey…..how about this one……..I cant get rid of Riemer ………………so puclicly Iam going to pump his tires in a last ditch effort to get him going by stating Iam sticking with these guys because I have faith ….BULL %$#!@….are you kidding me you cant keep Kadri up because of the SO CALLED mistakes he makes but your going to the wall with the guy who stops the fricken puck …oh sorry who cant stop the puck……HECK I was a Junior goalie i will play for free save you the cap space Burke…call me HAAAAAAA…
    Like I said Burke is lost.in the woods like Bryzgalaf on HBO 24 /7 …..and if they have the faith in all these guys like they say they do then what is up with Tim Connoly signing at $4.8 million instaed of Colbonre and Kadri and Frattin playing at less than the combined slaries….WTF …cut the fat then Burke and call the the Marli boys and catch lightening in the bottel and get rid of those stupid contacts…Lombardi ..Armstron ..Komisarek …Connolly …If yoiu cant make any moves then at least give them away to releve some cap space for the draft …WTF!!!

  27. Hmm. Sounds like leafs standin pat from Burke… Could that be a ploy to dive prices up too though…

    Let’s trim the fat habs!!!

  28. @Chris
    I like the look of Franson lately. This could turn into a good pickup and yes you are totally right he is the only defenseman that can get his shot through on a consistant basis… and man what a shot it is…

    I think the Leafs needed something to announce today so they were saving the big announcement that Komiserik is back in. Burke has to do something with this log jam of defenders. Let’s face it we may not need the extra help this spring the way it’s looking lately.

    Bottom line is the Leafs are a playoff team with the right coach. When you are this close and you watched some of the bone head moves made by Wilson this year you can visualize the team with a few more wins with a decent coach which would have made the difference right now. When Fletcher brought in Wilson I thought we were getting a decent well rounded coach… boy was I wrong… I had no idea that his defensive system was non-existent. Fan’s can blame the goalies and the defensemen all they want but without proper TEAM defense though the coaches system anyone on the back end looks like a useless piece of crud. Burke has compiled some decent defensemen but unfortunately most nights they are lost out there under Wilson’s systems. Every coach has his day (with the exception of Bowman and a few others) maybe Wilson is just out of touch. We saw it with Pat Quinn near the end. My buddy sat behind the Leaf bench near the end of Quinn’s coaching carear in TO and said every word out of his mouth was F$%^. He didn’t speak to the players or other coaches he just stood there and cursed.

  29. i have posted before that franzen NOT phaneuf should be the go to guy when your down a goal for sure for the exact reasons already posted. Phaneuf will have to go at some point down the road. Hes not worth th6.5 mill but that being said is the only reason we got him. and at the time we had nothing. so i don’t complain about his money its a catch 22.I hated seeing aullie go today but it could work out. Well it definately will for tampa but for the leafs it remains to be seen. According to burke the leaf scouts really pushed this one so hopefully they are right. ashton was good enough to make a canada world jr. team so hes a good prospect at 20yrs old.I notice alot of teams dont know what you really got until the 5th after the player was drafted so kadri has till next yr. Technogoly we should see what we got with kadri next yr.

  30. so Calgary once again sticks with their aging core with faint hopes of just making the playoffs (with 3 teams in front of them the hopes are faint indeed), allow me to share a cautionary tale of “just making the playoffs”
    in 90/91 the Canucks won their final two games against Winnipeg to squeak into the playoffs (where they lost in the first round to LA in 6 games). even though Vancouver was eliminated in the first round they felt pretty good because they had their eye on a very special player available that year in the draft and checking through the back channels they found out that he wasn’t even on the radar of the teams in front of them so they thought they had a pretty good chance of getting him. they drafted 7th that year and watched in dismay as Philadelphia (who drafted ahead of Vancouver despite having more points than Vancouver simply because the Canucks made the playoffs) selected that player, his name …. Peter Forsberg … can you imagine how different things might have been for Vancouver had they got him?