NHL Canadian Corner – April 1, 2014

Senators down the Hurricanes, Jets collapse against the Ducks, plus updates on Phil Kessel, Tomas Plekanec, David Booth, Mark Arcobello and more.

Ales Hemsky scores the game winner against the Hurricanes.

Ales Hemsky scores the game winner against the Hurricanes.

OTTAWA SUN: Ales Hemsky’s shootout goal lifted the Senators to a 2-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets squandered a 4-0 lead to fall 5-4 in overtime to the Anaheim Ducks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators win moves them within four points of the Columbus Blue Jackets for the last wild card berth in the Eastern Conference, but the Jackets hold a game in hand. The Jets are done like dinner. 

NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos with a complete breakdown of the Maple Leafs’ woes this season. Meanwhile, Maple Leafs coach Randy Carlyle expects Phil Kessel to be in the Leafs lineup for their game tonight against the Calgary Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs need to win at least five of their remaining six games and hope Columbus, Detroit and Washington struggle if they’re to make the playoffs. 

LA PRESSE: Tomas Plekanec will rejoin the Montreal Canadiens lineup when they face the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks winger David Booth has regained his blazing speed to become one of their best forwards of late.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Injuries have hampered Booth since joining the Canucks. His recent play of late has some Vancouver pundits suggesting the club reconsider buying him out of the final season of his contract. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers re-sign Mark Arcobello to a one-way contract.

CALGARY SUN: The increase in the Flames’ season-ticket prices for next season isn’t turning off Calgary fans.


  1. I have to laugh at this latest Leaf collapse. I gave up on this team the minute I realized Nonis was going to take the “easy and safe” way out on tough negotiations with Kessel and Phaneuf and delegate Reimer to play back up.

    This latest collapse is only the tip of the iceberg when fans start realizing there is no market to move contracts like Clarkson, and Phaneuf.
    Kessel probably could be moved but the return coming back will much less significant with his monster contract then it would be if he was signed for cheaper.

    • Why would you move Phil Kessel? Do you think the Leafs have no core players worth keeping? You like the Oilers model, do you? Rock bottom and start over?

    • Sigh. Your comment isn’t worth a reply.

  2. Yes, as a matter of fact I do like the Oilers model for the Leafs but 4 years ago. Instead of trading first rounders for Kessel right now I would have no issues with Tyler Seguin playing the number one center role and who ever else we picked up the following year in the first and second round. Water under the bridge.

    Start over now? No chance. My point was only that Nonis has handcuffed the Leafs for a few years with these contracts. Would I dangle Kessel for a number one center or stud D man? In a heartbeat.

    • Lol so in other words trade away one of the leagues best scorers so yo can whine and moan when the center you just picked up has no one to play with…ala Mats Sundin ya that worked out pretty well. Pretty sure the main issue is defense not Kessel, and you dont trade away one of the few guys who gave you any chance of winning. Here is an idea trade a guys that are not doing anything or dont fit keep the guys that are good, and build around them. You may just fit in with Randy and the gang after all, get rid of the skill and bring in guys who “compete” and will “raise their game” what a croc of crap that is.

      • And the Oilers model eh what model is that exactly? Do you think thats working out ok? Do you think that it was their plan or model all along to be in the bottom 5 in the league for a decade or so before they make the play offs? Its not a model or a plan they dont want to suck, they just do. Ridiculous

        • Ya, the Leafs model is so much better then the Oilers. Not

      • Shticky I have read your posts all year long. You make some good suggestions at times but you also have just as many bad ones. This team will be crippled for years with Phaneuf/Clarkson and Kessels contracts. Get Dion a good partner. With what money? Dion gets elite money, is he an elite D man?

  3. Trading Kessel and fully rebuild is not the answer!
    But by giving Kessel and VanRiemsdyk 23min ice time a game is like giving Dion 28min…. way too much! They need to ice 4 lines not 3! If your team is able to shut down the Kessel line your fine!
    And maybe a coaching change is the answer! Nearly every game they get out shoot! And as some guys predicted (I hope they’re wrong) this will not get them in the play-offs…..
    I would trade Reimer (he’s earned a shot at a starter job somewhere else) and Franson. Let Ranger walk if he’s not willing to sign a two-way contract.
    Resign Bolland and Raymond if they are willing to sign for reasonable money.
    Try to get a stay at home type d-man by trade (Reimer, Franson, picks?) or sign one via free agency (MacDonald, Orpik, Greene). May be some Marlies player is ready next season? May be Granberg?
    Just my opinion! Start bashing :-)

    • No need to bash as this is a completely reasonable response. Kessel is an amazing winger, end of discussion. Phaneuf is a solid defenseman, not being used in the proper role, he is in need of a good shutdown partner to take some pressure off him. Moving Reimer (because he deserves a shot somewhere) and Franson are solid ideas. The Leafs also need to improve their 4th line and they have all the types of guys that can bring them the depth they need (other than defense) if they would just make a change to a coach who will use them properly,

    • – I agree a full rebuild is not needed.
      – Kessel and Dion get those minutes because they are paid to perform at those minutes. You want elite money then you should be able to log those kind of minutes
      – Try and get a stay at home Dman ? We already have Gunnar and Gleason, so you want a third stay at home? Sign MacDonald, Orpik?. With what money? Leafs are already strapped
      – Reimer will not bring much back in a trade at this point. MAYBE Burke will trade spots in the first round with the Leafs if they throw in Reimer. That could move the Leafs up 5 positions but not until after Burke finds out where his pick will be in the lottery. If he ends up 5th and the Leafs are picking say 8th or 9th then maybe that trade works.
      – Resign Bolland and Raymond for reasonable money? We are talking about Nonis here, so that’s not happening he has no appetite for tough negotiations with UFA’s. He will over pay them or let them walk.

  4. And considering the Leafs have the 9th highest payroll in the NHL it’s an even bigger disappointment that they’ll probably not reach the play-offs…… :-(

  5. the leafs need a major shakeup is all you can say they have 1 line and no standout defenseman and a decent yet really unproving goalie