NHL Canadian Corner – April 10, 2012.

Updates on Daniel Sedin and Chris Neil, Andrei Markov declines to speak about teammate P.K. Subban, Blake Wheeler hopes for more improvement next season, Jay Bouwmeester headed to the World Championships, James Reimer gets some good news, and some blueline draft options for the Oilers.


Sedins to be reunited for series opener against Kings?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Henrik Sedin said his brother Daniel is 100 percent ready to go for the Canucks upcoming series against the LA Kings.

OTTAWA SUN: Chris Neil, injured in a late-season practice, said he’ll be ready to go for the Senators series opener Thursday against the NY Rangers.

LA PRESSE: Canadiens defenseman Andrei Markov refused to comment on the play of teammate P.K. Subban during an end-of-season interview, which will only stoke speculation Subban is not well liked within the Canadiens dressing room.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets leading scorer Blake Wheeler is hoping for more improvement next season.

CALGARY SUN: Flames defenseman Jay Bouwmeester has been invited to be part of Team Canada at the upcoming World Hockey Championships.

TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer said a neck injury, not concussion, ended his season.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: There are several good options for the Oilers to choose from if they decide to pick a defenseman with their first round pick this June.


  1. The World Hockey Championship should be renamed to The World Hockey Championship – except for the great players still involved in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
    I am usually amazed at how good Canada does without most of the star players who are still playing for the cup, but come on, how can you have a World Hockey Championship without the best players in the world?
    Bouwmeester is going to play for Team Canada at the WHC. I rest my case.

    Makes you wonder what Subban is doing off as well as on the ice that chokes his teammates so much. He could be a very good hockey player if he buckled down and cut out the immature stuff. Might he be used as trade bait?

  2. RE: Reimer
    My neck would hurt, too, if I had to look behind me that many times.

    RE: Subban
    Not well liked by whom? The only guy that matters is Price and it looks to me like they get along well. My guess is that Subban will be around much longer than “the dressing room”.
    Ahab… if he is used as traid bait that will be the shortest hire and fire of any GM in history! I really can’t see them trading a young stud like Subban.

  3. Just throwing this out there …….
    Would a trade such as Phaneuf for Subban be an equall value trade for both teams …not taking money into considearation as Subban will command around $4,5 to 6 million anyways ??

    Just curious on your guys take or anyone elso for that maatter??

    Reaching on this one !!

  4. @ Nikk

    The Riemer comment is the best so far on the Top 10 disses on Spectors sight …Iam keeping track !!!


  5. In response to Captain Ahab, “how can you have a World Hockey Championship without the best players in the world?”

    Well, they do it every year and every country that has players in the Stanley Cup Playoffs has the same challenges as Canada in the World Championships. I always like how the teams change, new players brought in, as teams are eliminated during the SC playoffs. Go-Canada-Go!

  6. @ Ahab…you should stick to whales cause Nikk is spot on. Subban was a little cocky to start but by the end of this last season he started to show some real maturity. As for Markov, he may be a little scared that Subban has progressed so much and could supplant him.
    @S&S no way Phaneuf for Subban straight up. I could see Markov going at the deadline (assuming he has a solid start and is healthy) because of Subbans emergence.

    • Subban may be a great player but it seems to me the Canadiens seem to regress with his arrival