NHL Canadian Corner – April 11, 2012.

The Oilers win the draft lottery for the third straight year, Canucks keep mum on Daniel Sedin’s status, Erik Karlsson will be a target in series against Rangers, Leafs apology not sitting well with fans and media, Flames GM takes responsibility for team’s performance, Canadiens should land a good prospect with third overall pick, and Jets GM maintains team will not deviate from long-term goals.

EDMONTON SUN: For the third straight year, the Oilers have the first overall pick. While there’s some debate over whether the club should keep it or trade it for a defenseman, Terry Jones suggests if they keep the pick and select Nail Yakupov, considered the top prospect in this year’s draft, it could serve as enticement for Anaheim Ducks pending UFA defense prospect Justin Schultz to sign with the Oilers.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks are keeping silent for the most part on Daniel Sedin’s condition as he trains in hopes of returning from a concussion for the club’s opening round series against the LA Kings.

Karlsson expects Rangers to focus upon him.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson expects he’ll be targeted by the NY Rangers checkers in their opening round series.

TORONTO SUN/TORONTO STAR: The Toronto Maple Leafs issues a public apology to their fans for missing the playoffs again, but it’s not sitting well with media or fans, nor for that matter is the media impressed with GM Brian Burke. That’s understandable, given the club hasn’t made the playoffs since 2004.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames GM Jay Feaster took responsibility for the club’s inability to make the playoffs, though he steered clear on questions regarding the future of team captain Jarome Iginla.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens will select third overall in this year’s entry draft, putting them in great position to land a good prospect. It’s the highest they’ve picked in the draft since having the first overall pick in 1980. The last time they picked in the top five was 2005, when they selected Carey Price, so odds are they’ll land a quality player with this pick.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff wouldn’t rule out making changes to his roster this summer, but maintained the franchise won’t sacrifice their long-term goals. In other words, don’t expect him to sacrifice his young talent for short-term deals.


  1. OILERS WOW!!!!

    There is no way that the Oilers are trading Yakupov as he may pan out to be better than Hall and R N H …this for sure will make Horcoff, Pajaarvi and Omark expendable at the draft and into the season …Oilers have many ways now to get a top defenseman and not have to give up on the true talent that will make them a dynasty …
    ( if they can afford it long term $$$$ )

    Wow did Howson ever shoot himself in the foot now by calling out Rick Nash ……SUCKER …you an idiot ..he thought he had it all locked up taking first this draft and now NOTHING !!!!
    Columbus will have to put there first round pick in play and try and get solid players back and combine that with the players they get for Nash and try and move forward.


    Coluumbus and the lEAFS talk trade …..Leafs give Columbus there First Rounder,( Colborne or Ashton ) Schenn and Komisarek for Nash to give Columbus 2 first rounders.

    If the Leafs dont make a deal with ther first rounder they HAVE to take the best Center man they can get and get him into the line up ASAP in October on the second line with Kadri and Frattin and move up Grabovksi to the first line with Lupul and Kessel.

    SIDE NOTE : Burke has no idea what he is doing anymore …his press confrence was a joke he has no plan no assets and no cap and no one willing to make him a deal !!


    For the Oilers I think this should spells the end of Omark and Hemsky via trades this off season. But I hope they hold onto Magnus and Horcoff for at least this season and this is why.

    Eberle – Hopkins – Hall
    Paajarvi – Gagne – Yakupov
    Smyth – Horcoff – Jones

    That is a pretty solid top 9 forwards for this season and it is a lot of skill!!! With some defense in the system and maybe Hemsky or Omark in a trade can land some defensive depth and maybe the Oilers can entice Shultz over. If the Oilers feel confident in Dubnyk as their starter this could be the year they make that jump to the playoffs … they are in a very weak division after all. CGY should be rebuilding and COL/MIN are nothing overly special quite yet.


    I said this in an earlier thread but I believe it is very important that the Jackets shop Nash and move him at or before the draft and before they make their second round pick as they need to see what they get for him. There are a few options on the table for picking with that 2nd overall pick. They could get a solid defenseman in Murray, a big center in Grigs, or a solid sizable winger in Forsberg.

    I personally feel that the Jackets might lean towards Forsberg as he is a big winger, with a recognizable name who could be a franchise player for the team. I also believe if Nash comes in demanding a trade that he needs to expand that list or he will get labeled like Heatly did. I believe if he did expand that list there are a lot of teams who could be in on Nash … but getting another top 15 (at worst) draft pick in the deal should be a must.


    I truly hope with everything they don’t get in on a Nash trade unless both Faska and Grigs have been drafted. Both of these are talented centers with size that can possibly be a number 1 some day. Maybe not an ELITE number one, but a respectable #1. For Toronto I agree that as it stands (unless we are suddenly picking up Getzlaf) that we might as well move Grabo to the #1 position to play with Lupul and Kessel. We also need to get Colborne and Kadri onto the team to play the 2nd line with Kulemin!

    Let Bozak stay on as a 3rd line guy and play with Frattin and Crabb and then Steckel, Brown and whomever can fill out the bottom. The issue with that is what do you do with Connolly, MacArthur, Armstrong who are all there and eating up serious cap space. If they can move Connolly and Armstrong they should and I have no issue keeping MacArthur for another year if we had to keep one of them.


    It’ll be interesting to see whom the Habs pick this year!! But I think it’ll be one of Grigs, Forsberg, or Murray depending on whom the Jackets don’t take. All of them are good choices for that franchise and I think Price might like a Murray style player in front of him, but if Roy ends up in the organization before the draft, its a very real chance that Grigs comes that way if he is available.


    I’d like to see the Flames get top draft picks for Iginla or Kipper but Iginla you have to trade to a contender at this point and only the Capitals hold a top 15 pick that could possibly be sold to Iginla IMO. So you move to Kipper, who has a NTC until July 1st.So in my opinion you shop Kipper to NYI, TOR, TB at the draft and start the talks at their 1st round pick. Then if Kipper nixes the deal you simply say draft this guy and we’ll do the same deal on July 1st with the player instead of pick.

  3. I wouldn’t bother quoting or linking to Steve “the moronic mouthpiece” Simmons. Pretty much anything he says about the Leafs or Burke is tainted by bias (well, more than usual; Simmons is a baseball man and has never liked hockey or the Leafs).

  4. Great post JJB !!!