NHL Canadian Corner – April 12, 2012.

The Canucks drop their series-opener to the Kings, Senators Anderson ready for challenge of facing the NY Rangers, angry Leafs fans voice displeasure, Flames must rebuild, Oilers GM unapologetic over team’s performance, Jets’ Slater selected to Team USA at Worlds, and Canadiens contact Luc Robitaille regarding their vacant GM position.

VANCOUVER SUN: Lack of discipline and special teams were part of the Canucks downfall in a 4-2 series-opening loss to the LA Kings. The Canucks were also without Daniel Sedin, who remains sidelined by concussion symptoms.

Anderson ready to face Rangers.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators goaltender Craig Anderson feels up to the challenge of facing the NY Rangers. Anderson had a memorable playoff series two years ago, when he carried the underdog Colorado Avalanche to a near-upset over the heavily favored San Jose Sharks. Don’t rule out the possibility of him raising his game to that level again.

TORONTO SUN: Almost 100 Maple Leafs season ticket holders contacted Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment voicing their displeasure over the club’s performance. It’ll take more than that, however, to worry MLSE. If thousands of them do it, they’ll get the executives attention.

CALGARY SUN: It’s now time for the Flames to finally embrace a youth movement. We’ll see if GM Jay Feaster feels the same way in the coming months.

EDMONTON SUN: Unlike his peers in Toronto and Calgary, Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini didn’t offer up any apologies for his club’s performance this season.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets forward Jim Slater has been invited to join Team USA in the upcoming World Hockey Championships.

LA PRESSE; The Montreal Canadiens have contacted the Los Angeles Kings, seeking permission to speak with Kings executive and former star Luc Robitaille regarding their vacant GM position.


  1. Luc Robitaille? Ugg..

    I mean leaving no stone unturned is good, I guess, but this has PR all over it. He’s the President of Business Operations, with no GM experience…

  2. Vancouver
    Kings should beat the Canucks this year they have more depth and players that are more composed Mike Richards leadership is a key factor and usually the Canucks take some pretty stupid penalties!

    Its all a mess one big mess !!!!
    Not sure how Burke can say Rimer is the real deal he couldnt (STEAL) one game to help get them out of a funk and thats whate REAL DEAL goalies do ..they carry the load hes not that guy joke!!!
    Burke also said hes got THE SECOND LINE ..wooooooooooo
    Are You Kidding me !!!!!
    Kulimen was Invisable so was Connoly when he was on that line ..Macrthur was way to inconsitant and was no impact at all …and Grabovski is good but $5.5 million good ????

    Burke has no goalie….. 5 really bad defensman that get beat constantly in the corners and infornt of the net, no veteran leadership …no stanley cup winner in the room ….and 2 forwards who are very good Lupul and Kessel but after that Steckle does his job on the drwas but it fades to black very quick after Kessel and Lupul …Gardner is a joke hes not even a defenseman by nature …doesnt play the body terrible on the defesnive side and can only rush the puck ..but rarely finishes.

    Burke you have nothing and you have ruined your future picks, Colborne is way to slow skates aimlessly with no threat for his size, Kadri should have been in Connollys position all year and you bury him in the minors you gave up a studd propect Defensman in Aulie for a guy who plays 3 minutes now and is wayyyyy overated ..you need big defemnseman like Weber not an Ashton up front ..you have that all ready in the minors …good ploy to get Ashton so you feel you got a first round pick to make your ego feel good…JOKE ….Ask Yzerman for Aulie back please !!

  3. If not for Luongo the game would have been out of hand at the end of the first period. Although he let in what I would call one McSoftie last night I though Louie stood on his head most of the game. The one goal that he let in during the 5 minute major penalty was tipped and he dodn’t have a chance on it.
    Other than the very dumb penalties I saw something else I didn’t like and that is the size and power of the Kings. They pushed most of the Canucks around almost at will, especially when they went into the Canucks zone.
    Even if Daniel comes back he will not make that great a difference unless the whole team plays better. If not LA in 5 if not 4.

    Unlike Burke with the Leafs, Tambellini doesn’t have to apologize to the Edmonton fans. First off, he told them it would be a slow and growing process and then he somehow manages to get the number one draft pick the last three years in a row, which gives them something to talk about and be excited about in the off season.
    Tambellini has not traded off his draft picks for slugs and is building Edmonton to be a powerhouse in the not too distant future. Burke on the other hand is building Toronto for what now?
    Oh yeah. Truculence. (Truck-use-less…he’s already got a useless truck in Phaneuf, why does he want more?)

  4. I am not convinced that Edmonton will become a powerhouse. Even with these picks they need to make smart trades and bring in the proper UFA’s. While Eberle, Hall and RNH are great young players. I’ve never gotten the feeling that they could attract high end UFA’s.

    Burke has a lot of work to do for sure this off season. Not sure if he will give Reimer another shot. He was not the same after that concussion, and I am starting to think he still had the effects through out the season. Its a tough call there.

  5. @ Captain Ahab

    I agree the Canucks were outplayed last night, but the “stupid penalties” you describe were not dumb plays by the Canucks players more often than not, but rather dumb calls by the officials.

    Again, no excuses for a flat performance ( putting it mildly) But as a nucks fan, I sure would love to see a playoff series that was called like a regular season game.

    I am so confused at this point, has body checking been removed from the game…..I didn’t get that memo.

    Having said that though- it looked like a pretty bad night for officials all around the league.

    And another blemish on Shanny’s watch as well. $2500 fine for Webers indiscretion. Based on Shanny;’s law of 1 game= 12 regular season games, that’s a $210 fine – that should do the trick. It’ll be interesting to see what the Bitz hearing will turn out like. I’m going to geuss it;s a game or 2, which again, based on Shanny;s law of 1= 12 is equivalent to 12-24 games. Not nearly enough for a play so much more heinous than the Duncan Keith on Sedin hit.