NHL Canadian Corner – April 13, 2012.

Senators fall to Rangers in series-opener, Canucks did little to improve their image in Game One of their series against the LA Kings, Brent Sutter steps down as Flames head coach, the latest on the Canadiens search for a new GM, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins turns 19, Joey Crabb heading to World Hockey Championships, and some good news for subscribers of TSN Jets.


Brian Boyle celebrates his goal against Senators in Game One.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators fell flat in their series-opener against the NY Rangers, falling 4-2. Though the Senators certainly had their chances at times in this game, they were unable to keep most of the Rangers best forwards (Callahan, Gaborik and Richards) off the scoreboard.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks undisciplined play in their series-opening loss to the LA Kings on Wednesday, including their chirping and complaining over supposed missed calls, did little to improve their critics low opinion of them. Province columnist Ed Willes, meanwhile, acknowledged the Canucks have brought some of this criticism upon themselves, but cannot fathom the heated criticism of the team around the league.

CALGARY HERALD/CALGARY SUN: The Flames have parted ways with Brent Sutter, who stepped down yesterday as head coach in what is perceived as the first of several changes which could come to the team in the off-season. Potential replacements could include Troy Ward (coach of their farm team), Bob Hartley, Bob Boughner, Craig MacTavish and Mike Sullivan. At least he won’t have to worry about being bilingual.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Hackel updates the Canadiens search for a new GM. They are believed to have contacted the Detroit Red Wings to seek permission to speak with Assistant GM Jim Nill, but it’s believed he’s not interested in the job.

EDMONTON SUN: Happy 19th birthday, Oilers rookie center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs forward Joey Crabb will join Team USA at the upcoming World Hockey Championships.

WINNIPEG SUN: Subscribers of TSN Jets will find it came off their cable bill, as it was automatically taken off at the end of March. Customers will have to sign up again in the fall.


  1. Poor Canucks. Everyone hates them. Maybe tonight we’ll get an Alex Burrows hat trick: a dive, a bite, and a hit from behind.

  2. Yes the Canucks dive, fall, act foolish, do stupid things- but that’s what makes them one of the hardest teams to play against.

    I don’t buy the argument that they are not tough… the Sedins have a target on their back every night, and showed that they can play through it. Heck, last year they were 1 game away form being Cup Champions (see: Luongo Collapse, 2011). I wish they had more fight-back in them, but they dont (neither does Datsyuk, for the record). The Sedins are tough, just in a different way.

    As for the constant diving and antics- I believe that to be more a reflection of their coach.

    I don’t think there is a single one of us who would not want Burrows os Kessler on our respective teams. These guys are difference makers.

  3. I would advise the Canuck players to keep their collective mouth’s shut and concentrate totally on scoring goals and stopping goals being scored on them as they are in tight against the Kings. Judging from what I saw in the first game they have no reason to chirp and every reason to play harder. Unless I see an amazing turn around tonight, I am going to stick with my previous prediction; Kings in 5 if not 4, and I am a Canucks fan.

    I said in an earlier reply when the Calgary team was going down in Flames that the team was tired of Sutter’s act and had tuned him out. Proof of that was when Calgary missed the playoffs and again when the Flames showed Brent th door. Players today need coaches who are motivators as well as skilled taskmasters rather than disciplinarians who treat them like cattle and try to prod them into winning.

    Stay close to your phones as there may be a call coming for you from the Montreal Canadiens as they go through the telephone directory in their politically correct search for a new GM and coach. It seems that even if they are not interested in the job anyone who has played the game is getting a call to audition. I wonder who from the French press will be sitting in on the interviews to give their thumbs up or down to potential candidates?

    Crabb is going to join Team USA. What a surprise. Seeing as Burke trolls anyplace in the United States of America where they have an ice rink for his potential draft picks, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get on the Leafs GM’s good side.
    Speaking of Burke…he tells fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs to be patient with the team and with him, and then in a recent interview says that he is the most impatient person he knows. He says that he was born impatient and will die impatient. Why then does he get upset with the fans and the media for being impatient with him and the team?

    Byron Bitz of the Canucks gets a 2 game suspension, and deservedly so, for his hit in the LA/Vancouver game. Shea Weber gets a $2500. fine (pocket change for him) for taking a guys head and ramming it into the glass. What am I missing? I am a big Shea Weber fan but how was that not a deliberate attempt to injure? Sure he had just been slashed above the shin guard and below the pants but what if he had given the guy a concussion?
    Finally: the non-offside call in the Pitts/Philly game was a travesty.
    The ref saw that the linesman missed (blew) the call and that it was offside by a car length and still did not over rule the linesman, which by the way he does have the right. Had Philly not scored no harm no foul, but they did. I wonder how it would have been called if the game was tied and in OT and had Pittsburgh not been up by 3.
    I know the linesman will be dealt with behind closed doors but that doesn’t excuse the ref.

  4. After the way the Canucks lost last year and waiting exactly one year to get to this point to play in the playoffs and loosing the first game against LA the way they did which was a must win because now they are 0- 4 in the last 4 games of there playoff apperances shows that they can not win the cup !!!

    This first game should not have been played as a first game aginst LA kings it should have been looked at as winning the last game of last year first and foremost and with that ……they lost AGAIN !!!!! another game 7 type game …sorry Canucks fans …it may a first round exit this year !


  6. @ DaBroons

    Why didn’t Krejci take Claudes advice and protect his head by taking that fan out at the knees.

    No worries though- Pretty sure Gregs dad can make a few calls to make up for loss….I mean provided Doctor Recchi hasn’t cleared him to play. I wonder if that glass had the class to send him something other than a text message.

    Everytime you talk I imagine your speaking with one of Alexs’ “fingers” in your mouth. If you catch my drift, standard Boston accent I’m sure.

    Now, don’t just sit there and get all puffy and pissed off, we can all talk hate and whiners , or we can talk hockey. Got something more constructive to say or is that pretty much the depth of the average Boston Fan?

    Your like an episode of Charlie Brown…..

    “you may not get that- but the smarter people will”