NHL Canadian Corner – April 14, 2012.

Canucks fall behind 2-0 in series against Kings, Senators hope to open up more room for Erik Karlsson, Brent Sutter’s gig as Team Canada coach at Worlds could be seen as audition for Oilers coaching job, Flames must find more stability behind the bench, Andrei Markov not participating at the Worlds, and Ondrej Pavelec hoping to avoid playing in the tournament.


Luongo's critics can't make him scapegoat for Canucks current woes.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks may have played better in their Game Two loss to the LA Kings than they did in Game One, but they’re still losing, due in part to their shoddy special team play. At least Vancouver pundits and fans can’t make Roberto Luongo their scapegoat, as he was among the few bright spots in both games.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators hope to open up more room for high-scoring defenseman Erik Karlsson in Game Two against the NY Rangers tonight. The Blueshirts kept Karlsson contained in Game One.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis suggests Brent Sutter’s coaching gig for Team Canada at the upcoming World Hockey Championships could be seen as an audition for the head coaching job with the Edmonton Oilers. Earlier this week, Sutter stepped down as coach of the Calgary Flames. Tom Renney is currently head coach of the Oilers, but there’s been no indication from Oilers management he’ll return next season.

CALGARY SUN: Steve MacFarlane believes the Flames have been going through too many head coaches too quickly and need more stability behind the bench.

LA PRESSE: Montreal Canadiens defenseman Andrei Markov hasn’t been invited to play for Russia at the upcoming World Hockey Championships.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec faces an awkward situation with the Czech Republic team, as he was hoping the Jets would forbid him from playing in the upcoming Worlds, but the club has left the decision up to himself. Pavelec is hoping to beg off, citing fatigue from a long NHL season.


  1. Canucks
    The Canucks biggest win this playoffs was suppose to be the 1st game of the LA series as they ended lst year with 3 stright loses and now 5 straight …they dont look good or to be a threat in any way and they lost the 2 home openers where they should have won it for the fans …no just themsleves …the Canucks play dirty hockey not intense intimidating hockey that a team need to portray to be a champion …shouldnt have traded cody Hodgson he played very well with the surrounding players for depth scoring !!!
    this team may be on the verge of a small rebuild this off season to shake things up,Copy and paste !!!

    The Flames dont need stability behind the bench ..they NEED TALENT on the ice…why does everyone in Calgary have blinders on….they need a total re haul …the ONLY reason this team wasnt worse than the record they showed was because of Kipprusoff …plain and simple !!!!
    IT is becoming very clear that Jay Festare may have to go as well as he was suppose to be a short term replacement not a GM for a complete rebuild …

    Id give Jaques Martin or Pat Quinn a call to be GM and Coach to rebuild this club and Guy Carbonneau for assistant & special teams!!!

    The biggest mistake the Oilers can do is take the kids and feed them to the wolves of Brent Sutter ..wow this would be terrible …he would crush there spirit and creativity …..I really think Mike Keennan, Marc Crawford or Doug Mclean would be a better fit here !!!

  2. now there’s a headline for Canuck fans, It’s Not Luongo’s Fault. to the contrary he’s actually the only reason they’ve been in either of the games. if Vigneault thinks there’s a job waiting for him in Montreal it certainly won’t be there if he gets outcoached by Sutter. Vancouver’s special teams play has to improve, the powerplay has to start producing goals instead of giving them up. if the Canucks coaches can’t figure out a way to make the King’s aggressiveness work against them then they should be unemployed, it’s not rocket science. they can start with eliminating the drop pass as an entry on the powerplay, shoot high on Quick’s blocker side and move the puck quickly. LA’s vulnerability is it’s defense where Mitchell & Scuderi are too old, Martinez & Voynov are too young and Doughty is too impulsive, eventually it’ll be LA’s undoing.

    • Glad to see you have it figured out. “L.A. vulnerability is it’s defense.” Second stingiest in the league, 19 less goals allowed than the Nucks in the regular season.
      “Shoot high on Quick’s blocker side and move the puck quickly.” Gee why hasn’t the rest of the league figured this out–Quick, 1.95 GAA in 69 games, 10 shutouts and a 929 save %. I look forward to saying your name as a coach on an NHL roster soon.
      Once again Nucks are beimg outscored when on their on the PP.

  3. No matter what the Canucks try the Kings seem to have an answer for it. What really stands out to me is the Canucks lack of power play success. This is where they miss Daniel Sedin the most. All together during the season the Canucks scored 57 man advantage goals of which D. Sedin scored 10 and assisted on 15 others, so he was responsible for almost half of Vancouver’s power play scoring. Take that element out and of course you get less production, but that being said the Canucks are or were supposed to be a great 5 on 5 team. Where has that aspect gone? Down the stretch without Daniel Sedin in the line up the Canucks went on a good run. Where has that gone?
    What I have said all year is that Vancouver does not put a man or men in front of the net enough and are wasting soaring chances with their cycle game when there is no one in a good scoring position to pass it to. Could that be one of the problems? Maybe, but for once goaltending is not an issue. While Luongo is giving them stellar goaltending the team in front of his is not scoring and breaking down defensively.
    My prediction at the beginning of the series was that the Kings would win it in 5 if not 4 games and to this point I see no reason to rethink my position…and I am a Canucks fan.

    Why would anyone want Brent Sutter’s to coach the young and upcoming Edmonton Oilers?
    His coaching style was tuned out in Calgary and his infamous rants and raves are not going to motivate anyone anymore. There are so many better coaches to choose from and there will be a couple more once the playoffs are over.

    While Ottawa has some very good and even some great players the Rangers are a punishing team to play against and will win the series handily.

    So if things go according to script there will not be a Canadian team left after the first round and Gary Bettman will get what he wants, an all USA Stanley Cup final.
    Do you think he would like to see a New York Rangers vs Detroit Red Wings final? How about a Philadelphia vs Las Angeles final? Which would make the NHL happier?

  4. How nice a reunion in Calgary between Cammallari and Martin.

    I doubt that Carbonneau would want to leave his stint with RDS to become a special teams coach with a western conference team. Depending on who becomes Gm in Montreal, he could be tempted to rejoin the organization,espacially if Roy becomes coach.

  5. -Vigneault and/or Carbo should not be considered for any positions in Montreal

    -LA has the second stingiest defense in the NHl not because they have good defenseman, but because they have one of the best goalies, and a deensive system. They also had the second lowest goals-for.

    -Missing a Daniel Sedin would kill any teams playoff chances.

    -You can’t blame Luongo, but I see him as one of the guys they don’t want moving forward (for several reasons). I could also seeing them using some of their secondary scoring (everyone except Sedins, Kesler) and package some guys together to bring in another higher end scorer and a guy with grit. Burrows/Booth + kind of package for Nash/Ryan/Ovi kind of thing.

  6. With a little luck Doug Wilson and Todd McClellen will be available. They can get a club near the top but seem to lack the tools required to go over the top.