NHL Canadian Corner – April 14, 2014

Canucks down the Flames, Senators beat the Penguins, Canadiens lose home ice advantage to the Lightning, plus the latest on the Leafs, Oilers and Jets.

Daniel Sedin stretchered off the ice following a hit from behind by Calgary's Paul Byron.

Daniel Sedin stretchered off the ice following a hit from behind by Calgary’s Paul Byron.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE/CALGARY HERALD: The Canucks finished their disappointing season with a 5-1 win over the Calgary Flames, but the game was marred when Daniel Sedin had to be stretchered off the ice following a hit from behind by Flames defenseman Paul Byron.  Flames rookie Johnny Gaudreau scored his first NHL goal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fortunately for Sedin, he didn’t suffer a serious injury. 

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators end their season on a five-game winning streak by downing the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2.

LA PRESSE: The Canadiens will open their opening-round playoff series against the Lightning in Tampa Bay following the Lightning’s victory Sunday over Washington.

TORONTO SUN: The Toronto Maple Leafs will officially introduce Brendan Shanahan as their new president later today.

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers try to find the positives in this season as they look ahead to next season.

WINNIPEG SUN: If Paul Maurice can get his family on board, he’ll return next season as the Jets head coach.


  1. MLSE will use Shanny as a side show to keep the wolves at bay this spring. It seems to have worked so far since I don’t hear anyone calling for Dave Nonis’s head anymore. Carlyle is out for sure but I think without this Shanny move the media would have been all over canning Nonis too. It was a brilliant move by Tim to allow himself the breathing room to keep Nonis and stay with the status quo for this year. There will be some tinkering but Nonis, Phaneuf, the top line and most of the 2nd 3rd lines/2nd 3rd D pairs will remain in tact. It will be more bottom guys that get moved like UFA’s Kuli, McClement, Bolland, Raymond along with guys like Ranger, probably Franson and James Remier. The core will remain

    • You’re probably right! In all likelihood the core group will pretty much return in tact, That being said, personally, I’d rather take another run at things with this group and a new coach, as opposed to some knee jerk reaction where we peddle away young assets like Kadri and Gardiner. On the whole, this is still one of the youngest teams in the league, and as such, partial to growing pains.

  2. I disagree to an extent. Yes you are probably right with regards to most of the core coming back but I think you’ll see a big move or 2. By big move I mean there will be a total team analysis and looking at what it takes in the long run not the short term look at how many points he can get.. Guys like kadri, phanuef, Franson, they will be looked at whether it works long term. Whether they have a place here when a potential cup is raised. If they don’t fit or don’t have the character or assets this management team is looking for this is the time to retool. You heard it multiple times today the collapse this year was seen from the beginning now they will find out what to change and how to do it

    • But maybe I just hoping for to much

      • There will be sa couple bigger moves, the cap situation while not great is repairable somewhat. Never going to get rid of Clarkson but if they move Lupul and but out Gleason saves nearly 8 million bucks. Drop Orr to the Marlie and they have over 30 mill in space with 11 guys signed, Thats room for quite a bit of new faces. Some just act like the sky is falling.