NHL Canadian Corner – April 17, 2012.

Senators lose a close, well-played Game Three to the Rangers, the Canucks could have Daniel Sedin back for Game Four, former Flames coach Brent Sutter won’t discuss rumors about Oilers coaching job, and the latest on the Canadiens search for a new general manager.

OTTAWA SUN: Despite out-shooting and out-playing the NY Rangers for most of Game Three, the Senators could solve Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, falling 1-0 to the Blueshirts. It was a well-played, entertaining match, devoid of the brawling and cheapshots of Game Two. The Rangers now lead the series 2-1.

Will Daniel Sedin return for Game Four?

VANCOUVER SUN: Injured forward Daniel Sedin (concussion) is expected to practice with the Canucks today, giving rise to hopes he could return to the lineup for Game Four, a “must-win” for the Canucks, who trail the LA Kings 3-0 in the series and are on the verge of elimination.

CALGARY SUN: Former Flames coach Brent Sutter wouldn’t comment on rumors he might be hired as the coach of the Edmonton Oilers next season. “The Oilers have a head coach and personally, I hope he is the guy still coaching their team next year,” Sutter said.

LA PRESSE: The Montreal Canadiens have contacted the Minnesota Wild to request permission to speak with Wild assistant GM Blair Mackasey. Others believed on the short list for the vacant position of Canadiens general manager include “Julien Brisebois, Marc Bergevin, Claude Loiselle, Luc Robitaille and, of course, Patrick Roy”.


  1. The Rangers goalie stole the game, which is what great goalies do in the playoffs. Ottawa deserved at least one goal if not more, but where turned back by the King. This promises to be a better, more bitter and harder fought round one match-up than most experts thought.

    Daniel Sedin is down in LA for moral support and inspiration than for anything else. He should not be playing but with his determination and spirit you cannot rule him out. I think the way each of the Sedins have been battered and came back for more not only in the regular season but also in the playoffs this year (Henrick) they should never be referred to as “The Sisters” ever again.

    While I am not a fan of Brent Sutter’s coaching style I have to say that he acted with class when asked about coaching the Oilers next season and about his hope that their present coach is their coach next year as well.

    Montreal may well have another coaching candidate to interview when the Canucks are ousted, extremely unceremoniously from this years playoffs. There is no where else for GM Mike Gillis to look than directly at the man who scripted how the Canucks were to play along with each and every game plan.
    Who the Canucks put in goal will not matter, but my money is on Corey Schneider again. The team plays different in front of him than they do Loungo. That should also enter into how management looks at which goalie they should keep and which one they should ask if he will rescind his no trade clause.

    On a different matter..is anyone but me tired of Don Cherry mispronouncing Roberto Luongo’s name?
    Every time he talks about him he calls hm Lulongo.
    I know Cherry is an uneducated and ignorant individual but he has taken the time to learn how to pronounce the name of everyone he likes, but come on even a 3 year old cansay Loo-on-go.
    If McLean actually liked any of the Canucks you would be sure that he would tutor Cherry on that and st him from sounding so ignorant.

  2. Spector: I read somewhere (maybe LAKingsInsider) that the Canadiens were also interested in Kings’ Assistant General Manager Ron Hextall.

  3. @Captain Ahab

    I don’t agree about the Sedins. The reason that they are called the “Sisters” is because of their soft play, their whining, and their diving.

    One could live with them playing soft or not being particularly tough. But numerous times I’ve seen one of them slash a guy in the ankles, get pushed, and then fall to the ice like they were hit by a truck.

    Overall, the Canucks seem to have a sense of self-entitlement and arrogance. They appear like they deserve to win and don’t feel the need to earn their wins. They need a serious culture change in Vancouver.