NHL Canadian Corner – April 17, 2014

Canadiens edge the Lightning, Jets re-sign coach Paul Maurice, plus the latest on the Senators, Canucks, Flames and Oilers. 

Dale Weise (left) celebrates his overtime goal against the Lightning.

Dale Weise (left) celebrates his overtime goal against the Lightning.

MONTREAL GAZETTE/TAMPA TRIBUNE: Dale Weise was the hero for the Canadiens as his overtime goal lifted his club to a 5-4 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning in a very entertaining opening game of their best-of-seven series. Steven Stamkos scored twice for the Lightning, while the Habs got two-point performances from captain Brian Gionta and Lars Eller.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens dominated this game and would’ve won it easily if not for solid goaltending by Lightning backup Anders Lindback. Canadiens starter Carey Price looked shaky on two of the Lightning goals (except for the Stamkos goals, nothing he could’ve done about those) but was steady in overtime. The Lightning’s inexperience (they’re carrying ten rookies) was evident in this one, as mistakes led to most of those goals by the Habs.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets yesterday announced the re-signing of coach Paul Maurice to a four-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Now that their coaching’s resolved, Jets management must do something to improve their goaltending and their scoring depth. Why do I have a feeling GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will remain his usual cautious self and bring back pretty much the same lineup for next season?

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators felt the true cost of losing former captain Daniel Alfredsson to free agency last summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Senators owner Eugene Melnyk and GM Bryan Murray. They treated Alfredsson shabbily. Now he’s setting an example for his young Detroit Red Wings teammates as they prepare for their opening round series against Boston, while his former team hits the golf course. I feel sorry for Alfie’s former Senators teammates, as they definitely could’ve used his leadership and experience this season.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks defenseman Jason Garrison is hoping to improve next season.

CALGARY HERALD: Eight items on the Flames off-season “to-do” list. Topping the list is finding a new general manager.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers UFA defenseman Anton Below has signed with SKA St. Petersburg of the KHL.


  1. Just cant stand Heally and Hughson (not just awful for Leaf games at least their consistant…) had to watch Cbus and the Pens after the first period but after that it looked like a great game good win for the Habs. MB has put together a lineup that looks like it was built for the playoffs and MT rolling 4 lines that can all play.

      • It was awsome as per usual…CBC does set the tone great its just Heally and Hughson and their nonsense. Every goal that goes in is due to the goalies “Weakness and thats the book on him..” really Glen? That must have been some kinda book on you, read like War and Peace, and Hughson is like listening to the teacher from Ferris Buellers Day Off, dull and just as condescending anyone?….anyone?….anyone…?

        • Glen Healy – the human mute button. Incredible the difference between him and the TSN colour guys.
          Fun hockey game to watch though, just not sure I’ll be watching in June.

  2. I dont understand Chevy in Winnipeg, after he watched his team all year and the struggles of Pavlec to announce yesterday (I assume it was on Twitter anyway) that Pavlec will be their no. 1 guy next year. With the goalies that are UFA and probably available by trade all looking like better options than youre no. 1 guy why not just keep your mouth closed? Maybe see if you can upgrade or just wait for camp and see how things go be atleast non committal. Instead he seems to be giving the guy who is super inconsistant a vote of confidence maybe make him have some second thoughts so he trains a little harder in the offseason. Seems a little complacent.

    • He really can’t announce that Pavlec won’t be the #1 as he doesn’t have a viable alternative on the roster, so it would only jack-up the cost for a trade or a UFA.

  3. Maurice re-signed in WPG makes me think Cheveldayoff and Nonis spoke, and Carlyle is being given another chance.

    • Not sure that sure that would happen, and not sure its just up to Nonis with out discussing it over with Shanny and doubt they would jump to that conclusion. If Chevy had thoughts that a better coach might come available he wouldnt sign Paul to a four year deal. This makes no sense.

      • Oh I’m pretty sure GMs chat all the time, and perhaps indirectly indicate the way the wind is blowing.

        No sense waiting for a guy if you know you’re not going to be in a position to acquire him (DeBoer, perhaps Carlyle).

        • Yes they do chat alot im sure but, I dobt they make snap decisions as much as this one would be by not only the leafs but the Jets as well…Its a 4 year deal for Paul now even if Nonis was to say we are keeping Randy next season how long a leash do you honestly think Carlyle would have? If they got off to any kind of bad start they are firing Carlyle and the Jets who waited on Randy just signed theirs for 4 years? It doesnt make sense. Also if you think Maurice isnt that good of a coach or wasnt exactly a fit why not wsit till the season is over Bylsma maybe Hitchcock Trotz if some teams flop in the first round or 2 there could be a list of some very good coaches avsilable next year. Too much was made of Carlyles “connection” to Winnipeg. The Leafs may keep him (doubt it) but I am pretty sure there wouldnt be a decision made 1 way or another that would affect Maurice signing in Winnipeg. It will take some time before the Leafs know who is staying who is going. These are decisions that you take your time with.

  4. What a game last night by the Habs/Bolts! Montreal definitely deserved that game. Price was not his usual self until the OT period. He looked more alert and moved quicker than he did all game.

    Also, great to see Weise get the OT winner. Anyone I’ve talked to about he Habs knows I’ve loved the addition of Weise. He grew up a Habs fan, his dad is a Habs fan, so good for him to get the winner. If price can bounce back, which I’m confident he will, and the Habs continue to put the pressure on then they can hopefully take this series. Go Habs go!!!

  5. Habs – T Bay game was certainly enjoyable to watch, but certainly not your text book play-off hockey. Questionable goaltending, defensive gaffes, giveaways, missed assignments, neutral zone turnovers. Gotta figure Bruins were watching this and licking their chops. I’d bet my last dollar next game will resemble game one in no way whatsoever. Probably a tight checking, low chance 1-0, 2-1 affair.

    • the bruins definitely not licking there chops seeing the habs win tho they are in the bruins head and will beat them in a series