NHL Canadian Corner – April 18, 2012.

Canucks hoping to have Daniel Sedin in the lineup for tonight’s game against the Kings, Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson suffers a setback in his recovery from a concussion, Bob Boughner won’t be a candidate for head coach of the Flames, and the Maple Leafs are a challenge for new head coach Randy Carlyle.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks hope to reunite the Sedin Twins for tonight’s crucial game against the Los Angeles Kings. Daniel Sedin has been out of the lineup since suffering a concussion following a late-season hit to the head from Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith. The Canucks definitely need all the help they can get, as they face playoff elimination in tonight’s game.

Alfredsson a "no-go" for Game Four?

OTTAWA SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson is questionable for tonight’s game against the NY Rangers, having suffered a setback as he recovers from a concussion suffered in Game Two over the weekend.

CALGARY SUN: Windsor Spitfires coach Bob Boughner isn’t interested in becoming head coach of the Calgary Flames, saying he’s happy in his current role.

TORONTO SUN: Randy Carlyle faces a challenge trying to turn around the Maple Leafs next season.




  1. This latest concussion may really affect whether or not Alfredsson decides to hang them up after these playoffs. I’m of the opinion that he will probably retire, for his own well being.

    I have to admit I was extremely impressed with H.Sedin’s ability to continue playing game 3, after that hit from Dustin Brown. That was one of the hardest hits I’ve seen all year.

    Ray Ferraro said in an interview on OTR that Brown’s hits are harder than most as he almost never leaves his feet. There is a natural upward motion when a player throws a check, brown stays on his feet and this helps drive more force into his hits.

  2. @RealPoultsy – completely agree on the Sedin hit and the way he battled back, not only to make on impact on the game, but to skate a 3:24 minute shift. I can’t recall ever seeing a shift that long that wasn’t on a 4 or 5 minute PP. Impressive from the captain.

  3. If Daniel Sedin does play it will be another demonstration of his, as well as his brother’s, toughness. There should never again be a question raised about the Sedins being weak sisters!
    Also, if in fact Daniel laces them up at game time, the coach and GM should be fired. Yes, the Canucks are in a huge hole, and yes, the Canucks need all the help they can get but putting a still concussed player in the game with the level of intensity that his opponents are playing with is a sure sign of desperation. A win one at all costs attitude that could come back to bite the entire organization in the butt. While Daniel may say he feels good enough to play, (of course he would as he is willing to do anything to help his teammates) it is obvious that he has not recovered and should still be recuperating.

    If the NHL, and that includes the Players Association, really wanted to get the high, concussion giving hits out of he game they would come up with a penalty system that addresses what happens if a dirty hit puts a player on the shelf for a prolonged period. Sydney Crosby is a perfect example. Then of course you could look at Jonathan Toews, Daniel Sedin and in the playoffs Daniel Alfredsson. How is it that the player dealing out the dirty hit can pay a small price with a few games suspension, while the injured player through no fault of their own may be out for weeks, months, an entire playoff series or even for ever? The penalty should fit the crime and the longer the player is out, the longer the player is suspended.
    If this is Daniel Alfredsson’s last season because of a concussion, then the Ottawa team, the entire NHL and all the fans of hockey have been deprived of him playing because of a dirty hit.

    Randy Carlyle’s biggest obstacle is and will be Brian Burke. While I am sure the pressure to win in and for the city of Toronto seems at times insurmountable but that will be nothing compared to trying to compete with what Burke gives him in the way of talent. Burke’s constant talk of truculence and whatever other words he can look up in Roget’s Thesaurus for “toughness” and the players he brought in to demonstrate that on the ice, hampered Ron Wilson and will continue to handcuff Randy Carlyle. Players like Colton Orr, Jay Rosehill and Mike Brown who, while becoming fan favorites for their style of play, and while taking up three roster spots contributed little if anything to the offense and placed a larger strain on the defense. Nazim Kadre couldn’t get a proper evaluation because of cap space that was taken up by lesser skilled individuals, and Orr had to be shuffled off to the minors with his one million dollar salary because he could no longer keep up with NHL skaters. Jay Rosehill and Mike Brown were still on the team because Toronto had to play Boston and Burke didn’t want his Leags turning the other cheek.
    Hopefully, Carlyle can get a few new and different players from Burke and guide them to success but if success does come, Carlyle will not get the recognition he deserves because Burke’s and his ego will find a way for him to get the adoration.

    Good for Boughner. Not knowing how Calgary will look if or after the demolition happens shows just how smart the man is. The fans will not sit still if they have their stars jetisonned and get a young and rebuilding team, that loses regularly to the Oilers, in return and the boos will reign down after the loses. The Flames must decide whether to keep Iggy and or Kipper or to move them for whatever Iggy will bring in return or the very good talent that Kipper would command in a trade but lose one of the bestbgoalies in the league. Tough situation for Calgary management and for their fans and will make for an interesting off season.

    • I agree with you in regards to Daniel. Last night (I believe) in an interview he had said he hadn’t been able to work out. That does not sound like a player ready for a play-off battle.