NHL Canadian Corner – April 2, 2014

Game recaps, including the Canadiens clinching a playoff berth, the Maple Leafs finally end their lengthy losing streak and more. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens fell 3-1 to the Tampa Bay Lightning, but thanks to the Washington Capitals loss to the Dallas Stars, they clinched a playoff berth. Canadiens defenseman Douglas Murray could face suspension for an illegal hit to the head of Lightning defenseman Mike Kostka.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens and Lightning are expected to face each other in the opening round of the upcoming playoffs. 

David Clarkson scores the winning goal against the Flames.

David Clarkson scores the winning goal against the Flames.

TORONTO SUN/CALGARY SUN: David Clarkson scored the game winner as the Maple Leafs snapped their eight-game losing streak with a 3-2 win over the Calgary Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs win combined with the Blue Jackets OT loss moves the former to within one point of the latter. The Blue Jackets hold the final playoff berth in the Eastern Conference and also have two games in hand over the Leafs. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE:  The Canucks thin playoff hopes suffered another blow as they fell to the New York Rangers 3-1. Martin St. Louis scored his first goal as a Ranger. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Andrew Ladd scored the game winner in a shootout as the Jets edged the Phoenix Coyotes 2-1.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers fell 5-4 to the San Jose Sharks.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators remain in the playoff chase in the Eastern Conference (five points out of contention) but they’ll need help if they’re to clinch a berth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Two of the teams the Senators must overtake (Devils and Capitals) lost last night, while the Blue Jackets fell in overtime but still gained a point. The Sens hold a game in hand over the Devils and Capitals and two on the Maple Leafs. 


  1. Let’s plan the parade the Leafs barely beat the 27th place team to stop an 8 game losing streak. Oh and let’s not forget Clarkson had his first point in what 17 games or something like that.

    Then there’s Capitan Dion’s comment: “It feels like a lot of weight lifted off of our team, We can feel good about ourselves because we won this game.” Sounds like he’s all good now that they won one game. He realizes they also need to win the next five games right?
    How about saying “we barely squeaked out a win so this team will be taking it up a notch next game until we dominate. I am not happy we almost lost our fans expect more.”

  2. I wouldnt be so hard on Clarkson. He went from a team with NJ with one of the best team structures in the game. To the Leafs one of the worse team structures. He has battled injuries and gets no pp time. He sticks up for teammates and makes no excuses. Then when he finally scores he doesnt do some stupid celebration throwing the monkey off his back. I would still rather spend the money on him then grabowski. And when does dion ever drop gloves? When leafs are down more then two goals and less then a minutes. I really believe turning point in season was when we didnt do anything against buffalo in the b2b games. That wouldnt have happened last year because leafs had a tough identity. Bash me all you want but clarkson is future leaf captain if dion gets stripped or traded. Everyone except for gardiner kadri jvr kessel bozak reilly and clarkson is tradeable. Every leaf fan sais how much of an asset kuli and mclement is yet our pk is one of the worse in leaugue. Just be patient with clarkson. He is a hard worker and will figure it out.

    • To a very small point I agree, the money is too much the term is way to long but I think down the road Clarkson will get his act together. Im not sure he is being used properly, and I sm not sure he has fit in quite like expected, new coach new system and some new players as turnover is bound to happen and he will have more success. Still not worth it but closer.

      • Same thing as Phaneuf and Kessels contract. These guys are decent players I just think like Clarkson the contracts are to high and to long. Yes, I know afew other teams would pay them just as Clarkson probably saw an even higher offer from another team it doesn’t make it worth it when it takes money from other parts of your line up which means you under pay at the 4th line and 3/4 & 5/6 Dman position. When you under pay you usually get garbage. Therefore no more bitching about how crappy the 4th line and 3/4 & 5/6 D pairs are.

        • McLaren and Orr Smithson all make more than guys like Holland Smith D’amigo Ashton, Bodie who I think are better 3 and 4 line guys.

        • How is Gleason under paid? He is a 4.5 million dollar 5th D. Youre comment makes no sense about skimping out on 3/4 lines and bottom pairing D men. Agsin the bigger issue isnt what guys are getting paid, its lack of D and structure to their game. Other teams have some sketchy contracts and are close to the cap it doesnt mean they go on 8 game losing streaks. There are teams that have lots of cheap contracts and sit at the cap floor and it doesnt mean they are good.