NHL Canadian Corner – April 23, 2012.

The Canucks are eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs by the LA Kings in five games, while the Ottawa Senators hope to upset the NY Rangers tonight in Game Six.


Canucks playoff dreams ended by Kings.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE/VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks were unable to force a sixth game in their series against the Los Angeles Kings, as they were eliminated in five games on a 2-1 overtime goal by Kings forward Jarret Stoll. The series defeat left the Canucks – who won their second consecutive President’s Trophy as the league’s top regular season club – in shock, while veteran Canucks defenseman Sami Salo watched his Stanley Cup dreams turn to dust.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Since late last week, there’s been lots of trade speculation involving Canucks goalies Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider. Expect that to continue in the coming days and weeks.

OTTAWA CITIZEN/OTTAWA SUN: The Senators hope to wrap up their series with the NY Rangers by winning Game Six tonight on home ice, while Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson (concussion) is hopeful of returning to action tonight.

NOTE: To the person who e-mailed me asking why there hasn’t been much posted here on the other Canadian teams over the past week: it’s because there’s been hardly any news to report about those teams, ok? That’s usually what happens to non-playoff clubs at this point in the season. Rest assured, whenever there is news on the Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Jets, Flames and Oilers, it’ll be posted here.


  1. To me, as far as the Vancouver Canucks go, the dye has been cast. Cory Schneider IS the future in goal. He is 7 years younger than Luongo and his contract, when he gets his raise, will not be a millstone dragging the team down and preventing them from acquiring needed pieces to their puzzle. He has proven himself at all levels of his hockey career, including the regular seasons and playoffs and the experts are in agreement as far as his talent level being excellent. This is someone you can build a team around for he next 10 years and bring in suitable backups as they develop in the Canucks minor league system.
    Other than Schneider the Sedins I do not believe that anyone on the team should be untouchable as far as trading them goes.
    I look at Kessler and what he didn’t do during this years playoffs, as short as it was, as well as what he wasn’t able to do as the regular season wound down. His scoring went south as did his overall play. I am not saying trade him but at least consider what he could bring in if the team went that way.
    Alex Edler, while great offensively (at times) is a defensive liability. Could or should he be moved?
    How about Ballard and Hamhuis? Aaron Rome?
    Do you bring Sami Salo back for another year while keeping your fingers crossed that he doesn’t get hurt?
    Keep Bieksa or troll him for assets?
    As far as forwards go, Mason Raymond has to be moved. Yes, he is fast, but he doesn’t go to the greasy areas and his two way game leaves much to be desired.
    Rather than through the entire roster I believe you get my drift. The team is soft, doesn’t have the desire to go to the net, although as far as I am concerned that is how they were coached and the coach needs to pay the price for his game plans not working.
    Just like Toronto Maple Leaf fans, fans of the Canucks must wait and hope for better things to happen next season, but at least Vancouver has got a lot of talent to either work with or to trade for a different set of skills.

    Finally…Let’s Go Sens.

  2. Personally I just can’t see how Luongo can come back next season. The fans hate him, and the team has shown no faith in him at all. He does carry a no trade/movement clause but I can bet you he’d be open to going to at least 24 of the other 29 teams in the league and many of those teams would consider taking him.

    I am very surprised by the Sens this round of the playoffs. With the way they ended their season I thought they would collapse under the rangers, but they have done very well.