NHL Canadian Corner – April 25, 2012.

Alfredsson apologizes for Game Six tantrum, no suspension for Michalek, Canucks GM back coach Vigneault, Habs Pacioretty a Masterton finalist, Leafs Kadri making waves for their farm team in AHL playoffs, and Flames fans look forward to Baertschi. 

OTTAWA SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson apologized for his Game Six temper tantrum, while teammate Milan Michalek won’t face suspension for allegedly kicking NY Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi in that game.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Though Canucks GM Mike Gillis is awaiting a meeting with Canucks ownership before making any decisions on potential changes to the club this summer, he firmly supported his head coach Alain Vigneault, who’s been criticized by Vancouver fans and media for the club’s unexpected early exit from this year’s playoffs.

Pacioretty a Masterton finalis.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty is among the three finalists, with Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson and Toronto’s Joffrey Lupul, for the Masterton Trophy.

TORONTO SUN: Promising Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri has made himself a physical presence with the club’s farm team in its AHL playoff series against the Rochester Americans.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames fans are looking forward to seeing more of promising forward Sven Baertschi.



  1. As far as I am concerned Daniel Alfredsson has nothing to apologize for. I like to see passion in a player, especially a team captain and Alfredsson showed that he had a lot of passion. Calling his teammates to up their game is the sign of a leader. Who would you rather follow into battle, a hate to lose, passionate player or someone who would rather not hurt your feelings and accept losing as just one of those things that happens?
    Let’s Go Sens.

    Of course Mike Gillis is going to say all the right things about Vigneault. What do you expect him to say? How about this coach couldn’t get the job done and depending of how the owners feel and who else is available to coach he may be gone. Also better him than me.
    If the owners are willing to eat the last year remaining on his contract and there is someone they feel better about, Vigneault has coached his last game with he Canucks.
    Maybe both the coach and GM should be jettisoned. They have both made some dumb moves. Which one thought of and OKed Luongo for captain? After trading for and getting Zach Kasspian which one couldn’t decide where he should play, when and with whom? Who decided that no one should go to the front of the net when the cycle game was in progress. Who decided that when the team had a one goal lead late in the game the best idea was to just dump the puck out of the zone and keep letting he other team bring it back in and try to score again and again? Who was responsible for the team not getting bigger and meaner after the Bruins exposed the team as being too easy to play against?
    There is lots of blame to go around management and coaching wise and it may be Repaired by changing coaches but hen again it may take a total management overhaul.

    Gee, Kadri doing well at the American League level. What a surprise. Maybe with the new coach he will get an honest chance to show what he can do in the NHL this coming season. Lord knows he didn’t get it with Wilson coaching, or is it Burke that doesn’t like him? It would be nice to know the truth on that one.

    Hey, breaking news….the Flames are looking forward to one of their new players playing for them. Every year the Flames are looking forward to something, other than of course, a review of their past season.

  2. I agree with Ahab about Alfie and not needing to appologize…. he has been a class act in his entire career… his appology is just an extension of that. Moreover, I expect him to come out and ensure that the last imagery to his outstanding career is not a tantrum. My pick is Ottawa to win Game-7 and Alfredsson to have a huge impact on the game.

    I liked that Gillis was open about the Hodgeson situation. I am sure he just became such a pain in the a** that they moved him to clear their schedules! Good on him for taking that stance on a player who hasn’t proven he deserves star treatment.

    Kadri at the AHL is perfectly fine. Not a leaf fan, but happy to see the kid having success after he has been crucified by fans and media alike. He looks like he is going to be a real player, with some good leaderhsip and determination. I’d not trade him unless I was getting back “the Guy”.