NHL Canadian Corner – April 27, 2012.

The Senators fall to the NY Rangers in seven hard-fought games, the Canucks aren’t lacking for goalie depth, Oilers GM keeping mum on his plans with the first overall pick, and prospect Filip Forsberg would love to join the Montreal Canadiens.


The look on Anderson's face says it all.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators surprising season came to end with a 2-1 loss in Game Seven of their Conference quarterfinal against the NY Rangers, leading more than a few observers to wonder if this was captain Daniel Alfredsson’s final game. Let’s hope not. He’s got one more year left on his contract and rebounded well from last season’s injury-hampered performance. Still, he also suffered two concussions this season, and that’ll be a factor which weighs on his decision.

VANCOUVER SUN: Canucks management are optimistic over the development of promising goalie Eddie Lack, whom some see as Cory Schneider’s potential backup if the team trades Roberto Luongo this summer.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers GM Steve Tambellini seemed to support head coach Tom Renney, but a decision over the latter’s future with the club has yet to be determined. Tambellini continues to keep mum on his intentions with the first overall pick in this year’s entry draft.

LA PRESSE: Swedish prospect Filip Forsberg said he’d love to play for the Montreal Canadiens, who hold the third overall pick in this year’s entry draft. For the pros and cons of Forsberg, check out this profile at AllHabs.net.



  1. Last night on CBC, Don Cherry seemed very confident Luongo will end up in Tampa Bay.

  2. Hey RealPoultsy:
    I too watched Coach’s Corner and thought it strange that Cherry already had Luongo heading to Tampa Bay. As much as I hate the guy, I have to give him credit for a lot of the trade rumours that he has been dead on with. Maybe he has some inside info. What I hope is that it is not just a salary dump with Luongo rather than a trade with one or more good players coming to the Camucks. We will just have to wait and see.

    It was a shame that Ottawa had to lose, especially seeing how hard they played. Alfredsson was a real leader and certainly defined how a captain should lead. By example and with passion. If he retires the NHL will lose a class act. Hopefully he returns for one more season.

    Along with goalie Eddie Lack the Canucks have a number of players down on the farm that appear ready for prime time. They have a defenseman that will challenge for a spot at next season’s training camp and I believe he will make the team. Also, there are one or two forwards that should give a good accounting of themselves and have a real chance of making the big squad.
    If they want to take a chance with Schneider and have Lack as his backup, they have my vote. I am not happy with how the team is built right now and a shake up is the right thing to do, rather than just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, so to speak.

    Tambellini will continue to keep mum right up until draft day as he has done over the last two drafts but will then choose the best player available, rather than draft for a position that they need filled. One of these years, when they fill a couple of critical positions, probably 2013/14, they will once again become a powerhouse.

    Of course Forsberg would like to play for Montreal. He would also
    like to play for any of the other 29 teams in the NHL as well. As for his playing in Montreal, he may be able to speak French which of course would go over well with the Quebec media and give him a place in their hearts even before he steps on the ice.

    Sadly, as I predicted there are no Canadian teams left after the first round of the playoffs. I predicted with my head while my heart wanted me to be wrong. But starting after the All Star break I kept saying that the Canucks were not built for the playoffs. I thought they were too easy to play against physically
    and were winning too many one goal games against teams they should have been ahead by 2 if not 3 or even more goals by. I thought that the relied on their goaltending too much. I felt good knowing that Schneider was ready to step in if Luongo needed a rest and I even thought Luongo was playing much better this year than last, but it was the defense giving up too many good scoring chances and the forwards not going to the net often enough that gave me worry.
    I say this hoping that the Canucks get bigger and tougher and
    make opponents pay a big price for every foot of ice they want.
    If they are going to move one of the best goalies in the league then they better get a lot for him or else there will be a change coming at the management level.

  3. Ahab
    I beleive your fears will come true. Lou will be a salary dump. I doubt they get more than a 2nd round pick for him. I also think Gillis would be a fool not to move Luongo now as his value will continue to erode with time. the $5+ Million in cap space is more valuable to them than anything else as they can bring in help elsewhere.

    His value is not going to be determined by his skill leel or play, but rather the eroneous committment contractually. That is a lot of seasons left on a deal for an older guy who is no longer at the top of his game.

    If Tampa offer even one 1st rd pick, the Canucks will jump at it.

    • I am not convinced Loungo would amount to nothing more than a salary dump. His numbers are up there with the best of them and the cap hit is not that bad in relation to other goaltenders of his pedigree. The duration is long, however the bulk of the monies have been paid,and the last 4 years of that contract amount to what the 1st year was worth “roughly” . I think the so called lack of value is predicated by Leafs fans who see an opportunity and want him at a discount. Not gonna happen, there is a few viable options and someone is gonna pay something decent. Take a look at Florida. Lots of room and a need, and also Gillis and Talon have a history. That cold be a winner for all parties involved. Luongo included

      • Im not a Leaf fan, but perceive his value at “low” becasue of the extra 4 years on the contract… he still is a $5.5M cap hit- even though he is only making $1.5M. That is going to be a huge problem for any team that takes on the contract unless they are going to a) bury him in the minors, or b) he retires.

        I don’t see any team (except New Jersey or the Islanders) wanting that contract, even with the declining salary owed in the last seasons.

        The new CBA is undetermined and you may not be able to buy out, or bury guys in the minors. that’s why I don’t think anyone will give “fair” value for him, and also why I think the Canucks are looking to dump him off.

  4. Luongo won’t be “just” a salary dump. Luongo is still an elite level tender and the Canucks will definitely get something back in return. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a prospect or two and that’s it.

    It’s also conceivable that he’s part of a package deal .. but who knows? I wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of Gillis’ mouth, he really shat all over himself with those comments about Hodgson. Reminded me a lot of Scott Howson when he addressed the media regarding Rick Nash.

  5. I am a fan of shaking up the Canucks and bringing in some new blood. I would like to see Louongo as part of a package. Yesterday when the Toronto media was in a frenzy with rumours of Louongo becoming a Leaf I thought it would be nice to see a 3 for 3 or maybe a 4 for 4 trade. What I had in mind was Luongo, Raymond and Ballard going to Toronto for MacArthur, Reimer and Schenn. I also envisioned a MacArthur, Reimer, Schenn and Kadri trade for Luongo, Raymond, Ballard and possibly a forward like Hansen or a D-man like Alberts.
    I liked the idea of getting Reimer to possibly back up Scheider until Lack is ready and then trading either Reimer or Lack when the time is right. I personally believe Reimer is a good and possibly a soon to be great goalie and would blossom after spending some time on the West Coast. I have always liked MacArthur and in a left winger for left wing deal Vancouver would be getting a 20 goal scoring, hard nosed player for a fringe player like Raymond who might do better in a different environment. I know Schenn is still a work in progress but he is a hard hitter and plays with passion. Ballard ought be a good addition to the Leafs back end. And finally, if TO does not want Kadri I would love to see him in Vancouver as I believe he has a huge upside and could turn into a star in the by near future.
    I know the likelyhood of Luongo going to Burke and Co. is a long shot at best but stranger things have happened and Toronto needs to shake things up as well.