NHL Canadian Corner – April 29, 2012.

Speculation over Daniel Alfredsson’s future, the latest on two promising Flames prospects, and an update on the Canadiens search for a general manager.


Will Alfredsson return for one more season?

OTTAWA SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson said his four children would love if he returned with the club for another season, as they enjoy being part of the team. He has one year remaining on his contract but hasn’t given a timetable for a decision. His teammates are also urging him to return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I might be wrong, but I get the feeling Alfredsson will return to play out his final season.

CALGARY SUN: Flames prospects Sven Baertschi and Lauren Brossoit had fine seasons with their WHL teams, giving Flames fans some hope for the future.

LA PRESSE: Francois Gagnon reports the Canadiens have contacted NBC hockey analyst Pierre McGuire regarding their vacant GM position.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just think, if McGuire gets the job, every player he acquires via the draft, trade or free agency will be a MONSTER! 😉


  1. I am all for McGuire getting the Montreal Job. I don’t care if he’s good for it or not I just want him off the Television. lol

    But to be serious. He’s been considered for a number of gm roles recently, so teams obviously see something in him.

  2. I love McGuire’s commentary, but what concerns me is the day the Canadiens drafted Price he was so against it (because we had Theodore playing well). I just don’t want a bad decision like that occurring. Oh well. Dreger reported yesterday in his mailbag that the GM position was done and a announcement could be made in the next week. Hmmm. All I really care about is how much money is left after signing Price, Subban an burying Gomez for a serious run at Parise and Gaustead.
    Also, I’m thinking the Habs are taking Galchenyuk with the 3rd. Just a feeling. I personally don’t think you can go wrong with him. I was pumping Grigorenko’s tires before but I think if they pick either of those two they will be landing a top quality player.

    • he would have drafted jeff carter instead. it wouldnt have been the worst thing if he didnt draft price.

      Every team makes great and terrible draft decisions. Its like playing roulette.

  3. It’s good to see the Canadiens covering their bases. I like the process and I like the fact that they aren’t dismissing anyone out of hand. That open-minded attitude increases the chances of making a good decision.

  4. Does McGuire get the interviews because of his celebrity status or because of his knowledge and skill?
    I joined in the early speculation but lately said, the Canadiens have a solid hiring committee. I will be happy with whoever they choose. We won’t know if it’s a good choice until we see the results on the ice.

  5. Smielman – “for a serious run at Parise and Gaustad” – personally, I think Gaustad is overpaid for what he brings to the table. His faceoff winning percentage has gone down and he has changed his physical style of play to relying on those around to fill those shoes. Seems that $2.3MM for a 4th line (sometimes 3rd) is a little too expensive – we should try to get someone like Derak Stepan, Dominic Moore (who I thought never got a good look in Bflo) Daniel Winnek, Benn Ferrerro, Kyle Wellwood – I think all are affordable and would give us some grit and leadership.

  6. The Montreal Canadiens will not have McGuire as their GM. They will have someone that is respected by Montreal fans and Quebec media, and that is something that McGuire is not.
    He is one of, if not THE most annoying TV analyst there is. I turn off any broadcast that he is on and find a different way to watch or hear the game.
    As far as I am concerned he is a real Monster when it comes to overtalking whoever is doing the play by play.

    Year after year the Flames have hopes for the future and year after year they manage to disappoint their fans. Unless they decide to really shake up their team over the off season, next year will be a mirror image of this last one.

    Alfredsson will return for at least the last year remaining on his contract. He is one guy who understands loyalty and commitment and when he leaves it will be because his contract is over and he will go out with his usual class.

    Montreal is way too smart to hire him.
    I would like to see a show with him, Don Cherry and Mike “the mouth” Milbury. There would be a brawl over who could talk the most and showcase his ego the most.

  7. Open minded they will only hire someone that speaks french

  8. I beleive that McGuire is a good choice for the GM job. For a team requiring a rebuild and with a top pick in this years’ draft, I think McGuire brings a lot of knowledge and personal experience with the young up and coming players. He won’t be afraid to change the culture of the team and

    Alfredsson will likely be back, in my books, becasue of his relationship with Karlsson. I am sure the Sens will plead for him to come back for at least one more year.

  9. I’m glad McGuire is getting a look. Despite all his talk, at the end of the day, he has a lot of quality things to say. He knows everybody who is anybody in the game (players) and has some NHL management experience. What really gets me is how he (to me at least) talks about how he would coach a player to get the most out of them. That was something seriously missing from Gauthier. He is a Montreal boy and, as far as I know, does speak French. The question mark for me about him is how are his negotiating/trading skills. It is easier to say this guy or that has the skills a team needs but another getting that player into the fold. Assistant GM should be a slam dunk for him.

    • McGuire was born in Englewood, New Jersey, and grew up in the Montreal area. He is bilingual.

  10. Pierre McGuire hasn’t had a coaching job in 17 years? When referring to his ability with young players, are we talking about his drooling over Sidney Crosby? He only states the obvious, cuts off fellow commentators and clearly angers most hockey fans. There’s a good reason he hasn’t had an NHL job in so long. He’s just a windbag that loves the sound of his own voice.