NHL Canadian Corner – April 5, 2012.

Canadiens blank Stamkos in win over Tampa Bay, Schneider believes Luongo will elevate his game for playoffs, Senators goalie believes teammate Karlsson should win the Norris, Phaneuf deserves share of blame for Maple Leafs disappointing season, Jets solid play comes too late to save season, Oilers and Flames hoping to finish seasons on high note.

RDS.CA: The Montreal Canadiens prevented Steven Stamkos from continuing his quest for 60 goals, keeping the sniper off the board in a 5-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. Stamkos will have only two more games (Toronto tonight, Winnipeg on Saturday) to reach that mark.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks backup Cory Schneider, who has outplayed Roberto Luongo for the most part this season, not only believes Luongo should get the start in the playoffs, but his teammate will also elevate his game. Give it up to Schneider, he’s gone out of his way to diffuse any attempt by Vancouver fans and media to drum up a goaltender controversy. Luongo will probably get the start when the playoffs open, but rest assured that if he struggles early, Schneider will take over.

Karlsson for Norris, says teammate.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators goalie Craig Anderson believes teammate Erik Karlsson deserves to win the Norris Trophy this season. Well, of course, he does, it’s not as though Anderson would suggest otherwise.

TORONTO SUN: Dave Hilson believes Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf must shoulder his share of the burden for the club’s disappointing performance this season.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen scolds the Jet for their recent passion in road games, wondering where it was earlier in the season, when it would’ve mattered.

EDMONTON SUN/CALGARY HERALD: Their playoff hopes may be dashed, but the Oilers and Flames are hoping to end their disappointing seasons on high notes. Maybe they can get together and sing soprano?




  1. Hopefully Carlyle goes over with Phanuefs what he expects him to work on this off season to fix his game. Phanuef needs to work on a few things and I think if he fixes that he’ll be a solid defender. He’s not terrible, but teams have figured out how to beat him and now he needs to adjust again.


    They HAVE to buy out Connolly or move him he is such a waste they can not move forward with him !

    They dont have to resign Kulimen or Franson they have Marlies moving up to cover Burkes mistakes.

    They should move out Kulimen to save some money and sign Franson for the power play and size but it seems hes not a Carlyle favourite.

    Luke Schen STINKS he cant skate very slow …..cant stick handle or away time and space he stinks TRADE HIM

    Phaneauf is NOT a Captain he does not lead on the Ice and his stats are exagerated because he plays the most minutes …he always gets beat to the outside and can not control his man in the front of the net …he has lost his inner beast …and after that hes just another 3-4 defender and NO MORE !!! Truth is he is the most overated player in the NHL !

    Macarthur is useless very inconsistant doesnt hit and is to much of a perimiter player…needs to go ..there is no advantages

    Lombardi in Buffalo the other night got smeared all over the place his speed is good but he is not an NHL hockey player anymore ..have to send him to the minors to clear his contract.

    Armstrong ….has to go useless…..at 3.5 mill ….. period.

    Bozak is the perfect 2nd line center but if traded can give you a top role player who can skate and hit and add some sand paper

    Adam Burrsih …Matt Cooke ….Eric Nystrom …..Steve Ott and so forth !

    Joe Colborne …is the Leafs biggest trade bait …HUGE guy but has no physical aspect to his game and just skates around the rink with no destination in sight !

    Frattin is a keeper …speed good forecheck and fantastic shot …stocky guy good on his feet !

    Kadri is a keeper just need to give this kid a shot ….

    Holzer HAS to be added to the team next year !!!

    Riemer has to be traded he does not have what it takes to carry a team to anything ! Good back up and thats it !

    Scrivens is the best out of all the Goalies they have ..very fast very mobile reads the play very well …strong positionaly and can play the puck better than any other goalie as well …he can be an anchor for the team and I think the guys liike him in the room ! he is always talking on the Ice and at the bench !

    Kessel and Lupul need a power Center and they would be unstoppable ….its that simple !!!!

    Grabovski …..hopefully the Leafs draft a player this year with the top 5 pick that can compliment him and play on his line with speed and good hands !

    MUST DO s

    Get rid of bad contracts in any way they can …….Komisarek Connolly Armstrong Lombardi ….make cap room

    Go after a solid UFA and trade for a power forward who can be your top Center

    Trade Schenn, Phaneauf, Riemer , Macrthur, Lombardi, Kulimen

    Make a very very serious pitch in a trade for a goalie : ……..In order of importance








  3. Hey leaf fans, are you all ready to throw Reimer under the bus? I personally think keep him and add a good veteran to mentor.

    Straight up if you did get kipper wouldn’t you wish he was helping some young tender learn so in 2-4 years when kipper is done you have someone new?

  4. @ Icebear
    I was at the Buffalo game the other night and Scrivens was fantastic he got pumled with 20 shots in the 2nd period and made huge timely save that neither Gustavson or Riemer have been making all year to the guys a chance …NOW… Iam not saying this from just one game but I have also had the chance to see Marlies game this winter and can honestly say that Scrivens is the most mobile and technical goalie that they have ..he also has very good size and is the quickest with his pads and side to side and up and down movement…being a former Junior goalie I have a gripp on these traits which brings us to discuss that we are not throwing Riemer under the bus …he kind of did that himself…neither him or Gustavson could carry the team on any given night to just steal them a game and get them out of the funk and downward spiralthey were in and goalies that are TRUE stars and playoff winers are able to do that at all times of the year …this tells me that he can not steal a playoff series …..NOW…..
    We will see how Scrivens doesin theer playoff series but in the end if you are going to miove forward with a tender that is going to be mentored you have to go with the best goalie all around and thats Ben Scrivens …..if you dont you will waste it…when you have a small window of opportunity …so you have to get it right !!!!
    I called at the half way season this year that Scrivens would be the Leafs go to Goalie by seasons end this year but forgot to tell you to Copy and paste !

    In closing ….I really dont see what true legit # 1 Goalie there is for the leafs to get as they dont have much to offer in the attempt.

  5. Imagine the conspiracy theories running rampant had Budaj set up Stamkos as well as he set up Lacavalier last night.

  6. @ gravity mike

    I heard it was a month free at the Stamkos cottage on Muskoka Lake …bass boat inlcuded !!

  7. Of course Schneider defended Luongo. That is one of the many things that make this kid great. He is the ultimate team mate. All the while that he was a little used back-up he kept his mouth shut and just quietly went about his job. I still say…ask Luongo to waive his no trade clause and keep this kid. He is the real deal.

    What Phanuef accept blame for anything that went wrong with the Leafs this year? Are you crazy? This guy thinks he is good, hears from Wilson and Burke how good he is and now people think he might change his opinion of himself. Give your head a shake. Every time during the season that he had to take some of the heat he pushed it off on his team mates. If Burke still thinks he is a greats defenseman, then you need to reevaluate your onion of Burke.
    I’ll take Reimer anyday. The kid just needs a good mentor and a hockey atmosphere where he is allowed to make his mistakes, like any goalie does, and learn from them and not be tossed under the bus who he lets in a bad one. Imagine if Luongo got thrown under the bus every time he let in a Mcsoftie…he’d have more tread marks than the the Trans Canada Highway.

    Best pass all year by a Montreal player wasted last night. Tape to tape and in full stride. Sadly for Bugaj it went to a Tampa player an ended up in the back of the net. Other than that it was a good game for the Habs.

    There is no use lamenting the Jets earlier losses. Every team can look back at ones they let get away and what things would be like now if they hadn’t. Woulda, coulda and shoulda. All in all a good opening season for Canada’s new team.

    Listen for the explosion coming soon from Calgary as the dynamite is detonated and the Flames are blown apart. Where the pieces will land is anyone’s guess but you can be sure they will be scattered far and wide.

  8. It is beyond me why people from Toronto – fans, media, whomever – refer to the Leafs as a storied franchise. No cup since 1967, no playoffs since 2004.

    The only way this team should be referred to as “storied” is when that word is preceded by “horror.”

    • LJ yes that title is fitting… When a franchise was owned by the likes of a Harold Ballard for over 20 yrs and didn’t care about the team can’t be good… Who was that other massive asshat in Chicago – Wurtz I think? He did the same in Chicago as Ballard in TO but Ballard was still way worse, perhaps in all of sports all time?

  9. “Dave Hilson believes Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf must shoulder his share of the burden for the club’s disappointing performance this season” Fair enough but where were the stories of Phaneauf’s allstar play that helped hold his team high up in the standings earlier in the year? Hirson should stick eating his bag of di$ks.

    Chris or slap, again terrible hockey sense you have, young one. Did you know that Chara was even worse than Schenn at the same development curve? Not saying Luke will turn into a Chara but when he’s sporting better stats than Chara did at that age btw which is only 22 and you don’t throw them away unless you getting back a compatible young player. What you fail to grasp is that A: the Leafs are a young team and B: the team is full of young inexperienced players… What do these two mean? Expect inconsistencies and heartaches as young players and teams need time to learn how to play in the NHL. What you don’t do is make sweeping changes or give up on young players because of off years or inconsistencies. Also you try to shelter young players by keeping them in the AHL, such as Kadri so he can play big minutes and gain experience, plus as a GM it would be my goal to turn my AHL farm team into a money making draw by keeping really good players there as well as to not unnecessarily have them exposed to the shit show that are Leafs games.