NHL Canadian Corner – April 6, 2012.

Canucks miss chance to clinch President’s Trophy in loss to Flames, Maple Leafs down Lightning, Bruins beat Senators, Jets grounded by Islanders, Ducks beat Oilers, Canadiens fall to Hurricanes.


Flames stall Canucks drive for President's Trophy.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE/CALGARY SUN: The Canucks missed an opportunity to clinch their second straight President’s Trophy, falling to the Flames 3-2. Yet another reason for the Canucks local critics to dump on them, I guess, since whatever they do this season doesn’t seem to be good enough.

TORONTO SUN: Steven Stamkos scored his 59th goal of the season, but it wasn’t enough as the Maple Leafs edged the Tampa Bay Lightning in overtime 3-2.

OTTAWA SUN: Anton Khudobin made 44 saves as the Boston Bruins downed the Ottawa Senators 3-1.

WINNIPEG SUN: Michael Grabner scored twice in the third, leading the NY Islanders to a 5-4 win over the Jets.

EDMONTON SUN: Ryan Getzlaf potted the OT winner as the Anaheim Ducks edged the Oilers 3-2.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens fell to the Carolina Hurricanes 2-1 in a shootout. Wasn’t a particularly good night for Canadian teams playing against American ones.


  1. All Leaf fans better cheer loud and hard for a Leaf loss Saturday night. It could make the difference between picking in the top 5 which intern could vault them to the #1 position. On the flip side a win over Montreal could land them with the 8th overall pick.

    Picking 8th overall or 1st overall could be a huge difference even in this years draft.

  2. I am more afraid of the Canucks this year than last year. They are going to go into these playoffs a little hungrier and angrier.

    I hope Stamkos makes 60. He’s truly one of the best players in the world, and even though Crosby has been out most of the year Stamkos continues to be overshadowed. Hopefully Yzerman can make the needed adjustments with the team this year and get the lightning back into the playoffs.

  3. @ Innovator
    Yeah and Barry Melrose said Stamkos wasnt NHL ready in his rookie season ….what a joke …hes scored close to 50 or plus 50 every year after…Crsoby is unbeleivable saw him in Buffalo last week him and Malkin skate all over the Ice and are totaly complete hockey players at both ends of the Ice.

    @ Beergoggles …I cant tell you how furious I was with the Dave Poulin last night in his interview in between periods on Leafs TV …he was asked about certain players and when confronted with how they evaluate Kadri he has the Fucken gull to say he still needs to stop giving up puck …this Leaf franchise loves to destroy talent ..Kadri has ben lighting it up and he would have been a HUGE upgrade to Connlly all season long and he throws Kadri under the f en bus last night I hope thay trade Kadri for Kadris sake and get him into an organization that appreciates talent when your big league team has NONE …I hate you Brian Burke and all your F en puppets and spoke people ….grow some balls BURKIE and tell the fans in person you SUCK and made mistakes in every area you touch for the leafs since youve been here ………..FIRE BRIAN BURKE NOW !!!! YOU SUCK BURKE !

    • Hahaha boy you’re funny…I would listen to what Poulin a hockey guy who actually works in the field has to say when he evaluates a player over what you or another fans do. Sorry.

      • great player too!

  4. One day the Nucks fans will learn that the regular season means nothing as long as you make the playoffs. It’s what you do in the post-season that has relevance. Other than the Nucks, Sens and the return of the Jets, it’s been a terrible year for Canadian teams.
    Khudobin was great last night.

  5. Wow! not gonna try and top that!

  6. Like “Innovator” I too am afraid of the Canucks this playoff season but for a different reason. I don’t think they will do anywhere near the damage they did last year. Since the All Star break they have struggled mightily to score more than one goal on a regular basis and last night’s game against Calgary was another great example. It took a shorthanded effort for them to get goal number one and even with a 5 on 3 they couldn’t get a good scoring chance which with the way Schneider playing would have been enough to break the back of he Flames. But instead they commit enough defensive zone giveaways for a weeks worth of games and let Calgary back in the game. They decided to crash the net in the final minute or so and got a goal but once again, too little – too late.
    This team does not know how to put teams away. Unlike Philly, Pittsburgh and Boston for example who love to crash the net and pound in goal after goal the Canucks keep trying to make those cute little passes that come playoff time will just not work.
    Most goals in the NHL are scored from within 10 feet of the net and you hardly ever see a Vancouver player or players right in front of the goaltender.
    Sadly, I see both Luongo and Schneider shouldering the blame for the defensive and offensive woes that have beset the Canucks and may well sink them in the playoffs.

    The only excitement in the Leaf – Tampa game was seeing if Stamkos could get number 60, other than that it was another yawn fest. Whether Toronto gets draft spot one through ten it really doesn’t make a huge difference for next season. Burke needs to get the Leafs into the playoffs next year for sure or the fans will call for someone to ram a mast up his butt and sail his ego bloated carcass out of Toronto, and I couldn’t blame them one little bit.

    Last but not least, if the Canucks go out early I see them looking for a new coach. Someone who preaches hard to the net hockey, and if Luongo has another “Leaky Lou” attack that costs the team a game or a series, I hope that he is asked to waive his no-trade clause and to ply his trade elsewhere. Even though he has single handedly kept the team in games they had no business being in and stole games that the team didn’t deserve to win, he has to take the Canucks to the Promised Land…nothing less will do. Sorry but that is just the way it is when the expectations are this high.

  7. In true fashion Burke has just now found a goalie worth keeping between the pipes. Just like the year he got here and traded for Gerber who single handedly took the Leaf’s from a first overall pick to 7th. Then we had to turn around and trade up to 5th and take Schenn. Now we see it once again this year. When all is lost Burke gets forced into changing the coach and gets forced into trying different goalies. Scrivens and Carlyle have brought the Leaf’s from a sure first or second overall pick to possibly 8th. Why is it when the season is finally lost, only then is it time to fix the mistakes and make a push to win at all costs?

    • Ya in both your claims of the Leafs being close enough to draft 1st or 2nd overall are far fetched. They were never and won’t be this year either. Draft positions are often overhyped. In 2008 17th overall pick is turning out to be a superior player than the 5th overall of that year and no this isn’t a one time thing when things like this can’t be said in almost every year…it’s not where you draft but who.

  8. Remember a couple of years ago, if the leafs lost their last game they would have picked 5th, but won the last game and picked 7th? they would have had Brayden Schenn at 5 but got Nazem Kadri at 7. I hope they lose their last game! By the way I am not saying that Kadri will be a bad player, but the Leafs have pursued Schenn since that win.