NHL Canadian Corner – April 6, 2014

Canadiens down the Red Wings, Jets hurt the Leafs playoff hopes, Canucks and Senators keep their fading postseason hopes alive, plus the latest on Taylor Hall and Flames rookie Ken Agostino.

Brian Gionta celebrates one of his two goals against the Red Wings.

Brian Gionta celebrates one of his two goals against the Red Wings.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens blew a 3-0 lead but goals by Brian Gionta and Alex Galchenyuk lifted them to a 5-3 win over the Detroit Red Wings. The win gives the Canadiens a four-point lead over the Tampa Bay Lightning for second in the Atlantic Division.

WINNIPEG SUN/TORONTO SUN: Goals by Tobias Enstrom and Olli Jokinen gave the Winnipeg Jets a 4-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs, driving another nail into the latter’s playoff coffin. The Jets out-shot the Leafs 47-25.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Red Wings remain three points ahead of the eighth-overall Columbus Blue Jackets, and four up on the New Jersey Devils and the Leafs. You can’t hang the Leafs loss on goalie James Reimer, as once again the Leafs were out-shot by a wide margin. The Leafs played with little life in this one, as though they knew their playoff chances were slim. The Red Wings and Devils (who have caught the Leafs in the standings) each have a game in hand, while the Blue Jackets have two. The Leafs need a miracle and I don’t believe they’re gonna get it. The odds are stacked against them.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Third period goals by Alexander Edler and Brad Richardson gave the Vancouver Canucks a 2-1 win over the Los Angeles Kings.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Robin Lehner made 41 saves as he carried the Ottawa Senators to a 3-2 victory over the New York Rangers, who still need only one point to clinch a playoff berth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks are six points out of playoff contention in the West. Yes, they still have a chance of making the playoffs, but they need to win all their remaining games and the teams they need to overtake (Dallas, Phoenix and Nashville) to lose all of theirs, especially the Stars and Coyotes. The Senators, meanwhile, are five points out of contention in the Eastern Conference and are in the same boat as the Canucks. 

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers are having another miserable season, but Taylor Hall is enjoying his best.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames rookie Ken Agostino is looking forward to his homecoming as his club faces off in New Jersey against the Devils on Monday.


  1. With the Coyotes playing the Stars in their last game, the Canucks are virtually 8 points out of the postseason and only if the Coyotes lose every other game and the Stars lose every game including the one against the Panthers tonight. Somebody has to take credit for the win

  2. Leafs are done, done done…

    I was especially annoyed last night every time Glenn Healy came on the mic and trashed Reimer for how he was playing spouting advise on what he should be doing differently. Last I checked Healy was a career lifetime loser 166 wins to 190 losses with an .888 save percentage and a 3.37 GAA and had just as bad a record in the playoffs and only twice in his career recorded a SAV% over .900.
    Reimer has a lifetime career winning record of 53 wins to 32 losses with an average SAV% of .915 and a GAA of 2.71
    Now I’m no analyst but I believe that makes Reimer head and shoulders better then Healy all be it James has only played 104 NHL games to Healy’s 437. Maybe it would be wise for Healy to shut is mouth when commenting on goalies positional play and stick to talking about potential trades.

    I am glad Cherry pointed out Phaneuf running around last night like a chicken with his head cut off since I thought I was the only one that noticed it. He’s a minus 10 in his last 6 games. Seven more years of watching him… Oh ya!!

    • It’s physically impossible for Healey to be quiet about anything and, most of the time, he only opens his mouth to change feet. Where’s that mute button?

  3. That loss last night; and they way they lost, is a true reflection of how that team as a whole has played defensively all year.Between Carlyle and Healy and the media throwing Reimer under the bus and backing up over him for good measure all season long has been a disgrace. Any wonder he might just have some confidence issues.

    The Leafs have no right to be a playoff team; even if the hockey gods and whomever allows it to happen. Should be interesting to see what happens during the off season as I have to believe that Carlyle is gone at the very least.

    • Well said Joey

  4. good on the Canucks for putting in the effort last night they were the better team by far. to those who would point to Edler interfering with Gaborik, you need to realize that was happening both ways and there were some pretty blatant calls missed on LA for practically the same thing and that was After Corrado was given 2 straight calls for interference. the difference in the game was LA took 4 straight incredibly blatant penalties in the 3rd, first Brown ran Hamhuis into the boards when he was in a vulnerable position, then Williams hit Edler from behind when he was in the danger zone near the boards on an incredibly dangerous play, Carter hooked a Canuck player and got his stick caught in the players sweater making it so obvious the ref had to call it, and finally Quick threw a fit after Richardson beat him (no one was anywhere near Quick) in the 3rd and embarassed the refs. LA was outshot by a wide margin and didn’t match the Canucks physical play (Brown was challenged by Kassian for his dirty play but typically skated away). Brown took the stupid penalty that led to the first Canuck’s goal and then he was on the ice when Richardson got the winner (set up by Kassian with a beautiful pass that found Richardson alone on the right side) ending up a -1. the Sedins played with Jensen and had a good night showing some of their magic on the powerplay that led to the Canucks first goal. i know Vancouver is unlikely to make the playoffs and probably affected their standing in the draft lottery but it’s still nice to see they can be a dangerous team when healthy. they’ll be a deeper team next year with more cap space and another top prospect for the future, LA on the other hand will be older and if last night was any indication they’ll be out early in the first round.