NHL Canadian Corner – April 7, 2012.

Canucks can clinch first in the West with win over Oilers tonight, Chris Neil injured in practice, Flames backup Henrik Karlsson has lots to prove,  Leafs GM has failed to build from the net out, Jets pumped up for final home game, and Canadiens take day off before final game of the season.

VANCOUVER SUN/EDMONTON SUN: The Canucks need only one point, provided the St. Louis Blues lose today against Dallas, to clinch first overall in the Western Conference.

Neil injured during practice Friday.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The mood in yesterday’s Senators practice quickly turned from fun to quiet as Chris Neil was injured in a shootout drill, after crashing heavily into the end boards.

CALGARY SUN: Flames backup Henrik Karlsson has a lot to prove as he’s expected to get the start in the Flames final game of the season tonight against the Anaheim Ducks.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke failed to follow his own plan to build from the net out.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets are looking forward to playing their season finale at home.

LA PRESSE: The Montreal Canadiens took yesterday off, rather than hold a practice for a meaningless season-finale tonight against the Maple Leafs.


    And management is even worse …the old saying you are only as good a person by the friends you keep and the teams relationship with management is becoming very clear!!!

    Burke has made mistakes in almost everything he has done yes retrospect and hiensight is easy to critisize but all the mistakes he made were all in JUDGEMENT and thst is very worrisome …the mistakes he made were all made when he had time to think about what he was doing …now he has his puppets acting like him and that is becoming infectious through out all the Leaf organization and its becoming a very bad disease and even worse than at any time in the past….. EVER !!!

    When they fire Burke they have to get rid of the whole Management team because now they are all like him and share his philosophies and its like breeding little Brian Burkes and sending them out to take over …WHEN …Burke gets fired they have to fire Nonis ..Poulin ..Fletcher and Burke and Unfortunately Rick Dudleys reuptation is beig destroyed by Burke as well !

    Sorry boys this is going to be a long one …..


    Sigining Tim Connolly to a horendous contract when you have a bright Star in Kadri who is playing his heart out to make this team and prove his worth at only $1.3 millas opposed to $4.75 waste of 4 million…Got rid of Jason Blakes contract then replaced it with Connoly who is the same money and same player !

    Didnt get a mentor for Riemer …sorry he had one Giguere….the only goalie who has won stanley cup and conn smythe in the league…stupid!!!

    Why he signed John Michael Liles during his absence with a concussion to a 3 year deal is absolutely minor league bullshit! This guy has done NOTHING and has not helped on the PP or the Power play which he was suppose to be a specialsit for …JOKE ! Holzer is the better option at a much less cost again ..save money to pay a top line center!
    Waste of 3 .5 nillion to total 9 million so far could have had Aulie or Holzer in the line up for 1 million each .

    4) Made no deal when only 2 points out at the trade deadline ..this was to be his most epic moment as a GM to make a bold move when right on the cusp of the plaoffs and make a serious run …didntshore up the team with any veteran leadership and didnt get a stanley cup winner for the room and didnt pick up a momentum changing player and all 3 of these mistakes cost him the playoffs and had nothing to fall back on to get over the hump or curbe the slide.

    Didnt move out any bad signings for draft picks of any sort at the deadline! Stuck with his nose to the cap !

    Has expected Phaneuf to play all areas of the game but he is seriuosly limited in talent and not very strong defensively.
    Not a 1-2 defender.
    Has not managed money well incase of any unforseen problems like the one that happened and is strapped at close to the cap and now can not pay a front line center even if he finds one who wants to play in this hell hole !

    8)Let Kulimen play on the second line all year when he struggled wiyth scoring and had no depth scoring for the entire year !!!It was obviuos he was not going to score alot this year he should have been demoted on the 3rd & 4th line checking unit …JOKE!!!

    Gave Ron Wilson to long of a rope to pick RONS team.

    Has severed most ties with the media being a blowhard when two of the biggest media giants in the world are now going to own the team!

    To many chefs in the kitchen ..way to many managers selecting guys and making decisions.Needs to get out to games and watch some real hockey to draft from now that he has no choice !!

    have one of the worst defenses in the league at $20 million AGAIN….. and traded away a stud Defender in Aulie for another forward which we have many in the minors ….should have traded Luke Schenn and got back a reputable NHL ready young player and a draft pick to help in this years deep draft and promoted Aulie who is a better skater and over all better defender and puck mover !

    Has no keen eye for good goaltending and relies on Allaire to make all the decsions in that area and they have now ruined 4 goalies in 4 years by telling the goalies that they have to play Allaire hockey but not the talet that ghot them there !

    Had Dave Poulin throw Kadri under the bus on Leaf TVthe other night by saying that Kadri is still struggling with his two way game …BULLSHIT ..hes lighting it up hes a pure goal scorer and thats what he does best and why he was drafted so high not because hes a two way power forward at 185 pounds ….hes 21 years old he cant be your 6″4 power forward at 220 pounds its just not that way !Let him be who he is and guide him not crush his spirits all the time !

    No they are trying to play defensive hockey and learn defesnive hockey with a $20 million defensive core who should know all of this by now and cant muster more than 15 shots a game …the reason they have no talent !!!!!

  2. S&S….Holy long post batman!

    Anyway, the Habs game is not entirely meaningless. If the Habs loose but Edmonton wins, we pick 2nd at the draft….not much I agree, but worth watching/hoping for…

  3. Must have been bored to read this but only got as far as stud defender Aulie…. Maybe someday….maybe not.
    As for Kadri he still needs to work on his defensive play and his desire. He will stick soon but why rush him when he is clearly not quite ready.